braga stadium


Stadium Dreamer get a Pritzker Price

The winner of the Pritzker Prize this year is Edouardo Souto de Moura. Why we are talking about him, it’s because, he has been reward for all his creative works based in concrete and geometric lines most of his projects. He built in his own country but for be more specific, about Mr Edouardo Souto de Moura is a man behind the Braga Stadium. It host the European national cup in 2004, in Portugal, a Two big stands stadium with a natural massive wall of rock make this arrea so special. His genius mind came up with a great idea by introducing a complete natural recycling way to design and build that using the bursting piece of rock, after using explosifs. And the 2 bigs stands are made 100% Braga ’s Rock.


University of Porto - Siza
Boa Nova Teahouse - Siza

Casa Da Musica - OMA

Serralves Museum (plan) - Siza 

Trinidad Station - Souto De Moura

Braga Stadium - Souto De Moura

Santa Maria De Canaveses - Siza