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college!au, angst with a happy ending

Avoiding Cas is surprisingly easy.

All Dean has to do is block him on all social media sites, park his car down the street at a friend’s house so Cas never knows when he’s home, rely more on public transportation to get to campus, and finally just never leave his apartment except for class.

Easy peasy.

That is, until Dean needs to go to the grocery store. He’s been living off Ramen noodles and mac and cheese for weeks now, too afraid to stop anywhere near campus in case Cas is nearby. 

But now he’s officially all out of beer and Captain Morgan and he figures he could probably use some non-microwaveable groceries while he’s out. 

He goes to the little market about four blocks away. He hits up the essentials first: booze, some hamburger, hot dogs, bread, eggs. He considers produce but immediately shakes that thought loose and decides that he’s entitled to some ice cream instead.


Dean freezes,  carton half way to his basket. It takes everything in him to turn around and the moment he connects with blue eyes he really wishes he hadn’t.

Cas looks sick staring back at him, eyes glasses over with a sort of disbelief, like he thinks he’s seeing a ghost. 

He says Dean’s name again but Dean doesn’t respond. They’re both tense, like they’re about to draw on each other in an old western movie instead of standing in a damn milk aisle. 

As awkward as the moment it, Dean almost wishes they could stay like this. Because it’s good to see Cas, the flesh and blood Cas. He’s missed him like you miss air when you’re holding your breath. But he also knows that if Cas talks, if he tries to come at him, Dean will run. He can feel his knees bracing for a take-off and he’s not ready to look away.

But Cas does it. He takes a step forward and Dean immediately takes one back. Cas’s eyes travel down to Dean’s feet and he looks hurt.

“Dean, please, let me-” He takes two quick steps and Dean is speeding past the checkout lines, dropping the basket somewhere alone the way.

He doesn’t breathe again until he’s back in his apartment. He falls on the couch and draws he knees up, settling his head between his legs as he sucks in breaths and lets his head clear.

He’s so fucked. So impossibly fucked. 

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Brady Skjei - Summer Ice

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“The Auston Matthews one was too cute! Could you write one for Brady Skjei? Where the reader is a competitive figure skater so they always end up running into each other and like one another please? 😊” - @mrsjasperdent
Once again, I’m posting at midnight because that’s when my nerves say, “f*ck it, just post the damn story already.”
Word count: 1883
Warnings: none.
It was 5:00am, the sun wasn’t even out yet and you were already lacing up your skates for a morning around the rink. The summer time was your most peaceful training days. You always wake up around 4:30am and make it to the rink around 5:00 to work on your skills and a little practice on your speed. There’s nothing quite like stepping onto clean ice first thing in the morning. The sound of your blades cutting through the ice is the most soothing thing. You get a few laps in before setting up cones at the far end of the rink to isolate your stretches and skills practice.
While you are working on your form a boy decides to weave in and out of your cones.
“Can I help you?” You ask, not amused by this lack of privacy you clearly want due to the barrier of cones you placed.
This was the second day this man has interrupted your solo skate session. The zamboni rider said that this skater was in the NHL and visiting home for the summer.
“Yes, you can help me,” he smirks and starts to skate circles around you. “You didn’t give me the time of day to introduce myself yesterday to you.”
Your arms are now across your chest and you’re trying to make it apparent that you aren’t interested in an introduction. Sure, he was cute. Like, REALLY cute. But you don’t need some NHL player ruining your morning routine.
“Because I’m kind of busy conditioning,” you state. He still has a dumb smile upon his face and you’re trying your best to not smile back. His expression is kind of contagious but you want to stand your ground.
“Well, then I’m really sorry to interrupt,” he finally apologizes, “but, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Brady. I really like your commitment to skating and would love to take you to coffee or something after you’re done.” You give him a what-are-you-up-to stare.
“My name is (y/n) and I don’t drink coffee.” You try your best to not sound rude. You truly hate coffee but find yourself letting your guard down and wanting to go out to at least get breakfast with him.
“But, I do like pancakes. At the Diner across the street? If you can leave me alone to practice and continue whatever it is that you came here to accomplish. I can meet you there around 6:30?” You suggest. His smile grows larger.
“It’s a date, then!” He skates away backwards from you.
“This is not a date!” You yell, but you can clearly see he is not letting this be anything less than flirting.
What the absolute heck did you get yourself into? You only had a tank top and sweats to change into after practice since you planned on going home straight after and probably napping. Now you had a breakfast plan ( it’s NOT a date) with some tall NHL player.
You pull your small blue sedan into the gravel parking lot of the diner. You can already see Brady waiting inside. He’s kind of hard to miss considering he’s a giant towering over every senior citizen couple currently in the diner. You giggled at the sight.
Walking into the diner you see Brady’s face turn into nothing less than a huge smile.
“See, my date IS here. So can I get my reserved table now?” He tells the lady at the front counter.
“It’s not a date,” you whisper to the lady as she is escorting you two to a booth. She flashed you a fake smile and simply sets down the menus before walking away.
“So, not to sound cliche…but, do you come here often?” Brady immediately had a look of regret on his face after asking. You tried to hold back laughter. In fear the sudden outburst of giggles might send one of the senior couples in the diner straight to the hospital from shock.
“Not really,” you replied, “I just know they have decent pancakes.”
“I hope they have better pancakes than their service,” he chuckled, “ I don’t think the host is too fond of us.”
You two talked about each of your passion for the ice and how your schedules at the rink match up enough for this breakfast thing to become a routine.
“To be completely honest, figure skating is a pretty lonely sport. I don’t practice with anyone else besides my occasional trainer before competitions. I wouldn’t mind being your friend on and off the ice.” You admit to Brady. Brady looks deep in thought while sipping hot chocolate out of a straw. Yes, this 6 foot man ordered a hot chocolate. Not only did he order a hot chocolate but, now he’s drinking it out of a freaking bendy straw.
“Friends?” He asks, “I suppose that will work for now (y/n). Same time at the rink tomorrow?”
You shrug then agree and leave once you’ve paid for your check. Which he tried to cover but, no way in heck were you letting him think this was a date.
Over the next two weeks it was the same routine: You’d wake up at 4:30am, get to the the rink by 5:00am, Brady would bug you for quite a while as soon as he arrived (usually around 5:30am), and you’d both go out for breakfast.
It was nice having someone up that early to start your day with. There was no doubt in your mind that you definitely had feelings for him. Who wouldn’t have feelings for such a goofball of a hockey player? But, you never dated. You’ve always been a lone wolf with figure skating being your top priority over dating boys. Getting into your first relationship with a man who’s career took him on endless road trips with countless female attention in every city he visited didn’t sound to appealing. Besides, you were under the impression that this past two weeks of flirting and keeping company was just a way for him to pass time.
It was just another morning at the rink. Per usual you did a few laps and then began setting up your cones. Consistency is clearly key when it comes to conditioning. Brady skated in only a few moments after you finished setting up.
“So, I know breakfast is great and all… but, can we do lunch? Or dinner, or a picnic by a lake? A MELTED LAKE. It’s summer and all we’ve done is come to the rink and the diner.” He dramatically goes on while skating in circles around you.
“Well, you can take yourself on a picnic or out to dinner. I’m not stopping you there.” I say, just trying to move past the fact that I’d love to spend more time with him. All I do after our mornings together is think of all the pros and cons of falling for this man. I think about how we have common interests and the only other men in your career path are gay or egotistical. Figure skating wasn’t for finding a soulmate unless you started off in this industry already as a couple.
Brady dramatically runs his hands down his face in frustration. “Whyyy won’t you just be my girlfriend?” he whines. He’s stopped skating in circles around you at this point. Taking this opportunity, you start to do small circles around him, “well, Brady,” you start off, “You never actually asked.” You give him a wink then quickly skate away. You can hear his blades hitting the ice fast behind you. As you try to pivot to see how far ahead you are, he (as gently as a hockey player could possibly) runs you into the glass.
“Geez, Brady. I’m not a hockey player.” You say while trying to get back the breath that was just knocked out of you.
“I feel this might be my last resort to make sure you don’t get away.” He definitely said that with some truth to it.
You’re against the boards with nowhere to go. Also, there’s never anyone else in the rink at this time. “Okay, Brady. Shoot. Tell me how you feel.”
He shakes his head, “not on the ice.” He backs off of you and the glass. Grabbing your hands to lead you off the ice and onto the benches that overlook the rink. You realize this is the first time you’ve actually had physical contact. These past two weeks never involved hugging or hand holding. The base of the flirting was all words. It was never actually intimacy.
“So,” he sighs, “I know I’ve been annoying these past weeks.” You slightly nods in agreement.
“But, (y/n) I don’t know what to do to make you like me. I never wanted to try and make any moves on you. You aren’t someone I’m trying to hit and quit. If you’re willing or even feel slightly the same towards me…” he takes a deep breath, “ then, will you please, go out on an official date with me?”
“Brady Skjei, you are by far the most annoying man that has ever interrupted my morning practice routine.” You begin. Instantly Brady’s face looks like he made a huge mistake admitting any feelings towards you.
“But,” you continue, “it’s something I’ve gotten used to and I’m not sure how I feel about it stopping. You’re all I think about and it sucks. It sucks thinking I’ve fallen for some damn hockey player who is leaving Minnesota soon. A state I feel I’m stuck in despite all this effort I put in to leave. Sure, I travel for competition. But, I always end up back here. You have a team. You have New York. You have so much more that I can’t possibly be a part of after a few breakfasts together.” You vent out as if it’s the last thing you’ll ever say to him. He can recognize you’re frustrated and truly have had this on your mind this entire time you’ve been spending the summer together. He kneels down in front of you so you have nowhere to look but directly into his eyes.
“We can make all that work if you’d JUST DATE ME.” He was slightly losing it. This makes you burst into uncontrollable laughter. He begins to rub his face out of anguish once more.
“(Y/n) you’re making this so much more complicated than it needs to be.” He almost grunts out while his hands are still covering his face. He then throws his hands up in the air, “if you like me and I like you; then, I don’t think anything else matters. JUST BE MY GIRLFRIEND.”
He’s now resting his hands on your knees. Placing your hands over his, you give him a nod. “Okay. Sure, WHY NOT? Let’s make this happen.” That goofy smile you remember from day one returns to his face as he stands up in front of you. Quickly grabbing ahold of you, he picks you up and spins you around.
“You won’t regret this!” He says before skipping off the bleachers while still holding you.
“Oh, stop over thinking everything.” He smirks.

Brady Skjei #1 - Puppy Kisses

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A/N - be prepared for so much cute puppy fluffiness in this one. You might get a cavity due to the sweetness of this imagine alone :)

For the anon request: Hi your writings are so cute! Can I request one for Brady Skjei?? 

(also thanks! I really love seeing messages like this so thank you! ilysm <3)


You don’t think you’ve stopped smiling in over an hour. You really need to stop because at this point your cheeks actually hurt but then you look over at your boyfriend, Brady Skjei, who is jumping up and down and running around the fenced in yard playing chase with a five year-old pit bull mix. God, its hard to tell the difference between which one is a rambunctious dog and which one is your boyfriend of two years. You and Brady had been talking about getting a dog for practically forever but you both agreed that you needed to wait until you were more settled. Well, with the two of you finally settled into the house outside of the city that you bought at the beginning of the season and the end of your second year studying at Columbia drawing to a close, now was as perfect a time as any.

You both had grown up with dogs for your whole life so there was absolutely no cat vs. dog debate to be had and after researching potential breeders, Brady thought that it would be a better idea to adopt a rescue dog from the shelter. You spent the next two weeks researching everything you could about rescue dogs and how to be a perfect forever home for them. You also spent a solid four hours one afternoon with Brady going around and dog proofing your house but you refrained from going out and buying supplies for the dog because you weren’t exactly sure what kind of dog you were going to come home with. Today, you had walked in the front doors of the Humane Society of New York around an hour ago and you don’t think you could be in a happier state. Finally you see Brady give the dog a scratch behind the ear before giving the ball they were playing with back to the handler and jogging over to the gate. As he latched the door shut behind him his eyes scanned his surroundings until they fell unto where you were sitting crosslegged on the floor of nearby kennel, tiny puppy curled up in your lap. When Brady’s eyes met yours you could see the exact moment when his heart melted into a puddle of goop.

“Brady look!” you beamed up at him, “he’s only two months old!”

“I think I’ve died and gone to heaven" he sighed before plopping down across from you. The presence of a new person woke up the dozing puppy in your arms but instead of getting up to go investigate, the little ball of fur simply nuzzled up higher into your arms, gave a little lick to your face and the started to chew on the collar of your hoodie.

“I think I’ve reached peak cuteness. I thought I had reached cute overload levels when I met your parents’ dogs but nope, this right here, is it.” He gushed. You shifted the dog around in your arms and passed your boyfriend the now wriggly puppy who starts to clamber all over him as soon as he is placed in his lap.

“And to make him even more perfect,” you continue, “Guess what his name is?”

“Hmm, Brady?”

“Nope, though that would be funny,” you laughed as the puppy started to paw at Brady’s face and lick his chin, “His name is Stanley.”

“Hey there Stanley, bud.” Brady cooed at the puppy, “You must be a good luck charm then, eh?”

“I’d say so, he’d look cute in the cup.” you winked, “please brady! he’s so cute we can’t just leave him here. What if someone else adopts him that aren’t good for him.”

“No need to beg babe, I’m a goner for him too.” Brady returned your megawatt smile. “Let’s go do the paperwork.”

You may have squealed a tiny bit


“Put that down Brady! We are not buying any clothes. It is a dog, dogs do not wear clothes!” you fake-scolded your boyfriend while you were standing of the middle of the pet store with your brand new puppy Stanley contentedly chewing on the leash that the shelter had given you.

“But it’s a mini Rangers jersey!” he pouted holding the offending article of clothing

“And in two months, this little mans’s head is going to be the same size as it. Weren’t you paying attention to the fact that Stanley is probably going to grow to be upwards of 80 pounds? Keep in mind that he is a Rottweiler.”

“Alright, alright. What about this?” Brady conceded before holding up a blue collar and leash decorated with the rangers’ logo and hockey sticks.

“Much better” you nodded and Brady threw the two into your cart which was turning slowly into a mountain. You continued to walk around the store, slowly accumulating everything that your extensive research and prior dog experience said that you might need from teething toys to carpet disinfectant. When you walked into the toy aisle you started to pull out toys for Stanley to play with. You and Brady giggled when Stanley tried to fit his little mouth around a big tire toy that was twice his size.

“Hey champ, I think that’s a little big for ya.” Brady crouched down to meet the puppy and helped him with the toy.

“Aw, he’s just a little over-achiever.” you laughed

“Soon bud,” Brady pat the little dog,”You are going to be big and strong like your dad,” he winked over his shoulder at you causing you to roll your eyes.

“Okaayy, way to flatter yourself,” you laughed but added the tire to the cart anyways, “All ready to go now?”

“Let’s get this puppers home.” Brady scooped up little Stanley in his arms and the puppy started to wiggle and kiss all over his face, “We’re a little family now.’ Brady sighed as he grabbed your hand with his free hand.

You couldn’t help the giant smile on your face when you leaned up and kissed Brady on the cheek, “Best looking Rangers family?” you asked

“Now that we have Stanley, no one else stands a chance.”


ugh I just really love dogs okay??  Up next: Auston Matthews!

Unwritten TV toilet scenes

Unwritten TV toilet scenes and shall I say make-believe tv toilet scenes is my way at poking fun at early TV shows of not showing people using, going to or a toilet seen in the bathroom like The Brady Bunch for example. I’ve written earlier post which I enjoyed sharing, soon I will boot a new tumblr page, although I may not get as much following but at least I will do it for fun and make happy ready.

For example, imagine make believe toilet scenes,

GUNSMOKE, Matt shooting at some bad guys during a impromptu showdown which forces a outhouse door open exposing a male citizen sitting on the hole using.

DRAGNET: Joe and Bill responds to complaints from prominent citizens, letting them know that several strange men been entering and exiting the neighborhood park men’s restroom and they noticed they same guys hanging in and outside the restroom. Joe and Bill decides to run a sting, with Bill entering the restroom to find out what’s going on by acting as a user, he is shock and resulted in a bust with arrests of several men for loitering, lewdness and other minor crimes.

MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW, Lou Grant interrupts Mary bathroom break in the ladies room by taking a seat in the next door talking, unaware Sue Ann in the stall next to his.

Can we watch Rudolph?

Request: @random-superwholock-images I was thinking that during the Christmas season if the Winchester siblings were at Bobby’s, the boys would take the reader sledding then afterwards bundle up in blankets and hot chocolate and watch either random Disney movies or random Looney tunes shorts. So when Sam goes to college he brings the reader with him (because she’s like three and knows nothing about the supernatural world and he kinda wants to keep her innocent for as long as possible) and well he decides to do the tradition with the reader when he notices how much she misses dean​

A/N: I made the reader like 4/5 so that the “kid” talk was more of a minimum. I also changed the movie to Rudolph just so it was more Christmas-y. I’m sleepy as I’m writing this & the Dean moments at the end made me shed tears when I literally imagine myself as Y/N. 

25 Days of Holiday Tales Masterlist

Sam x Sister!Reader    Dean x Sister!Reader

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“Alright, hold on tight Y/N.” Dean told you as he maneuvered the sled more towards the edge of the hill.

“Wait De!” You shouted.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, leaning his head around your body to look at your face.

“Is a long drop.” You said in a fearful voice, “Yous not gonna let me fall right?”

Dean let out a small chuckle, “Kiddo, have I ever let you fall?” He questioned.

“No.” You responded.

“I’m not about to start now.” Dean told you as he wrapped his arms tighter around you. “Here we go!” Dean pushed the two of you forward on the sled and you guys went flying down the hill. Your big brother held you tightly the entire way down and didn’t let you fall; just like he promised. By the time you got to where Sam was at the bottom of the hill you and Dean were laughing so hard that he had tears in his eyes.

“What took you so long?” Sam asked as he helped you off of the sled.

“I gots scared, but De made it better.” You excitedly told Sam.

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A Controversial Case of “Self Defense”

On Thanksgiving Day 2012, a retired man called Byron Smith shot and killed two intruders in his home in Little Falls, Minnesota. Under the Castle Doctrine of the state, which allows a person to use lethal force to defend his property, he was in the right. That is, until an investigation revealed a more complex scenario.

Smith had worked for the US State Department as a security specialist and had been living in different countries around the world. At 64, he decided to retire and spend the rest of his life in the quiet Little Falls. However, he soon became the victim of a series of breaking ins. The perpetrators stole not only money, but guns and a prized watch his father had got after being a prisoner in WWII. Smith went to the police at least once, but they told him to strengthen the security in his house and not much else.

According to friends and neighbors of Smith, the robberies made him paranoid to the point he wouldn’t sleep for days. That Thanksgiving day, Smith decided to do something about it. He moved his truck away from the house to make it seem like there was no one home, and sat in his basement for hours armed with a gun to wait.

At some point, two teenagers broke in his house. It was Nicholas Brady (17) and his cousin Haile Kifer (18), who according to a later investigation had worked for Smith before and had been responsible for at least some of the burglaries. Both had some drug related trouble. 

As soon as Brady started coming down to the basement, Smith shot him twice and then once more in the face, killing him. Around 12 minutes later, Haile went down looking for her cousin and she got the same fate, except she was shot six times.

Smith wrapped both bodies and then waited until next day to alert a neighbor to call the police. His reason for not doing it sooner, he said, was because he didn’t want to bother authorities during Thanksgiving.

The whole episode was recorded in audio by Smith, and there he can be heard rehearsing a call to his lawyer before the killings and also the cold, angry words directed at the burglars. The audio was made available here, and a warning; it’s very disturbing.

All this made authorities consider the deaths of Brady and Kifer premeditated, so Smith was sentenced to life in prison without parole. The case is still very controversial, with part of the community supporting Smith and saying that the actions of the teenagers and the little help from the police drove him to such an extreme reaction.

“Lovely ladies of Odyssey! April 5th 10pm NBC”  [x

[thomas sanders voice] STORY TIME !!!!

a preview of my first entry for change-of-fate, a fire emblem crossover/au zine!! this one is my daycare au where tiki would take care of the little kids! this zine is the first book i’ve ever taken part in and i’m glad to have the pleasure work with everyone, as well as excited to see the final product~

please go check it out for other previews and keep your watch on it since the preorder will be up soon!! ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

[severa]: “b-brady!!!! snow white didn’t die!! she just fell asleep, w-watch, lady tiki will show that in the end, s-stop your crying please–!!!!

All Hell Breaks Loose I - Part 1

Word Count: 2193

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“You guys hungry?” Dean asked, pulling up to a little diner in the middle of nowhere.

“Starving!” You bellowed. “I want a burger so damn bad.” Dean couldn’t help but laugh.

“Don’t forget the extra onions this time, huh?” He said, handing Sam some cash.

“Dude, we’re the ones who have to ride in the car with your extra onions.” Sam grimaced. Dean grinned at him smugly and Sam sighed, getting out of the car.

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Disturbing audio of 65-year-old Byron David Smith shooting dead two intruders, 18-year-old Haile Kifer and her 17-year-old cousin Nicholas Brady, on 22 November, 2012, in Little Falls Minnesota, after multiple break ins at his home. At 1:03, you can hear the teenagers breaking into his home by smashing his bedroom window. At 3:21, Smith shoots Brady as soon as he begins walking down the basement stairs. He falls down the stairs where Smith shoots him again in the face to make sure he is dead. At 13:43, Kifer enters the basement where she is shot. She then falls down the stairs and Smith’s rifle jams. He then shoots her multiple times in the chest and drags her body over to beside her cousins and kills her by shooting her under her chin. At 15:21, Smith can be heard speaking to the tape recorder about what he has just done, referring to the teenagers as “vermin” and “social mistakes.” He leaves the bodies in the basement until the next day when he calls the police as he didn’t want to bother them on Thanksgiving. Since Smith had set up a tape recorder and sat patiently in the basement waiting for the teenagers to enter, this shows premeditation on his part and due to this recording, he was sentenced to life in prison.

Team Winchester: Part III

Prompt: Reader is Sam and Dean’s sister (maybe Sam’s twin or in between Sam and Dean), and the fic is just like a bunch of little snapshots/moments throughout their childhoods and lives, growing up together and having sibling moments.

Word count: 2,319

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: Part 3! Thank you so much, you guys, for the continuous support and the awesome suggestions (Reminder that the Team Winchester series is based mostly on your suggestions, awesome people, so keep sending them and let me know if there should be more parts (: )

Part 1 || Part 2

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I’ll Be Here

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Words: 2,548

Author’s Note: Yup this is the first part of my Stanford!Sam series, again, I still don’t know how long this is going to be. This started off just a one shot, but it expanded to a whole series.  I’m doing something a little different, I’m adding the links to the reader’s outfit in the story. Tell me how you all feel about that. The song that I based this off is Here by Alessia Cara. I hope you all like this and send in those request! – Haley xx

Read part 2 here
Your name: submit What is this?

Part 1

I still don’t understand why I came to this party with my roommate, Leanne, she ditched me as soon we walked in. I’ve been to house parties here at Stanford before, but only if I was actually invited. Leanne said she had to bring a plus one in order to get into this party and she choose to take me instead of one of her actual friends. I was weaving in and out of sweaty bodies to get to the kitchen, which seemed the quietest place. I pushed opened the door and saw a couple basically having sex onto of the counter, I backed out.

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