Third part of what’s happening after Braham’s speech in “A crack in the Ice”.

This shit is too long, I don’t know anymore if the dialogues really mean what I wanted to write. Aaaaaand I’m fed up making this part so here you go!

I personally think The Commander is about to go nuts. Especially the sylvari ones. Why? Because they’re not even few minutes old and they already have to do… a lot… That plus Mordry/HoT.

Full story tagged under “A crack in sanity” on my blog.

Aaaand, the bonus I’m pretty sure everyone was waiting for it :

I know Rox, I know.



Commission for @cousinslavellan

Her character Terra and Braham Eirrson from Guild Wars 2

Terra hadn’t opened her eyes till she sat up, twisting around and going silent, eyes wide. Braham had done the same thing, looking just as surprised as he stared down at her, faces close enough that if she were only a little taller their noses would have touched.“Braham…?”
“Terra, I, uh… t-that is….” the Norn was flushed, stuttering, clearly just as nervous as she was, “Can I, uh… y’know, you…?”
The Sylvari’s ears pricked, realisation making her own face flush.
Now was not the time for hesitation; it was the time for action.
Terra shifted so she was on her knees and could lift herself closer, hands lifting to rest on his shoulders to steady herself.
Braham caught her movement and swallowed roughly, bending closer as she leaned up, eyes closing just as their lips touched.It was a gentle kiss, barely a touch, since neither of them really knew what they were doing. Terra pulled back for a moment to breathe only to have Braham chase after her, lips pressing more firmly to hers and sending a shock of tingles through her.One of his hands settled on her hip, her own now slipping around his neck to keep him close, heart thundering in her chest.
I love you. I love you. And one day, I’ll be brave enough to say the words.

Read the full story “Tangled Paths” here.


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I might have a small, insignificant, huge headcanon that Braham and Rox give Canach a lot of shit whenever he bitches a ton, and because he’s always grumpy. It’s one of their favorite hobbies

Draw Your Squad:

This was draw for the express purpose of making my best friend pee herself on the way to work tomorrow. @fanartandthings I await your angry messages ;)


Comic about the last instance of Heart of Thorns. If you tell me it didn’t happen, you’re a liar.


(At least he had a good laugh before the end)

I like sketching in blue, I dunno why???

Ain’t tagging this as spoiler because it’s been more than 1 year…

(Insults -> Violet’s talking french)


“Dear Countess Anise,

Please, let me come back to Divinity’s Reach, the Commander is a moron . I’m starting to think about asking Rytlock to kill her with me. And I think the Charr will say yes (yesterday she asked him if he was in a relationship with Logan).

This girl is making us mad. She’ll get the better of me before Mordremoth himself.

No dragon killing yet, of course…


“Taimi’s observation n°1205350

If I need to test something, remember to ask the Commander first. Just bring some mead and she’ll do it. Aaaah… I love Norns ❤ 

Sometimes I try to find some reasons … you know… for the … strange things you can find on GuildWars2 maps. That Hero Point where you eat toxic meat………….. That’s the only reason that crossed my mind : Norns’ bet. Still searching a reason for other races.

(I’m not complaining about the WTF stuff, I love it :p)

BTW : Commander is Gondul PoingMarteau, guardian / dragon hunter. And yes she is taller than Braham xD


Playing Heart of Thorns as a norn looks like that…….

I must admit that was my real goal. Saving Tyria, Trahearne & Cie? Who cares! We can finally kill Faolain! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

If you wonder where the Commander and Braham found alcohol….. Gondul always have those two weapons in her inventory :

Moonshine and Ambrosia.

A norn is a norn, get over it.


I talked a bit too much of Guild Wars 2 with @liadys and this happened … xD

(Kind of a continuation of this ask : )

Rytlock X Logan forever ! (Best OTP ? :p )

The sylvari is my necromancer / reaper , Violet Plantafin :p