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Lydia yelling at Meredith

Coach making Kira sit on the bench

Liam benching like 400 pounds

The Calaveras making Chris change his code

The new kid Brett

The fact that Braeden will be in every ep from now on

When Scott grabbed the hotwire with his bare hands

Me after tonights episode

You made your bed, go right ahead and lay in it.

Request : Can you also write Draeden fic about braeden and derek getting into a Huge fight but ending in makeup sex(shower make up sex)? Thanks You!

Pairing: Braeden/Derek

Request: Yes (By the lovely jojosweety )

Rating: R

Word count : 932


Braeden and Derek we’re on the couch, sitting in a comfortable silence before Derek’s mind started to wander.

 "I think you should stop working in Mexico.“ He said, interlocking their fingers together.

"And why is that?” She looked up at him.

“They almost killed me. Why is this even a question? If someone tried to kill you, I’d kill them. Not fucking work for them.” He said, getting a little upset.

“Why is it such a big deal, the Calaveras and I have an agreement. They don’t touch you or Scott’s pack and I kill anyone else they want dead.” She shrugged her shoulders.

“So that’s it? It doesn’t matter whose life you take, as long as you get paid for it?” He questioned, kind of shocked.

“You knew what I do for a living, when you met me.” She said, releasing her fingers along with releasing herself from his grip.

She got up, and walked the kitchen, searching for something to drink.

“I can take care of you. You know that.”

“I don’t want to be taken care of. I don’t depend on anyone for money.”

“Braeden, money isn’t a problem. Trust me.”

“Stop killing people. We aren’t murde-”

“Oh please. Save the bullshit Derek. Don’t pretend that we’re the same.”

“It’s not bullshit, you kill people for money and it’s fucking disgusting.” He said getting up.

“I’m not quitting.” She said, sipping her glass of wine.

“Wow, I guess I love you more than you love me.” He told her, getting up from the couch.

“You are such a fucking child.” She mumbled.

“And you’re a fucking money hungry bi-”

“DONT YOU DARE.” She yelled.

“YOU DONT OWN ME” Derek yelled back.





It was quiet for about twenty seconds. Twenty seconds of silence, just waiting to be broke.

 Braeden looked at her lipstick stained, wine glass and threw it, aiming for Derek's head. Luckily  he turned around just in time, catching the glass with his hand.

His eyes flickered to a fiery yellow and he was inches away from her face in the matter of seconds.

“I hate you.” She said coldly.

“I hate you more.” He matched her tone, picking her up by her hips and smashing his lips on hers.

 She pushed him off her, breathless from the kiss.

He waited a minute for her next move before she ran towards him and slapped his face.

His eyes turned the fiery yellow again, his heart racing. Derek slammed her against the wall and lifted her thigh, tracing her her exposed waist.

Braeden’s breath hitched when he pressed his forehead to hers. As soon as she thought he had calmed down for her slapping him, he punched the space right next to her face. The hard wall gave in underneath the power of his fist.

“Are we gonna stand here forever or are you gonna fuck me like you hate me?” She gave him a half smirk.

Still pressed against her, he reached down with both hands in between their bodies to grip her shirt. He ripped the clothing apart as if it was nothing.

He proceeded to break her bra in half, immeadiately going to her swollen breasts, sucking the skin roughly.

 "Oh you can do better than that.“ She said.

He then ripped her jeans off. Taking his erection out of his pants and pushing her thong to the side.

He entered her and didnt wait for her to adjust. One leg on his shoulder, the other trying to support herself as he thrusted in and out.

"You’re a piece of shit, you know that?” She asked him as he continued to pump.

With those words he completely pulled out of her.

“You bastard.” She punched his chest.

He walked away from her, heading towards the bathroom, taking off his shirt and jeans.

“Derek Hale, if you dont finished what you fucking started.” She followed him.

“So help m-” She started, before he gripped her neck, semi-gently.

“Like I said.” He turned on the shower.

“YOU, dont own me.” He said, emphasizing on the word ‘you’.

“Get in.” He said, motioning to the shower.

She was undecided and almost didnt do it, until he let out a loud growl.

She got in and began pulling her thong down.

“Leave it on.” He demanded.

“Okay.” She said with an attitude.

“Drop the attitude, and it’s sir to you.” He told her.

“Yes sir.” She said, getting in.

He put her hands on the wall and proceeded to eat her out.

“Oh my Go- DEREK.” She said, squirting in his mouth.

“Did I say you could talk?” He asked.

“No.” She said.

“No what?” He asked.

“No sir.” She whined.

He spread her legs and shoved himself inside of her. She screamed as he quickened his pace.

“Cum for me. Now.” He demanded.

“Yes sir.” She moaned.

Once she climaxed, he reached his peak as well and soon came after her.

Once they both calmed down, he turned the shower off and followed her to the bedroom.

“I’m still mad at you." She told him laying down on the bed.

"Same." He smiled, laying down with her and becoming the big spoon.

 "I love you though.” She said kissing his lips.

“Same.” He told her.


A/N : Hope you all enjoyed this ! Sorry I kind of suck at smuts, keep the requests coming though, I love feedback btw xx

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'may nothing but death do us part' for slythatheart (braeden/derek, pg-13)

Title: May Nothing But Death Do Us Part (bonus gift)
Recipient: slythatheart
Creator: pocketlass
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Braeden/Derek
Warnings: none

Summary: There’s something about Derek that puts Braeden at ease, makes her want to smile and laugh and…be. Be a regular person with a regular life and regular dreams.

Be someone who doesn’t kill people for a living.

(Or, a Mr. & Mrs. Smith AU.)


made for round three of the twrarepairexchange.

Okay but so Derek’s sexuality/sexual history is my fave headcanon like

maybe he started realizing how into kink he was in high school/college, and that’s how he met Kate, like at some dungeon.  But obviously she betrayed his trust big time and their relationship was unhealthy from the start.

He slept around while in New York, and realized he was into people of all genders, and maybe he had a steady boyfriend for a while, but he’s been unable to trust anyone enough to expose his subby kink side.

Then when he came back to Beacon Hills, Jennifer was someone he clicked with and found cute right away- when she instigated sex with him, he went down on her for like an hour but that was all he was up for— and they never really got around to having the “what are you into” talk before she died.

So yeah, seeing him give Braeden that stricken, vulnerable “Are you my alpha?” look is doing things for me, okay?? 

Derek at the mercy of strong women is kiiiind of my thing, but of course it’s never been healthy or consensual… but maybe someday……… (stares into distance)

Derek Hale Imagine: "Almost Lost You"

Derek Hale Imagine: “Almost Lost You”


Words: 431

Rating: V

You couldn’t believe your eyes, there he was sleeping with her when he wouldn’t even date you. ‘I cant believe I was so stupid to think he actually liked me or cared about me.’ You thought to yourself. ‘well who needs him? I can do this on my own.’ You thought to yourself as you left the loft and headed toward the warehouse.

You looked inside the warehouse and saw Peter standing there. You loaded the gun and slowly crept inside, you ducked behind a wall of barrels and waited to attack Peter but he never came around the barrels. Suddenly someone grabbed your hair and yanked you up over the barrels putting their hand over your mouth. “Scream and I’ll slice your throat.” Peter said in your ear. You panicked; how did he know you were in here? Could he smell you? He dragged your up to the top of the warehouse, and tied you to a chain. “Now you see this button? With one press, it will drag you off this walk way and dangle you about 25 feet from the ground. If you’re a good girl that wont happen.” He smirked when suddenly the doors below flew inside after being kicked in by the pack.

Peter taped your mouth shut and jumped down behind them. “Where is she?!” Derek roared. “She’s a bit…tied up at the moment. Maybe come back another time? No? Alright then.” Peter said smirking. Derek and everyone began looking around franticly. With them distracted, Peter threw a quick smirk your direction before attacking them. Somewhere along the way, Peter had pushed the button sending you flying into the middle of the warehouse room, dangling there. You tried to scream, to get someone-anyone’s- attention, when suddenly the rusty chain snapped and sent you flying toward the ground.

You squeezed your eyes shut waiting for the impact of the ground. But instead, what you felt, were two strong arms pulling you tightly into a warm chest as you landed in some boxes and other debris. “Are you okay?” Derek asked as he panted, his hot breath fanning over your face. “What are you doing here?” you asked after he removed the tape from your mouth carefully. “Scott told me everything, I just wanted to protect you. I never meant to hurt you, or break your heart Y/N, Im in love with you” he said caressing your cheek. “You….You are?” you asked breathlessly. He nodded and kissed you as Scott destroyed Peter once and for all.

I want more Braeden/Derek/Stiles, but I don’t have the energy to write it. I just want cute, fluffy, domestic Steraeden! Examples:

  • Braeden and Stiles wearing Derek’s clothes because they smell nice and are very comfy, but also because they know how much Derek loves it when his clothes smell like them
  • Stiles and Derek being annoyed they can’t steal Braeden’s clothes to wear, because there is no way they can possibly wear them without destroying them
  • Braeden never wearing her own clothes when she’s at home, but always stealing her boyfriends’ clothes
  • Braeden and Derek always having to work together to wake Stiles up in the morning. They can’t imagine how the Sheriff managed on his own all those years
  • Stiles usually cooks dinner, Derek bakes, and Braeden is an expert in making coffee/hot chocolate/any kind of alcoholic beverage (including wolfsbane booze)
  • Derek giving his humans massages when their muscles are sore or when they’re tired
  • Derek usually sleeping in the middle, because his chest is the widest and Stiles and Braeden can use it as a pillow at the same time
  • There are several hoodies and sweatpants that are “communal”, actually 50% of their closet is filled with clothes they have no idea who they really belong to and they’ve given up trying to figure it out
  • Clothes sharing in general
  • Nobody is allowed to touch Stiles’ mess of papers and books, because “I know exactly where everything is, Derek!”
  • Braeden cleaning her guns together with Stiles, because it’s something he used to help his dad with
  • Derek being the only one who is unable to keep his Christmas presents a secret, because Stiles and Braeden are too good at gathering intel

Just domestic Steraeden! (I actually think this shipname is atrocity, but I’m too lazy to keep writing all their names every single time)