alright, izombie do me a solid and have bradley’s character kiss some skinny dude with dark hair. it can be just a random hook up in a bar or somethin it can be for like 5 seconds that’s all i’ll need


Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper & Sally Field empower the next generation of veterans

submitted by Greg

Alvin Draftmatic 0.5mm

Alumicolor pocket scale

Bradley Mountain Utility Roll

Field Notes “Snowblind”

FormFunctionForm Architect’s Wallet

Baladeo Maringa 8.5cm

LL Bean Rangeley Messenger Bag

JCrew leather iPhone case

Timex Easy Reader?

gas station sunglasses

Really appreciating the benefits of a high-quality messenger bag which hopefully will last for many years. Lots of brown leather items that feel especially appropriate during the mud seasons up here in New England.