braeden x derek

Lydia yelling at Meredith

Coach making Kira sit on the bench

Liam benching like 400 pounds

The Calaveras making Chris change his code

The new kid Brett

The fact that Braeden will be in every ep from now on

When Scott grabbed the hotwire with his bare hands

Me after tonights episode

Links to my Draeden oneshot/smuts/fics (Updated as of 8/13/14)

(Derek x Braeden)

Stay With Me 

There’s always a first for everything, so take me home. 

Im Into You

Date Night

Pretend With Me 

Jealousy Is The Sexiest Trait (Smut)

Alone Together, Forever Until Tomorrow.

You made your bed, go right ahead and lay in it. (Smut)

4 Minutes (Smut)

Do I Wanna Know? (Smut)

Just one, my ass.

All I Wanna See You In, Is Just Skin (Smut)

If It Means Alot To You

Baby, we’re having a baby… Maybe. (1) (Chapter 1)

Baby, we’re having a baby…Maybe. (2) (Chapter 2)

Baby, we’re having a baby…Maybe. (3) (Chapter 3)

Baby, we’re having a baby…Maybe. (4) (Chapter 4)

Baby, we’re having a baby…Maybe. (5) (Chapter 5)

One love, one house. (Smut)

Protecting My Invesment

Forbidden Fruit