brady faithful

Worst BBCan Moments

7.Paige Distranski is evicted over Kelsey Faith (BBCan4)

6.Sharry Ash is pushed during first HOH (BBCan4)

5.Sarah Hanlon evicts Willow MacDonald not knowing that her vote would’ve kept her(BBCan3)

4.Naeha Sareen is instantly evicted(BBCan3)

3.Jon Pardy evicts Neda Kalantar(BBCan2)

2.Topaz Brady accidentally votes for Jillian MacLaughlin to win(BBCan1)

1.Kelsey Faith is voted back into the house over Loveita Adams followed by Raul Manriquez winning HOH, Jared Kesler winning POV and leaving two of the last remaining likeable houseguests Mitch Moffit and Joel Lefevre on the block (BBCan4)