“A wild Braelii appears”

Hopefully you’l recognise this art style! But just in case you dont-

Thanks for liking so many of my posts (and the compliment earlier >w<) -Tyriaquest

“Leo use wave, it’s super effective.”

Thanks you for this great super cute art! I love it! 

I wish I could draw better, but I’m slow and I have many drawings to do, if you want you can add your own character to my list of designs.



I was bored so I decied to characterise Gastronom Plikk who is an NPC merchant in rata sum. [she didnt ask for this but she sure got it]

Anyone wishing to purchase poor Gastronom’s Vintage wine can find her nearby the auxiliary waypoint in rata sum.

She doesnt seem to be having much luck with my characters so maybe she’ll find a few patrons amongst yours eh?

 [I recommend right clicking and opening the comics in separate tabs in order to actually read them]

I am only slightly sorry SLIGHTLY =3=