a very belated birthday gift for a koma

Ringabel’s thirtieth year crept up on him slowly but inexorably, like the more patient carnivorous plant life in Florem, and with the same thought that he was probably going to die soon.

It was a distant thought. Most of Florem’s native creepers were easy to dispatch with a fire spell, and there was no present danger to himself or Edea or Eternia. But the thought was there all the same. Though there was no reason for his life to be in peril, that was a strange notion in itself.

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Mentioned below are my favorite people and blogs of 2012. Below are people I follow who also follow me and those who I feel like make my dash what it is. The bolded ones are the ones who I am particularly close to, but by no means are the ones not bolded less loved. Thanks for making 2012 great guys! ❤❄

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shieldintheice asked:


  • what was their first kiss like

Seeing as Brae instigated, impulsive - and she doesn’t hold back, passionate, but still sweet.

  • where were they their first time having sex

Steve’s place, it was rather romantic and it couldn’t have been anymore perfect.

  • who’s louder

They can both get pretty loud… they like to press each other’s buttons to make the other make more noises…

  • who wakes up first

Steve, Brae is so lazy… unless she’s in the mood to surprise him with breakfast.

  • who performs/receives oral more often

Brae’s a giver… but she loves to recieve - so it stays pretty even.

  • who tries new things more often

Brae. And she loves the look on Steve’s face when she suggests different things.

  • if they had to choose a third+ person to include who would they include

She’s a little too possessive of Steve…. 

raeniverse asked:

I know this sounds all sappy and like I'm just kissing your butt, but I am serious when I say you are one of my favorite people on tumblr, and I just strive to be as great as you. I love seeing you on my dashboard. You're nice to your followers and you're intelligent. I just...I honestly wish the best in life for you. Just had to get this out. Okay. (':

aaaaah omg thank you so much! seriously haha i’m not even as amazing as you make me sound but let me hug you okay <3


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I basically went through my following and selected people I’ve spoken to from time to time and/or all the time and put URLs instead of names and it’s in ABC order and yeah

Illustration belongs to the wonderful Keith Thompson and is from Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld

mdbraelyn-archived asked:

'✖' Braeve

  • Who was the one to propose: Steve
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: Brae. Steve helps makes decisions and keeps her focused.
  • Who decorated the house: Very much a joint effort though he had a hand in some things more than others. 
  • Who does the cooking: Relatively equal since Steve likes to cook.
  • Who does the cleaning: Leaning a bit more toward Steve. He has a tendency to keep things neater.
  • Who is more organized: Steve.
  • Who initiates bedroom fun: Brae is a frisky lady but Steve has his times too. haha
  • Who suggested kids first: Brae did. She was wondering about their future but Steve had already thought it.

raeniverse asked:

Hi! I was just wondering where those pictures of our boys on the balcony were taken. Are they in Sweden right now? I just want to be updated as to where our boys are and such. Thank you! And you have an amazing blog! :D

Yes the pictures are from Sweden ;) they’re recording the new album! and you’re welcome.

shieldintheice asked:

send me a ♛ and i’ll explain why my character treats yours the way they do.

// Oh god, well.

*cuts Mun off* I can take it from here.

I love Steve. No matter what the “verse” is, the “type” of love is different. As my boyfriend, he is positively the sweetest man. He puts up with me and he holds me down. I spent for years travelling, no plans of EVER settling down and Steve Rogers made me feel something I never felt in my own house…. With him, I felt at home, comfortable and in my own skin. And that’s why I’ll bend over backwards for the man. That’s why I love him.

anonymous asked:

sadly i think the novels establish that the name alternis dim came from braev but it's a nice headcanon

Mmm, I see I see! I know somebody is being kind enough to translate the novels (via donations and such), but I haven’t read it yet. According to a friend, Squenix’s continuity between novels and games is… Bad… So I’m not sure what to think! ovo’

Kind of sad I’ll have to throw this one out (I still like to stick to canon in most cases), but oh well!!

Aaah it’s kind of embarrassing now though >.>’

mdbraelyn-archived asked:

Steve and Brae :) Because I miss them

send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

  • shops for groceries

Brae tends to do most of the shopping

  • kills the spiders

I keep saying this but Steve is the removal specialist lol but Brae may kill them

  • comes home drunk at 3am

All on you Brae though they’d be together most times so no surprises

  • makes breakfast

They both do, Steve a bit more than Brae.

  • remembers to feed the fish

Brae haha

  • decorates the apartment

They both have a large amount of input. After all Steve did that tree on the wall.

  • initiates duets

Brae is more likely to start.

  • falls asleep first

Brae. Steve likes to make sure she’s asleep too so it works out.

Virginia Beach Live Music Schedule

Last Saturday of January (1/30/16). Let’s bid it farewell with some awesome ‪#‎livemusic‬ Virginia Beach.

Rn'R - Home Republic
HarrisonBounds (H-Bounds Acoustic) - Wasserhund Brewing Company
Joe Heilman - Cheeseburger In Paradise
‪#‎WayneMitchell‬ - Stan’s American Bistro
Baddadz - Froggies Cantina by the Bay
‪#‎BrianMahon‬ - Lulu’s Smokehouse & Tavern
BraeV - Sneeky Petes
DEJA - Ched’s Place
‪#‎ALilLesChris‬ (part of Seven Ten Oil) - Seaside Raw Bar
Benton Blount - 97.3 Eagles Nest Virginia Beach
‪#‎BradleySteele‬ - Abbey Road Pub and Restaurant
Steve Forss - Agave bar and taqueria
DamnJankes - Fresh Eats & Drinks
Buddha Council - Chicho’s Strawbridge
The Cody Austin Band - Chixseagrille
Mike Demoss Professional Acoustic Entertainer - Finn Mccool’s Fish House & Tavern
Wonderland - Grumpy’s Bar Virginia
Vinyl Headlights - Murphy’s Irish Pub
SALT - Virginia Beach - Lucky Oyster Seafood Grill
Ginjah Ninjahs - Bucketheads Beach Grill
KRUNCH - Boneshakers Sportsbar
Wood work - Back Bay Brewing
‪#‎1stWorldProblem‬ - Woody McGees Barstro
BJ Griffin and the Galaxy Groove - South Beach Grill
‪#‎DJSteveDotson‬ - Cactus Jack’s Southwest Grill
Snackbar Jones - Hot Tuna Bar & Grill
Murphy’s Law Country Band - Poppa’s Pub Sportz Bar & Grill
Brandon Bower - Wing King Sportsbar Kempsville
After Midnight - Scandals Restaurant & Lounge
DJ PonFetti - Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill - Virginia Beach, VA
Anthony Rosano and The Conqueroos- Hk on the Bay
The Deloreans 80’s Band - Keagan’s Irish Pub
Steve Forss - The Tailgate Sports Pub
‪#‎DJBobbysMom‬ - Waterman’s Surfside Grille
Djalexlambrino - Lunasea

TomatoShark Tunesday - Weekly Playlist: 02.03.16
A playlist featuring Startisan, Hailey Steele, Jacob Luttrell, and others

This week’s playlist features tracks from Startisan, Hailey Steele, Jacob Luttrell, Braeves, and Whitney. Head over to our Spotify playlist for bonus tracks from Ryn Weaver & Tucker Beathard!

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shieldintheice asked:


Send me a “What?!” for my character’s reaction to yours sliding their hand in my character’s pants.

Brae leaned against the counter, her hands busy in the sink washing dishes. Sure, there was a dishwasher but every so often, she felt like doing things by hand. Gave her a sense of satisfaction. Lifting her arm, she used her forearm to itch her forehead. The redhead jumped slightly feeling a warm hand skim across her abdomen and she squirmed slightly as it slipped down past the denim of her jeans.

“Steve…” She giggled softly, her hips rolling slightly. “Right now?" 

So Yew shares the same voice as Jackel, Kaiser Oblivion is voiced by Cam Clarke, Anne is voiced by Eden Riegel, Nikolai and Braev is voiced by Jamieson Price, and Kamiizumi is voiced by Michael McConnohie

If the info from FF Wiki is right. Does anyone have a source for this? I want to know if it’s true.