“Dear Countess Anise,

Please, let me come back to Divinity’s Reach, the Commander is a moron . I’m starting to think about asking Rytlock to kill her with me. And I think the Charr will say yes (yesterday she asked him if he was in a relationship with Logan).

This girl is making us mad. She’ll get the better of me before Mordremoth himself.

No dragon killing yet, of course…


“Taimi’s observation n°1205350

If I need to test something, remember to ask the Commander first. Just bring some mead and she’ll do it. Aaaah… I love Norns ❤ 

Sometimes I try to find some reasons … you know… for the … strange things you can find on GuildWars2 maps. That Hero Point where you eat toxic meat………….. That’s the only reason that crossed my mind : Norns’ bet. Still searching a reason for other races.

(I’m not complaining about the WTF stuff, I love it :p)

BTW : Commander is Gondul PoingMarteau, guardian / dragon hunter. And yes she is taller than Braham xD


I talked a bit too much of Guild Wars 2 with @liadys and this happened … xD

(Kind of a continuation of this ask : )

Rytlock X Logan forever ! (Best OTP ? :p )

The sylvari is my necromancer / reaper , Violet Plantafin :p


Playing Heart of Thorns as a norn looks like that…….

I must admit that was my real goal. Saving Tyria, Trahearne & Cie? Who cares! We can finally kill Faolain! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

If you wonder where the Commander and Braham found alcohol….. Gondul always have those two weapons in her inventory :

Moonshine and Ambrosia.

A norn is a norn, get over it.


So… for anyone wondering where I’ve been the past couple weeks. Um… this would be the reason.

I needed to jump into a game that wasn’t DAI for a bit just to take a break… and I’d gotten the Heart of Thorns Expansion for Christmas and just never gotten anywhere with it because it’s harder as a solo player!

Which I why I made Addy in GW2 - I posted some screens before - to get back into the feel of the game.

Now, I’m tackling Heart of Thorns with my first GW2 character and only level 80, Tera Omagi - renamed Terra in any writing I may do. She’s ended up looking very much like a dragonfly and while not originally intended, I like it.

I also kind of ship her with Braham wtf what is this I’m sorry

I FULLY INTEND TO RETURN TO WORKING ON JOURNEYS COME NOVEMBER. Life is still a bit hectic with one more wedding, working halloween etc. I needed something fun to play during my slow times and I hope you guys will stick with me despite being somewhat inactive right now.

I may start posting some HoT screenies of this lady as I finish up the story - I AM NOT DONE HoT YET. I HAVE JUST HIT RATA NOVUS. THATS IT.

Take care friends, and thank you for sticking with me! ♥


Foostivoo the Merry’s first two encounters with Braham Eirsson, a red-headed, passionate young norn, were under somber circumstances. Braham’s hometown of Cragstead was besieged by Flame Legion and dredge, but Rytlock, Knut Whitebear, and Eir Stegalkin could not spare Braham any forces. Foostivoo, unable to sit idle while people were in danger, offered Braham his support. To Braham’s credit, instead of scoffing at Foositvoo, he instead gratefully accepted the baby quaggan’s assistance.


Following the defeat of the Molten Alliance, Foostivoo the Merry followed up with his pals Rox and Braham Eirsson.

Rox was interrogating the Molten Alliance prisoners at the Black Citadel when Rytlock Brimstone dropped by. It seems that Rox still has a long road ahead of her before she can join the Stone Warband, but Rytlock seemed gruffly impressed by her. Rox next planned on training with her baby devourer Frostbite.

Braham Eirsson was in Hoelbrak giving an update to Knut Whitebear and Eir Stegalkin. Although they had refused him the help he sought, Braham felt it was only right to inform them of what had occurred. Braham said he was going to rebuild Cragstead and that Foostivoo and friends were always welcome there.

Lion’s Arch, Hoelbrak, and the Black Citadel celebrated the Molten Alliance’s downfall with plenty of bonfires. (Really, they love their bonfires.) Foostivoo, Braham, and Rox joined in the celebrations.

After the fires had died down, Foostivoo wished the norn and charr luck in their endeavors. However, Foostivoo had the feeling he would join forces with his two friends again one day.