Hey BOM friends!

So, this weekend, in Baltimore, is the last weekend for Colin Anderson and Bradley D. Gale on the Second National (Jumamosi) Tour! Bradley is an original 2NT cast member, and Colin has been there for a long time too. I can’t see their very last show unfortunately, but I am going to see them Saturday and am going to make Happy Trails Cards for them!!! And I would love love your help.

If you’ve seen the 2nt and have anything specific to say, send me that! Keep it short, but anything (other than a simple “happy trails” because I don’t have enough room for that haha) is good! If you want you can include your name or a Twitter handle or something but it can be anonymous too! Whatever you’re comfortable with.

Even better, if you have artistic skills and some extra time, if you wanted to draw a little something? I don’t have a color printer so it would have to be black and white, but yeah! Colin plays Elder Smith/Zelder and Bradley is Elder White/Gale. They’re mission companions, which makes me wanna cry with both happy and sad emotions that they’re leaving at the same time. But I digress.

Any contribution would be wonderful! Please send me whatever by 10am EST on Friday. Also, please reblog this post even if you don’t contribute anything! That would help me a lot. You can send submissions to me here or tweet them at me @/buckybarnesing :) Thank you so much!!!!


I won lotto to see BOM Chicago again today!! Bradley was on for Price today since Nic is on vacation and he was FABULOUS honestly so great omg. I’ve been wanting to see him for so long and I got to!! :) AND I got to meet Jeff, who I’ve been wanting to meet for so long, but every time I’ve gone he’s been with a different cast! Everyone was so sweet, as always. 


Syesha Mercado and Bradley D. Gale-Stay