After Heart of Thorns and the death of you-know-who (x2).

Be cool Laranthir, they both have something to forget. Ok, MAYBE, I say, MAYBE the last time Gondul was THIS drunk she took a warband’s chugger out for a spin and totally forgot where she parked it but … it’s not as if she gonna crash the helicopter right into Queen Jennah’s palace, right? … Right? …

By the Pale Tree, Laranthir, stop them right now! RIGHT NOW!

Hmmm… I wish we could get drunk with more norns in GW2. The personal story where you get drunk is PRICELESS, but still, more drunk buddies Anet!

Commander Gondul Poingmarteau, guided by the Raven… most of the time…

Was just a sketch for me but I liked Gondul’s face so I finished it xD (Yes her hair changed)