Tumblr Crushes:

Brad, it looks like you’ve not only gotten used to your new pony family, but they’ve also made you their ruler by bumping you up to the #1 spot.

All hail Brad, King of the Ponies!



So, you know that comic I mentioned a while back? No? Well fuck. Anyways, here’s more art of that, and I finally thought of a name for the comic, but I’m not ready to say what it is just yet. It looks the comic is probably going to be a thing, sooo yeah.

This is one of the main enemies in the comic (kind of like the other one I posted), and I decided to animate it after doing some lineart. It’s called a Plague. Let’s leave it to that. I think may have mentioned that last time #lookatthebigbrainonBrad.

Anyways, here you go. Expect a comic later down the line once I get more art done.

God damn. Three and a half straight hours of this.

Soooo I’m trying my hand at animation. Yeah, this is really sort of “meh” with animation, but it’s probably the closest I’ve done. In case it’s not really obvious, I like the pixel-rendered video game look to a lot of my gifs and stuff. Like. A whole fucking lot.

Also some OC. Enjoy.

No school/work on friday means that I practice with this new tablet.

Trying to animate a flame for an animation I’m working on. This one may take a while, uuuuugggggggghhhhh.