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So, I was told to write my own post.

I feel like there’s an important distinction to be made between not liking a character and not liking the way that a character is written (either in general, or after a certain point). Both are valid, but one is a much more shallow thought. 

To continue on Braham, up through living story 2, I was fairly ambivalent toward him as a character, leaning toward liking him on the whole. However, in Heart of Thorns, it became clear that he was no longer a character, but a plot device, driving the plot forward with his insistent search for Eir. Which was fine. Sometimes, you need to use characters as tools to drive your story forward. However, Eir was then fridged for Braham’s “Character Development”. And by character development, I mean dudebro manpain. 

Here’s a good resource on fridged female characters for male character feelings and why it needs to stop. 

Here’s what I mean by Dudebro Manpain.
In Season 3, A Crack in the Ice, we see Braham again for the first time after HoT. He gets offended at the commanders offer for help, gets offended at the commanders request for a guild, gets offended at Rox’s concern for his safety, and tells her to only talk to him “after they’ve taken YOUR mother.” As though nobody else had lost anyone in the events of Maguuma. This is especially potent to a Sylvari commander. 
Even after defeating Mordremoth and avenging his mother, Braham will not stop until all of the dragons are defeated. The commander warns him that a direct assault on Jormag might not be the best idea (especially with only one magical bow as a weapon), citing the pact crash and subsequent loss of life. Braham immediately turns it back around on the commander, blaming them for the pact’s crash and then saying that Jormag is his problem to deal with with or without help. When the commander implores him to think about the loss of life that might happen– again– Braham follows it up with a direct self-pitying reference stating that waiting is killing other peoples mothers and that he won’t wait even a few days, or “a few minutes” for the sake of logic. He then says that Eir wouldn’t have wanted the commander in Destiny’s Edge.

This isn’t actual character development. Actual character development would involve this character being challenged and learning for their actions and mistakes.  What we see in Season 3 is a bunch of bullshit blame-pinning, responsibility dodging from Braham, and a commander and Rox who sit back and take it because they don’t want to challenge the grieving baby. 

Sorry, this has gone beyond the point of grieving and being comforted. We saw grief and comfort in Heart of Thorns. We saw Braham take care of Eir’s body, shave his head, be fragile, harbor vengeance for Eir toward Mordremoth, avenge Eir. We saw something that felt genuine. A full year later, after avenging Eir, we see a Braham who has regressed into a whining child who throws a temper tantrum when being confronted with the possibility that he’s making an irrational decision, and he throws it all back to losing a mother that he frankly, barely knew. 

This all comes down to the writing. This all comes down to the authors at Anet wanting to pull focus onto a male character’s vengeance arc even after it’s finished. It’s the authors preparing to turn Braham into a misunderstood dark knight instead of showing any sort of vulnerability. 

And that’s why I don’t like Braham’s characterization. It’s no longer even characterization.  It’s a massive masculinity wank.


Third part of what’s happening after Braham’s speech in “A crack in the Ice”.

This shit is too long, I don’t know anymore if the dialogues really mean what I wanted to write. Aaaaaand I’m fed up making this part so here you go!

I personally think The Commander is about to go nuts. Especially the sylvari ones. Why? Because they’re not even few minutes old and they already have to do… a lot… That plus Mordry/HoT.

Full story tagged under “A crack in sanity” on my blog.

Aaaand, the bonus I’m pretty sure everyone was waiting for it :

I know Rox, I know.



I talked a bit too much of Guild Wars 2 with @liadys and this happened … xD

(Kind of a continuation of this ask : )

Rytlock X Logan forever ! (Best OTP ? :p )

The sylvari is my necromancer / reaper , Violet Plantafin :p

So, Where is Our Trahearne Mini...?

I preface this by saying the mini situation I’m ragging on here is not an attack on individual characters and I do actually understand why many of these minis have more than one iteration of themselves, but I was looking at the minis available in the game right now and I found myself, not for the first time, rubbed wrong.

In the game currently, many NPCs have mini pet versions of themselves, and some have more than one version of them–some have three or even four different versions of themselves. But not a single one of the Pact Marshal.

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“Dear Countess Anise,

Please, let me come back to Divinity’s Reach, the Commander is a moron . I’m starting to think about asking Rytlock to kill her with me. And I think the Charr will say yes (yesterday she asked him if he was in a relationship with Logan).

This girl is making us mad. She’ll get the better of me before Mordremoth himself.

No dragon killing yet, of course…


“Taimi’s observation n°1205350

If I need to test something, remember to ask the Commander first. Just bring some mead and she’ll do it. Aaaah… I love Norns ❤ 

Sometimes I try to find some reasons … you know… for the … strange things you can find on GuildWars2 maps. That Hero Point where you eat toxic meat………….. That’s the only reason that crossed my mind : Norns’ bet. Still searching a reason for other races.

(I’m not complaining about the WTF stuff, I love it :p)

BTW : Commander is Gondul PoingMarteau, guardian / dragon hunter. And yes she is taller than Braham xD

Prepare for GW2 season 4
  • Rytlock: So, now we have to fight an empowered dragon too? That'll be fun
  • Commander: ugh
  • Canach: Commander, we've got news from the south. Seems Joko is back from his prison
  • Commander: UGH
  • Kasmeer: Oh uh, don't look now, Commander, but I think that's Braham and Rox getting off that ship at the port
  • Marjory: I wonder how Braham will react when he hears you protected an elder dragon
  • Commander: ...Taimi, your poobah is gonna need a big favor

Woop Woop, back at it again with the gigantic Guild Wars projects.

For my current art practices class, we had to come up with an impossible project, and then actually make it happen. My impossible project was to create a huge 3D mural tribute to Arena Net and our community. To bring that too life on a scale i could do, I created this ornamental mobile. 

It’s about 3 ft. Long,and all the leaves were hand painted, cut and then glued on piece by piece. The ornaments I drew, did in watercolor, and then detailed in colored pencil. I then glued ‘em onto cardboard and cut them out before back paneling them with construction paper. 

Included are Marjory/Kasmeer, Rytlock, Caithe/Aurene, Taimi/Zojja, Eir/Jora, and of course my Dietrich. Aurene’s egg is at the bottom. 

I wanted to make ornaments of Trahearne,Tybalt/Forgal/Sieran, Rox,Braham,Logan and others, but just didn’t have the time. This was a week long project…in the middle of midterms. Overall though, I’m happy with it and critique went very well! 

So I wanted to share it with you guys, the ones who inspired this project! I hope you enjoy it, as it was super fun for me to make!

Guild Wars Lore: Flame and Frost

“Rumor’s now a fact. Dredge in Wayfarer Foothills and Flame Legion in Diessa Plateau have allied. Together they’re attacking our people up north and norn to the west.” -Rytlock Brimstone

Hello everyone! With Heart of Thorns on the horizon, I thought I would take the weeks leading up to it going over Living World! Now Living World Season 2 is more available to everyone, so instead I want to discuss Season 1. Season 1 was released as limited time events that happened in real time. This created a sense of urgency to the events, and helped create actual changes to the world. The problem was that once these events ended, there was no way to revisit them if you missed them, or weren’t playing at the time. Season 1 saw Scarlet Briar’s introduction, and the destruction of Lion’s Arch. Hopefully these next weeks will help catch everyone who missed these events to get caught up! Enjoy!

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The Zephyrites have met with trouble, and there are rumors of a disturbance in the tangled western reaches of Brisban Wildlands. Work together with your friends and Marjory, Kasmeer, Rox, Braham, and Taimi to discover what’s going on! Log in on July 1 to experience the start of Living World Season 2 and unlock the story content permanently in your Journal!