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Her character Terra and Braham Eirrson from Guild Wars 2

Terra hadn’t opened her eyes till she sat up, twisting around and going silent, eyes wide. Braham had done the same thing, looking just as surprised as he stared down at her, faces close enough that if she were only a little taller their noses would have touched.“Braham…?”
“Terra, I, uh… t-that is….” the Norn was flushed, stuttering, clearly just as nervous as she was, “Can I, uh… y’know, you…?”
The Sylvari’s ears pricked, realisation making her own face flush.
Now was not the time for hesitation; it was the time for action.
Terra shifted so she was on her knees and could lift herself closer, hands lifting to rest on his shoulders to steady herself.
Braham caught her movement and swallowed roughly, bending closer as she leaned up, eyes closing just as their lips touched.It was a gentle kiss, barely a touch, since neither of them really knew what they were doing. Terra pulled back for a moment to breathe only to have Braham chase after her, lips pressing more firmly to hers and sending a shock of tingles through her.One of his hands settled on her hip, her own now slipping around his neck to keep him close, heart thundering in her chest.
I love you. I love you. And one day, I’ll be brave enough to say the words.

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anonymous asked:

hes just so annoying in the living story. all angry out of nowhere and especially mad at player character for no reason. doesnt want to join the guild too, he just sounds like a whiny baby now and wasnt that way before. its weird

(I want to say first that getting this mail actually made me log in and play through the Living Story, because I wanted more context before forming a response lol)

To say Braham’s anger is coming out of nowhere is something I highly disagree with. His mother Eir was killed during HoT and that loss is obviously having a tremendous impact on his life. Having lost a parent myself, I am highly empathetic towards him this story. I want to touch on some aspects of the grief process that might not be getting considered before writing him off as a whiny baby (or the other various slurry garbage I’m reading in my inbox and such).

Let’s keep in mind that he is grieving. Losing someone you love is hell to go through. Grief is consuming, grief is lingering, grief is an absolute roller coaster of up and down emotions. There may be 5 to 7 common stages of grief but you typically don’t experience them one by one down the list. You can be in acceptance mode one moment and then all of a sudden be sobbing or raging at the fact that Taco Bell put fucking tomatoes on your Crunchwrap and can’t anything ever go right in your life tbh (just saying~) Anger goes hand in hand with grief and I think it’s safe to say that is where Braham is at in this story. He’s angry at the dragons and at the world which killed his mother, which is completely understandable both in the grief process and as a video game character.

Let’s keep in mind his age and what it can mean in losing both parents. Eir dies when he is 20 and his father dies when he is 7. Read Braham’s Story, it talks about his fathers death and some of the emotions he went through at the time. Children and younger adults can process grief a bit differently and “acting out”, whether verbally or through other behavior changes, is a thing that happen. Losing both parents can leave someone feeling depressed, hyper-focused on proving themselves or (insert grief emotion here). Yes, player character storylines exist where you have lost your parents, but Anet isn’t going to make some of their playerbase immerse themselves in the grief and changes that comes with losing a loved one. That would be entirely too depressing and polarizing to play in this particular MMO setting. (Other games, especially single player ones, have touched on grief as the player character and I recommend Googling/playing some!)

Let’s keep in mind that he is Norn. A huge part of Norn culture is preserving and honoring legends, which can explain his fixation on taking down a force that ended his mother’s legendary journey too early (lets be honest here, Eir should have lived longer to become Super Badass Great Grandma Eir). It also can explain his negativity on the new guild forming. He not only mentions honoring Eir by keeping Destiny’s Edge going but also honoring Snaff as well, which was a nice touch by Anet for Braham to include. (because Snaff ;_;)

Let’s keep in mind that we as the commander are not above making mistakes or criticism (Tonn dying and Ceera’s anger is the first thing to come to mind). To say Braham got mad at us for no reason is iffy to me. We stole the elixir thing (for a good cause, ofc!) But doing so added more butthurt Svanir or ice spiders or whatever to come after Braham, which slowed his and Rox’s progress to find the Scroll to Swag Eir’s Bow. Think about a time when you were trying to do something and someone made it more difficult even though they meant well. Kinda annoying, right? It could all be cleared up with some level headed communication by both sides, but in the middle of a cavern with ice spiders and shit, it just wasn’t the time for the player character and Braham to come to peace.

And that will happen imo! I don’t think the rest of the story will be “Braham ruining it”. The wiki says this: “Norn are a hearty, proud people—quick to anger but then quick to forgive.” I believe Braham will have a point where he can view the dragon situation from beyond his grief. Because he’s not necessarily wrong in wanting to kill Jormag and test the bow on the tooth and all of that. Losing Eir is just clouding the bigger picture, which would be waiting so Taimi can finish more dragon magic research first. I expect that breakthrough to happen and apologies to be shared. Let’s not forget what he said during the last mission of HoT. He will be on our side in the end.

Braham: My mother deserves justice. And I deserve the chance to get it for her.
Braham: I want vengeance, but not just vengeance. My mother worked her entire life to inspire the norn to fight back against the Elder Dragons. It’s my work now. Let me help you.

GW2 Characters as Troubled Birds

Pact Commander:

  • “The risk I took was calculated but man, am I bad at math.”
  • Finally, he gathered himself and spoke. “What the hell?”
  • That’s a crazy idea. Insane. “You’ll do it?” “Of course,” I replied.
  • “You want to do what with my eggs?”

PC with regards to HoT ending:

  • They might have had a very pleasant evening had shit not gotten real.


  • ”I hope you’ll excuse my cheap wit, but the hour is late and it’s all I have left.”
  • “I disembowel. It’s what I do.”


  • “I work hard at my job but suspect I’m purely decorative.”
  • [H]e secretly longed for hugs  at work.


  • “Looking for trouble and if I cannot find it, I will create it.”
  • “My only crime was that I was down to clown.”


  • “The drinks came. I wasn’t about to be sobered by anything like regret.”

Kasmeer w/ regards to Marjory:

  • “I love you despite the warning signs.”

Together As We Were



So I wrote things. The def won’t happen in the expansion but I had a need okay? It’s literal fluff. Short, sweet fluff. Nothing detailed or crazy here. Enjoy, okay?

Braham nearly loses Terra to Balthazar and realizes he’s on the wrong path. He needs to be in Elona.

Sylvari Commander x Braham Eirsson

Braham winces at a flare of pain on the back of his neck, slapping a hand over it to try to soothe the burn and scowling when it only flares stronger.

Then it disappears and he huffs, returning to his meal, tuning out the chatter of his guild around him.

His Guild, the new Destiny’s Edge… and yet he feels strangely alone and disconnected, and the only person he actually speaks to constantly is Rox.

It doesn’t usually flare like that unless… no. She’s fine. She’s always fine.

The Sylvari flashes in his mind for a moment before he shoves the image roughly away, reaching for a mug of mead and downing it in a long swallow.

Braham catches Rox watching him then and forcefully tunes back into the conversation, pretending to be interested. Pretending he wouldn’t rather be wherever his other half is.

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Honestly, the way Braham acts in A Crack in the Ice makes a lot more sense after watching the cutscenes and dialogue from lws1. He has a track record for getting aggressive when something important to him is on the line, so it makes perfect sense that he would snap at the commander.

shiverpeakstraveler  asked:

OTP questions 1 3 7 for Braham & Terra!

1. Who kisses the other on the nose and the one receiving blushes?

Honestly I can see Terra being the one to catch Braham off guard by motioning for him to lean down and then going up on her toes to kiss him on the nose. He’d be so startled by it every time, and even after getting used to it I think he’d still blush, liking how she grins and laughs.

3. Who kisses the inside of their partner’s palm before reassuring them everything is going to be okay?

See here I can see Braham being the active party - gently taking the Sylvaris hand to pull her to a stop when she’s pacing or worrying, stopping her with a quick press of his lips to her palm. “Calm down. Breathe. We’re here with you. Stop running yourself ragged, please.”

7. Who breaks out the first aid kit when the other gets a paper cut?

BOTH. Because Terra’s always been kind of freaked out by how thin skin seems to be and how bright Norn blood is, and Braham’s just freaking paranoid because do Sylvari bleed? What do they bleed? Can they regenerate it? Will she be okay? (Neither ever corrects the other, they like the care and affection that’s clear behind the actions)

Thank you for the ask! ♥ ♥


I’ve been wanting to do this for a while! Characters that share voice actors with the living story crew! 


- Aburame Shino - Naruto
- Phoenix Wright - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
- Emiya Shirou - Fate/Stay Night
- Teddie - Persona


- Oerba Yun Fang - Final Fantasy XIII
- Unchou Kan'U - Ikki Tousen
- Holly Whyte - Bravely Default
- Sees-All-Colors - Elder Scrolls Online


- Varonia Cazalon - Wildstar
- Governor Melcher - Brickleberry

Marjory Delaqua:

- Female Inquisitor - Dragon Age Inquisition
- The President of the United Stades of America - Saints Row 4
- Cali - Skylanders
- Tresayne Toria - Wildstar


- Draculaura - Monster High
- Jimmy Neutron - Jimmy Neutron
- Calliope - God Of War
- Coco Bandicoot - Crash Bandicoot


- Bender - Futurama
- Wakka - Final Fantasy X
- Jake - Adventure Time
- Manly Man - Gravity Falls

Might do some others too. Later.

shiverpeakstraveler  asked:

“I’m just glad you’re safe. I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost you.”

Terra x Braham (GW2) as per IM ♥

Terra’s memories are fuzzy as she slowly regains consciousness, eyes feeling as though they’re glued shut, struggling against the blanket of darkness wrapped around her mind.

There’s pain in her shoulders and something wrapped tightly around her, keeping her immobile, and where the warmth might normally be comforting, right now it fills her with panic.

I remember - falling. I fell. I-

She’s not used to the wings, yet, had pushed herself to far, to fast - and the terror of plummeting from the sky rushes back all at once, making her struggle against her restraints with a cry.

It’s only when it tightens around her and she’s pulled closer to a warm chest that her brain realises it’s arms wrapped around her, keeping her still, a rough, familiar voice breathing suddenly in her ear.

“Commander, relax, you’re safe.” he’s saying, an almost pleading note to the words, and she goes still with a gasp, eyes popping open to stare wildly.

Braham stares back, expression one of relieved worry, arms only loosening their grip once he’s sure she’s finished thrashing.

Terra swallows, wets her lips, finds her voice horribly dry and cracked when she manages to speak, “B-Braham. When…?”

“I got there just in time.” he mutters, and she’s sure she’s imagining it, but there’s a touch of vulnerability in his voice, “Caught you before you could - that was dangerous, Terra.”

Terra. Not Commander. He-

“M’sorry.” she manages to cough, curling automatically closer to his warmth, letting her eyes flutter shut when he grips her tighter, “Didn’t mean to-”

“I’m just glad you’re safe.” Braham huffs against her head, rustling the leaves that make up her hair, “I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost you.”

That’s a big admission - they’ve barely spoken since the events in the Shiverpeaks, and he’d still seemed mad the last time they’d met - so she curls immediately closer, hurt and tired and relieved, so relieved, and he must sense that because he huffs into her hair again, a quiet puff of air, and the pain seems a little more bearable.