Hey! My name is Eleanor Pierce. I don’t like the name Eleanor, so call me Ellie, Nora, P, or something else, but not Eleanor, please haha. I was born in Brooklyn, NY. For some time I lived and studied in Dresden, Germany, but returned home. I was a Libra, born on October 10. I’m 19 years old. I have an older brother Richmond, he’s 20 years old. Many people think that the brother and sister quarrel, but my brother and I have a great relationship, we trust each other the most intimate secrets. Our parents Sylvia and Bradley Pierce live far away from us, conducting excavations in India. I really miss them.

I like to hang out, meet with friends, drink. While the apartment I have is very small, there is simply no room for people, only for me, because I’m a baby haha. Recently I had a really bad breakup, so now I’m not looking for a new relationship. Let’s be friends! haha

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