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do you think eric died a virgin? i think he had sex with susan when his parents were out ....

lol i know Eric and Dylan were quite busy with preparations in those last few days but I think Eric would’ve found the time in his day to dig up his journal and brag about the best 8 seconds of his life
in other words, Eric died a virgin

March 7, 1916 - Verdun: Further Heavy Fighting at Mort-Homme

Pictured - “Vorwärts!”

The intense battle for the high ground on the left bank of the Meuse around the village of Cumières-le-Mort-Homme continued on March 7.  The village lived up to its name, given long before the war, of “the Dead Man,” in fearsome hand-to-hand fighting.  On the 7th, the Germans threatened the position by capturing the nearby Bois des Corbeaux with a crescendo of barrages, taking the woods and a large bag of French prisoners, including a wounded colonel.

Fortunatly for France, the fight on the Right Bank of the Meuse was tougher for the Germans.  The German artillery’s devasting bombardments required an immense amount of shells, stretching the logistics train to its limits.  Even German infantrymen were forced to lug heavy shells on their backs to the guns.  The worst fighting was concentrated around the village of Vaux, near Douaumont.  The village changed hands at least thirteen times in March alone.  The French, still deflated by the loss of Fort Douaumont, celebrated any small blow to the Germans.  When the Crown Prince tried to recreate the easy capture of Douaumont on much smaller Fort Vaux, his soldiers were cut down, “like so many tin soldiers,” bragged French journals.