RingabelxEdea -After all we got marri…OW! EDEA!-

The happy bride’s gonna punch the groom into his handsome husbando-face. With her flower bouquet. Yep.

I made these because I was so proud of all the details,I put so much effort in everyone’s expression. Even if it’s not perfect at all, I actually like it quite much as it is now. (And I still suck extraordinarily and brutally at backgrounds xD) Ah… I love the Bravelyseries. I was so happy after beating Second. Thank you, Square Enix.


The Bravely Default  Characters wearing the opposite gender asterisk.
Eternian Sky Knights
Khamer and Profiteur Merchantry
Blood Rose Legion
Black Blades
Council of six


melodenesa  asked:

So as to not confuse his little orphan friends on grandship, Alternis begrudgingly tells them that Ringabel is his older twin brother. Ringabel is elated with this revelation.

Alternis felt at times that Ringabel’s existence had ruined his life.

This was perhaps unfair, because there were other candidates for the role of ruining his life: his mother, Victoria, himself… but Ringabel was the most conspicuous one.

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