2014 Cup of China: Why Yuzuru and Han Competing Was Wrong

Buckle up, kids, this is gonna be a long one.

As you probably know by now, in the second warm-up group for the men’s long program at Cup of China, Yuzuru Hanyu, the 2014 Olympic Champion, and Han Yan collided, resulting in Yuzuru being knocked out and actually losing consciousness, and Han hitting his chin. Yuzuru had to be helped off the ice, with a very bloody chin.

Han, at the time, withdrew. But Yuzuru returned to the warm-up ice with a bandaged head, and it was clear that he was going to skate anyways.

What an incredible lack of judgement. You never, ever, ever mess with a head injury. Ever.

If this weren’t bad enough, when it was supposed to be his turn to skate his LP, Han Yan competed anyways. His injury may not have been as severe as Yuzuru’s, but it is much better to be safe than sorry. Han should not have skated, and shame on his coaches for allowing him to. Han was a mess in his LP as expected, and even omitted an entire jump.

And then, sadly, Yuzuru skated his LP, heavily bandaged head and all. He fell five times. He was even worse than Han, and absolutely should not have been allowed to skate under any circumstances.

You do not mess with head injuries, period.

Shame on Brian Orser for letting him compete. Knowing Yuzuru, he probably insisted on skating. But Brian is the coach, and he should have put a stop to that immediately. You do not let someone who is most likely concussed step another foot on the ice and risk death by one more mere blow to the head. Not only that, but Brian Orser knew that Yuzuru had been unconscious, which is a big warning sign for any kind of head injury!

This is incredibly irresponsible injury management, and Brian Orser should know better.

My little brother, who is 12, plays football. His football coach has a rule: if you get a hit to the head, you immediately come out for a play, no exceptions. This is the kind of policy coaches should have for their skaters, or any athlete in any sport.

There’s a reason why Brady Hoke, head coach of University of Michigan football team, was scrutinized by the national media when he allowed the obviously-concussed Shane Morris to play another snap. It’s unsafe, it’s dangerous, and you are literally risking your life by going back in after a concussion. It’s not worth it.

And on another note, shame on the judges for giving Yuzuru such high scores. If you look at his protocols, you can see his falls being given -2 GOE, instead of the -3 GOE generally given for falls. His PCS were very high for a complete mess of a program. By giving Yuzuru high scores and almost allowing him to win, they are encouraging his behavior. They are encouraging competing with a concussion, which can kill you.

Do not glorify what happened with Yuzuru by saying he was brave. I’m not mad at Yuzuru himself for wanting to skate. I’ve seen football players attempt to go back into a game after injuries, and even though it’s not smart, I can understand that mentality. I’m mad at Brian Orser, Han’s coach, the judges, the medics on hand, anyone in an authority position that allowed this to happen.

The ISU needs to get rules to prevent something like this happening again. Put public pressure on them. Do not let them sweep this under the rug.

When athlete safety is not the #1 priority, then you are in the wrong.

I’m not home right now, but I highly recommend looking up the effects of concussions on football players if you think Yuzuru and Han were “brave”. When you go back to the ice after a concussion, you risk death and you risk so many other things. I would also recommend looking up Brady Hoke and Shane Morris.

I hope the ISU fines and punishes all involved. This should never have happened, and cannot happen again.

go blue

if you don’t care about sports, don’t read this

i love my school.

i probably love my school more than anyone i know. i bleed maize and blue, and michigan has been my dream school for as long as i can remember. i was that girl in high school, the one whose dream was clear to everyone; to go to michgian.

well, i’m here now. every day, i find something more to love. although i will admit that i don’t always want to go to class, there hasn’t been a day that i didn’t want to get out of my bed and start my day.

a major part of michigan’s tradition comes from its football program. while i didn’t pay much attention to college sports in high school (only because i didn’t want to fall in love with a team and not get into the school), i have always understood the appreciation for the wolverines.

1. bo reigns supreme. “those who stay will be champions” were the opening words to my college essay.

2. the big house is the closest to heaven on earth that you may ever experience.

3. hail to the victors. always.

our fiercest rivals are a team from ohio whose mascot is the buckeye. yes, nuts. tomorrow, we play them. it is the 108th meeting between the teams. cumulatively since 1927, our scores are tied. tomorrow, that will no longer be true.

there’s a lot resting on this game. it’s denard’s last home game against them, and our seniors’ last try to beat them. it’s also brady hoke’s first time as head coach of The Game (as well as Luke Fickell’s.)

go blue. beat ohio.

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Brendan Gibbons spills the beans on what Coach Brady Hoke tells him to think about before a pressure kick–and what was going through his mind before the Sugar Bowl clinching kick last night.