Fragmentation and Juxtaposition Lecture Review

Collage was invented by Picasso and Brague, right in the middle of the DaDa movement. The DaDA movement alongside with cubism, and renaissance were all associated with collage. It really interested me that Collage was the gateway for ‘ready - made art’ like marchel duchamps urinal. Therefor knowing that if it wasn’t for Picasso and Brague, today there would be no Artists around like Tracy Emin. Shortly after Picasso and Braque opened the door of collage, a few artists were practising the method. Hans Herp also created the idea of 'chance collage’ which meant he would get his materials and drop them onto his page, and wherever they fell that is where he would place them.
As Great movements always affect other subjects of the creative world, DaDa’s collage had become a literary Movement also, and by the 1920’s Tristan Tzara created 'How to make a dada poem’. This was used in the future pop art movement by David Bowie and more recently a member of the red hot chilli peppers. I found this extremely interesting. And it made me infatuated with the DaDa movement even more. Collage was still used throughout the 70’s punk movement, and started to tackle controversial issues at the time. Linder Sterling created a series of collages influenced by DaDa addressing feminism by using images that were seen as sexist.

I thoroughly enjoyed watched films that were inspired by Collage. It really surprised me how much DaDa influenced such a wide variation of things. I loved learning that the Monty Python films were inspired by the DaDa. It seems as though Pop Art was a reaction to DaDa, and that it took a lot of inspiration from it. Which makes sense as it was, or I feel as though it was the one of worlds biggest, and most important movements. To do some further research into the movement I found out it influenced a lot of comedy though out the years. Probably a very well known series - The mighty boosh. Noel fielding has said he has taken the essence of DaDa being very genuine in the humour that it has, and quite absurd at the same time. Collage and the idea of Juxtaposition also started becoming a massively followed and reliable way of working. Started influenced Hitchcock films as you would see the ways he directed his scenes and 'juxtaposed’ them was taken straight from collage. The idea of taking found objects and mixing them with other things was also influencing music in the 60’s. The beatles would take found sounds and 'juxtapose’ them with their songs. This, in the 70’s was experimented with a lot and later sparked the start of the Hip Hop era.