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Being really close friends with the Marauders and when someone from Slytherin attacks you writing ‘Mudblood’ on your wrist they are more than angry. When the boys find out who it was they all know exactly what to do so they go to the Slytherin common room with a few others (Prewett twins, Sturgis Podmore, Edgar Bones, Dedalus Diggle, Benjy Fenwick, Caradoc Dearborn and even Frank Longbottom, Teddy Tonks and Arthur Weasley)  and start a fight with the Slytherin students starts in the middle of the common room.


this is my first sidemen imagine sorry if it sucks <3

Simon x reader

cute fluff i guess

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You always find yourself staring into space, and you hoped nobody ever noticed. But someone did. Simon Minter. He was your best friend forever whenever. He was there for the breakups, for the breakdowns, and just for pure fun. And when you stared into nothing, your thoughts always brought you back to Simon.

Today you and the Sidemen were recording some football videos for all of your channels. Including you. As a child, you were quite good at football. “Y/N give me a hug!” Simon yelled from where the goal was. He was setting up props for his video.

“Why?” You walked over to him. 

“Because you’re beautiful and I like your hugs.” Simon giggled like a child. You laugh along with him. “But seriously, you are gorgeous.”

You felt warm heat rush to your cheeks. people have told you that you were pretty, but coming from Simon, it made you fell different. “Why thank you.” You wrapped your not so long arms around Simon, as he wrapped his very long around you.

“Oi! Get a room and date already.” Ethan shouts from the camera.

“It’s not my fault your jealous Simon likes me more!” You yelled back at Ethan laughing. Everyone soon joined in.

“But seriously, Simon when you gonna ask her out?” JJ smirked at us two. You blushed even more.

“Y/N Y/L/N will you be my girlfriend then?” Simon looked down at your eyes, considering he was  the size of an giraffe. You couldn’t form any words, but you did just stare at him. “You don’t have to if you Don’t-”

you cut him off by lightly kissing him on the lips. “Yes Simon.” You finally say as your brain began to get itself together. Simon leaned down again and kissed you for longer. As that was happening you heard shouts and hollers from many immature boys behind both of you.

Sorry if that sucked. I’m not good at writing imagines bc I only do fanfictions (wattpad: Story_writer915 (shameless plug)

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