(via March For Choice on Vimeo by Kate Brady)

Lads, we fucking marched in the lashing of rain, for our rights. Over 20 thousand of us. 

JUMP Miami Results!

Studios included in post: Adrenaline Dance Company, Coral Reef Senior High, Stars Dance Studio, Dancetown, Kate’s Dance Company Plus, Prodigy Dance and Performing Arts Centre, Krystie’s Dance Academy

**Scholarships at bottom of post!**

Number of Soloists that Placed per Age

  • JUMPStarts - 7 in Top 6   (1 tie)
  • Minis - 13 in Top 10   (1 tie, 1 3-way tie)
  • Juniors - 18 in Top 10   (3 ties, 1 3-way tie, 1 4-way tie)
  • Teens - 25 in Top 10    (3 ties, 3 3-way ties, 2 4-way ties) [2nd + 3rd were the only placings w/o ties]
  • Seniors - 15 in Top 10   (1 3-way tie, 1 4-way tie)
  • Open - 2 in Top 2

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Codex Silenda is a book about an apprentice in Leonardo da Vinci’s workshop who encounters puzzles that act as traps to capture spies that might try to steal his work. The hand-crafted, wooden book is only 5 pages long, but you can’t read it unless you solve the puzzles that are built into every page. Source


Complex Wooden Book Reveals Story with Solving Stages Of Puzzles

Industrial designer Brady Whitney designed an innovative puzzle, Codex Silenda, in the form of a book, which can only be unlocked and read once the puzzle is solved. The brain wracking device is diabolically complex book composed of laser cut wood panels that have mechanical keys to unhinge. 

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