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Originally published in 1915, Bragdon offers in ingenious and astute account of the construction of ornament from various geometric entities. Above are various chapter openings to give you an idea of contents and the style of illustration. The papers of this influential thinker and designer are at the University of Rochester.

Bragdon, as new director of LGC, engages in war of words with Gardner over settlement talks

CONCORD – State Sen. Peter Bragdon, R-Milford, executive director of HealthTrust, and Secretary of State Bill Gardner have accused opposing camps of sabotaging a settlement to the August 2012 ruling that the former Local Government Center improperly spent more than $50 million. In an exchange of letters, the former Senate president and the state’s top election official said the other side was untruthful about why a national insurance/finance expert won’t be brought in to try to resolve this long-running feud. “The HealthTrust board asked me to express its great disappointment that the settlement discussions ended in this manner, especially following a 10-hour marathon session on Aug. 5 that seemed to yield an agreement by both sides,” Bragdon wrote Gardner on Sept. 12.

Bragdon, as new director of LGC, engages in war of words with Gardner over settlement talks

anonymous asked:

From what I've read about the different dorms on campus and the Reed houses, all of them seem like quirky perfect places to live at. Nothing I read was clear about any option of a single sex residence though; is there any help or information you could have about them? Thank youu!

There is women’s-only housing available (no men’s-only). Bragdon is a huge, nice, fairly new dorm that has either one or two floors of single-sex women’s dorm living, though there are men in the building elsewhere. 

I did the co-ed thing when I was a student, and it was way, way less of a big deal than I expected. If you have any specific further questions, let me know! (And you’re right, the dorms are great.)

“Mathematical Abstraction No. 14 ‘The sun by day and the moon by night’” (ca. 1939-1941) by Claude Fayette Bragdon

About this watercolor painting in the Memorial Art Gallery’s collection:

Bragdon’s Mathematical Abstractions is a set of images based on mathematical relationships and suggestive of cosmic forms in the solar system. This series grew out of Bragdon’s continued interest in uniting color, form, and music. […]

“He believes that mathematical truth is at the root of all beauty, and that in the same sense that music may be said to be the beauty of mathematics made audible, so are these paintings mathematics made visible.”

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MG 1/100 Rick Dom, some parts painted, battle-damaged, and weathered.  Weathering was done with Bragdon weathering powders, which are self-adhesive - rub them on with a cheap makeup applicator. The more you rub, the better it adheres.  It goes on over a flat topcoat, and another thin coat of flat topcoat should be used to seal it when done, as it does rub off to the touch.

Paint chipping was done with Tamiya Chrome Silver acrylic paint.  Bullet holes were done by pushing the tip of a soldering iron in a bit, making radial nicks from the holes with an Xacto knife, and drybrushing Tamiya Chrome Silver.  

Edge wear was done by using a Dremel grinding bit gently tapped on some edges, with drybrushed silver.  

Gashes are a soldering iron dragged across a surface, starting with a deeper poke and slightly pulling the iron out towards the eges of a stroke.  I drybrushed Tamiya Chrome Silver onto the edges of the gouge, and when dry, I rubbed on Bragdon soot powder. 

Decals are Bandai GD-15, 1/100 Dom/Rick Dom.  If you want to do a Black Tr-Stars build, these even come with Gaia/Mash/Ortega name decals in scale. These went on with Tamiya Mark Fitter under and on top of the decals.  

Rather than use the sticker provided, I took some advice from the fabulous asheblitzen and procured some Mr. Clear Color GX Clear Pink paint.  This will last for a thousand mono-eyes and is very much worth having.  It cleans up with lacquer thinner.  

Makeup applicators: 50 for $1.74 shippped (it takes a while, but the price can’t be beat) -

Bragdon weathering powders: $35 or at your local hobby/train shop (you could always use Tamiya Weathering Master but it’s a different method)

GD-15 decals:

Mr. Clear Color GX:

Den's Lows and Highs

Den’s Lows and Highs

The Spring 2015 issue of The Baum Bugle is primarily about William Wallace Denslow, the original illustrator of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Many other illustrators have since produced their own pictures for this seminal work, so it’s possible that you’ve read Wizard without seeing Denslow’s illustrations. And that’s not just if you’ve read one of the editions that doesn’t have pictures at all.…

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