I want teen wolf to end with the last scene being graduation. I want braedan and Derek in the stands smiling as they see everyone graduate. I want to see Danny getting his diploma and joking with Stiles. I want to see Isaac come back to congratulate everyone. I want to see Lydia walk up to Stiles as everyone is throwing up their caps and to finally kiss him passionately, confirming her feelings. I want Malia to be hugging her father and feel a tap on her shoulders and turn and see Kira there. I want it to end with the camera following Scott as he walks into the woods into a cemetery, cap and gown and all, and end up at Allison’s grave, placing his cap on the ground, smiling fondly as the camera pans out.

Signs as Teen Wolf Characters

Aries: Allison Argent

Taurus: Dr. Deaton

Gemini: Ethan & Aiden

Cancer: Derek Hale

Leo: Scott McCall

Virgo: Isaac Lahey

Libra: Kira Yukimura

Scorpio: Braeden

Sagittarius: Liam Dunbar

Capricorn: Chris Argent

Aquarius: Lydia Martin

Pisces: Stiles Stilinski

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i dont know if this is tooooooo random????? but is there anything where they visit another country for like vacations? >.<

Now I want a vacation! - Anastasia

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Stiles on a plane by DorianWilde

(1/1 I 1,034 I Not Rated)

Stiles and Derek goes on vacation together. This means a thirteen hour flight and Derek won’t even let Stiles have the window seat.

not so much an escape as a coming home by ephemeraa

(1/1 I 2,199 I Explicit I Braeden/Derek)

He sinks to his knees in the sand, at her feet.

Rebuilding The Pack by PansexualPosey

(1/1 I 2,755 I Teen I Sciles)

Scott, Stiles and their daughter take a family vacation to France that has an emotional beginning

Out of reach by mrsshuckface

(1/? I 3,180 I General I Theo/Malia)

It was a great idea, flying to Thailand together for some well deserved R and R after the strain the pack went through because of the dead pool. What Malia realizes soon is that it was in fact a horrible idea, letting Stiles be in charge of renting a boat for a week. Especially when the pack finds themselves stranded in the middle of the ocean.

Show Me How We Can Escape by secondstar

(1/1 I 9,858 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles needed a vacation. He deserved it, after working nonstop. Australia felt like a world away from the limelight; just what he needed. He didn’t expect to meet Derek, though.

The Newlywed Game by Captain_Loki

(1/1 I 19,569 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles is (still) single when the pack’s getaway to the Caribbean comes by (oh misplaced optimism); lucky for him Derek is committed to being uncommitted and even after all these years is still powerless against Stiles’ unique forms of persuasion.

Cue a romantic getaway for two: sun, sand, and sarcasm abound…and the two roped into competing in the Resort’s version of the Newlywed game. Only it’s completely obvious it’s going to end in disaster. Probably homicide.

Most probably homicide.

Plot twist: It doesn’t.

Go Big or Go Home by Chubstilinski

(3/? I 27,348 I Explicit I Sterek)

That’s the moment that Stiles knows he’s not going to stop, that he craves this more than he’d even realized, and he knows, deep down in his bones, that he’s only going to get fatter.

We Can Make The World Stop by Acerbity

(13/13 I 32,207 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek plans a distant summer trip for Scott and Stiles to train/bond. Derek has questionable training methods, which leads to a rather confused Stiles. A female OC character is introduced and things get mighty twisted. The whole tale is rather dark/emotional. I don’t really want to give away too much of the storyline in the summary. Also, I like to imagine the wolves ‘Dog Soldiers’ or even 'Skyrim’ style when fully changed. You know, that bipedal, wolfish werewolf type.

There’s a howling that stays beneath my skin by LunaCanisLupus_22

(1/1 I 32,489 I Explicit I Sterek)

Cora inclines her head pointedly and he realises he’s half perched on the deck chair, ready to leap up and fight at a moment’s notice. Or run. He shrugs out of his dad’s jacket, folding it over the edge of the chair, and then crosses his arms.

He’s relaxed, okay? He took the jacket off. He’s plenty relaxed.

Or Derek’s obligatory vacation fic in South America after he left Beacon Hills (for good?)

Every Mile a Memory by IGetLostInBooks_2506

(24/24 I 61,884 I Explicit I Stydia)

What Lydia didn’t count on was a messy, dark haired, golden eyed boy being with her on this tour. A boy that made her brain fuzzy and her skin hot from the first moment she saw him. A boy that would ingrain himself so deep into her soul for the ten weeks they’re together that, Lydia was sure she would need surgery to remove his touch.

  • Anti-Sterek's: </b> Sterek is racist! It's just another ship between 2 WHITE men! It erases Braden, a black woman, being in love with Derek!<p/><b>Me, a Sterek shipper:</b> I've never seen anyone in the Sterek fandom bash Braeden or actress Meagan Tandy. Personally, I love Braeden. I love her as a badass independent female character. There isn't even an anti-Braeden/Draeden/Meagan Tandy tag. Unlike the Stydiot fandom who all thru anti-Shelly Hennig/Malia Tate & anti-Ryan Kelly/Jordan Parris tags. And also make death threats to the actors. Have you seen the Sterek fandom ever do that? No. Our fandom ISN'T toxic just because we have to defend our ship in this fake caring/homophobic TW fandom.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>


“ Women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people.  So don’t focus on writing characters who are strong.  Write characters who are people.’’ (original post)

Derek and Braeden relaxing in bed and getting ready to go to sleep, and Derek wants to run his fingers through Braden’s hair all calming like but he can’t because Braeden has her silk scarf on for the night and once it’s on she takes it off for no one, not even supernatural bullshit (just ask the ogre she had to put down at 3AM that one time) and she loves Derek but not enough to spend and hour getting her sew-in back on point in the morning.

Braeden is probably natural under her weave, and she wears it as a protective style. When she wants to give her hair a break, she rocks two-strand twists. Derek sees her twisting her hair one day, and he’s fascinated. So, she shows him how to do it, and before either of them know it, he’s helping her twist her hair. It’s a grooming behavior that settles his wolf and strengthens the bond between them. His twists don’t look half bad, and Braeden teases him about it, asking where the hell was he all her life. He says he was waiting for her, and that’s enough to start some hot sexy times right there on the floor.

But not before she puts her silk scarf back on. Derek might be good at twists, but she doesn’t trust him with detangling yet.