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Her character Terra and Braham Eirrson from Guild Wars 2

Terra hadn’t opened her eyes till she sat up, twisting around and going silent, eyes wide. Braham had done the same thing, looking just as surprised as he stared down at her, faces close enough that if she were only a little taller their noses would have touched.“Braham…?”
“Terra, I, uh… t-that is….” the Norn was flushed, stuttering, clearly just as nervous as she was, “Can I, uh… y’know, you…?”
The Sylvari’s ears pricked, realisation making her own face flush.
Now was not the time for hesitation; it was the time for action.
Terra shifted so she was on her knees and could lift herself closer, hands lifting to rest on his shoulders to steady herself.
Braham caught her movement and swallowed roughly, bending closer as she leaned up, eyes closing just as their lips touched.It was a gentle kiss, barely a touch, since neither of them really knew what they were doing. Terra pulled back for a moment to breathe only to have Braham chase after her, lips pressing more firmly to hers and sending a shock of tingles through her.One of his hands settled on her hip, her own now slipping around his neck to keep him close, heart thundering in her chest.
I love you. I love you. And one day, I’ll be brave enough to say the words.

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anonymous asked:

hes just so annoying in the living story. all angry out of nowhere and especially mad at player character for no reason. doesnt want to join the guild too, he just sounds like a whiny baby now and wasnt that way before. its weird

(I want to say first that getting this mail actually made me log in and play through the Living Story, because I wanted more context before forming a response lol)

To say Braham’s anger is coming out of nowhere is something I highly disagree with. His mother Eir was killed during HoT and that loss is obviously having a tremendous impact on his life. Having lost a parent myself, I am highly empathetic towards him this story. I want to touch on some aspects of the grief process that might not be getting considered before writing him off as a whiny baby (or the other various slurry garbage I’m reading in my inbox and such).

Let’s keep in mind that he is grieving. Losing someone you love is hell to go through. Grief is consuming, grief is lingering, grief is an absolute roller coaster of up and down emotions. There may be 5 to 7 common stages of grief but you typically don’t experience them one by one down the list. You can be in acceptance mode one moment and then all of a sudden be sobbing or raging at the fact that Taco Bell put fucking tomatoes on your Crunchwrap and can’t anything ever go right in your life tbh (just saying~) Anger goes hand in hand with grief and I think it’s safe to say that is where Braham is at in this story. He’s angry at the dragons and at the world which killed his mother, which is completely understandable both in the grief process and as a video game character.

Let’s keep in mind his age and what it can mean in losing both parents. Eir dies when he is 20 and his father dies when he is 7. Read Braham’s Story, it talks about his fathers death and some of the emotions he went through at the time. Children and younger adults can process grief a bit differently and “acting out”, whether verbally or through other behavior changes, is a thing that happen. Losing both parents can leave someone feeling depressed, hyper-focused on proving themselves or (insert grief emotion here). Yes, player character storylines exist where you have lost your parents, but Anet isn’t going to make some of their playerbase immerse themselves in the grief and changes that comes with losing a loved one. That would be entirely too depressing and polarizing to play in this particular MMO setting. (Other games, especially single player ones, have touched on grief as the player character and I recommend Googling/playing some!)

Let’s keep in mind that he is Norn. A huge part of Norn culture is preserving and honoring legends, which can explain his fixation on taking down a force that ended his mother’s legendary journey too early (lets be honest here, Eir should have lived longer to become Super Badass Great Grandma Eir). It also can explain his negativity on the new guild forming. He not only mentions honoring Eir by keeping Destiny’s Edge going but also honoring Snaff as well, which was a nice touch by Anet for Braham to include. (because Snaff ;_;)

Let’s keep in mind that we as the commander are not above making mistakes or criticism (Tonn dying and Ceera’s anger is the first thing to come to mind). To say Braham got mad at us for no reason is iffy to me. We stole the elixir thing (for a good cause, ofc!) But doing so added more butthurt Svanir or ice spiders or whatever to come after Braham, which slowed his and Rox’s progress to find the Scroll to Swag Eir’s Bow. Think about a time when you were trying to do something and someone made it more difficult even though they meant well. Kinda annoying, right? It could all be cleared up with some level headed communication by both sides, but in the middle of a cavern with ice spiders and shit, it just wasn’t the time for the player character and Braham to come to peace.

And that will happen imo! I don’t think the rest of the story will be “Braham ruining it”. The wiki says this: “Norn are a hearty, proud people—quick to anger but then quick to forgive.” I believe Braham will have a point where he can view the dragon situation from beyond his grief. Because he’s not necessarily wrong in wanting to kill Jormag and test the bow on the tooth and all of that. Losing Eir is just clouding the bigger picture, which would be waiting so Taimi can finish more dragon magic research first. I expect that breakthrough to happen and apologies to be shared. Let’s not forget what he said during the last mission of HoT. He will be on our side in the end.

Braham: My mother deserves justice. And I deserve the chance to get it for her.
Braham: I want vengeance, but not just vengeance. My mother worked her entire life to inspire the norn to fight back against the Elder Dragons. It’s my work now. Let me help you.

I might have a small, insignificant, huge headcanon that Braham and Rox give Canach a lot of shit whenever he bitches a ton, and because he’s always grumpy. It’s one of their favorite hobbies

Draw Your Squad:

This was draw for the express purpose of making my best friend pee herself on the way to work tomorrow. @fanartandthings I await your angry messages ;)

panbelacqua  asked:

@the whole Braham thing: his grief makes sense for a norn, too. His mother's legend died in a way that didn't speak to her abilities (languishing in a cell with a sworn enemy, before being taken down by a single creature, without any opportunity to fight back), and then her guild, the embodiment of her legacy, immediately disbands and goes to do other things. I think he's justified in his anger from human AND norn perspectives.

This is a very good point and also made my heart twist up a bit thinking about that perspective of Eir’s death :’( With so much going on lately, I had forgotten she was even held captive tbh, so ty for writing about it! Remembering her death and context of it all is enlightening post-LS3. I rewatched the cutscene just now and she’s set free, betrayed and killed in less than a minute, which was a lot to take in and not what she deserved at allllll. I forgot how pissed off I was at the time, I legit stopped playing the story for a couple months because I was butthurt lol. omg it’s all coming baaack, it’s all coming back to me nooooow~ ♪ 

Because I also remember getting irritated at this interaction afterwards:

It felt soooooo much like Anet making some meta nod to the Press F to Pay Respects meme, it broke my immersion with the story a bit because it felt out of place to me. I do understand we’re in the middle of the jungle here and can’t give her the closure and memorial she deserves…

…so I remember totally understanding Braham’s response as well:

Braham is obviously shocked and devastated by what just happened, but he immediately acknowledges the Norn rituals and focuses on what needs to be done. My guess in doing that kind of suppressed some his emotions. That doesn’t mean the sadness isn’t there…just the ‘taking care of business’ part that pops up when losing a loved one can take precedent over personal time. There’s usually a lot to do logistically in planning a memorial or dealing with a death (he mentions this again in LS3, though in a more frustrated tone).

I hate we don’t ever get to see or hear about what specifically Braham is going through and dealing with, as I think it would help curb some of the hate or anti-Braham sentiment floating around. Like the people who can accept or understand his grief might not need it, but I’ve seen a lot of talk about Anet’s shitty writing here re: Braham, Eir, etc. So perhaps if Anet had written more details, especially the points you bring up about Norn, he would come across less as a grump with a shaved head stomping in an ice cave and more like a Norn dealing with the loss of his mother and her prematurely ended legacy. 


Third part of what’s happening after Braham’s speech in “A crack in the Ice”.

This shit is too long, I don’t know anymore if the dialogues really mean what I wanted to write. Aaaaaand I’m fed up making this part so here you go!

I personally think The Commander is about to go nuts. Especially the sylvari ones. Why? Because they’re not even few minutes old and they already have to do… a lot… That plus Mordry/HoT.

Full story tagged under “A crack in sanity” on my blog.

Aaaand, the bonus I’m pretty sure everyone was waiting for it :

I know Rox, I know.



Comic about the last instance of Heart of Thorns. If you tell me it didn’t happen, you’re a liar.


(At least he had a good laugh before the end)

I like sketching in blue, I dunno why???

Ain’t tagging this as spoiler because it’s been more than 1 year…

(Insults -> Violet’s talking french)