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Halloween Monster Haus Drabble One.

YO Thanks to every one who sent me prompts for this!! I still need more, but this is the first thing I saw and I’m considering it a prompt whether you meant it to be one or not. 

CHRISTA613-BLOG SAID: I confess I repeatedly go back to the first monster AU to read the part about Shitty the Centaur. Jack carrying Shitty’s horse ass down the stairs makes me literally lol 😂

Spoilers: I don’t know how to write a drabble and this is well over 500 words. Featuring Jötunn Jack and Centaur Shitty as Frogs. 

Shits!” Jack was trying to whisper, he really was, but his rising anxiety over the situation was doing nothing to keep his voice down. He wasn’t even sure they were allowed to go upstairs in the Haus, they certainly hadn’t been invited to yet. 

“Shitty!” He tried again, finally taking the final step that left him undeniably off of the staircase and firmly on the second floor. Blowing out a steadying breath, Jack tried to keep his nerves in check. If he got too unsettled he knew he could start freezing the floorboards, and that would really be counterproductive to the whole ‘avoid detection’ plan he had going. 

“Dude, check this shit out!” Shitty wasn’t exactly trying to whisper, but at least his tone was reasonable enough that maybe they could get out of this undetected maybe. 

Then again, Shitty was half horse so probably not. 

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