brady noon

BOOFRP DOES A MASTERLIST OF;; Children FC's with GIF hunts

This masterlist was requested by a lovely Anon. In order to do this masterlist, I took to Google and found the gem that is child-actor-gifs. And with that, I was able to do a masterlist of child FC’s with their ages, GIF hunts and what hair and eye colour they have. Also, this masterlist is in alphabetical order, so i hope that helps. Under the cut are 290 different children FC’s, sorted between boys and girls. Like/Reblog if this helps! 

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Okay, how do we start with Max? Without crying, maybe?

THIS WAS HARD! I mean, I went from Troye Sivan to Chandler Canterbury. And all of them are 15+… it’s almost impossible to find an appropriate Max!

But, I’ve done my homework… here are two kids (twins!) that, those familiar with Broadwalk Empire can recognize easily…

Connor & Brady Noon!

They’re so cute… and talented. And don’t they resemble Kevin and Jemima a little bit? It’s awesome…

Let me hear your thoughts, people!