bradley you mad

Small things I loved about Andromeda, all minor things about the world;

- canon gay turian couple
- a human that was raised by two Quarians - her godparents - and honours them with the name ‘vas Hyperion’
- everything about Sahuna ama Darav, Jaal’s true mother
- lesbian human/turian couple in the Vortex. They have no lines. But they totally gon fuk.
- literally nothing will ever make Evfra happy ever. he is the most eternally miffed cabbage man
- Rorik and Ljeta
- Vorn and how he’s a total dork. Flower Crown Krogan.
- how Bradley gets mad if you wear N7 armor, you ungrateful piece of cheese
- how you can canonly make your Ryder a dork of gargantuan proportions
- distressed Krogan really wants gingerbread cookies. someone bake for him. where’s Sahuna
- Jaal’s family home. life in an Angaran family is like eternal bumper cars. you cant not run into someone


Request: Prince!Brad AU / Bradley never expected himself to fall in love with the daughter of a florist. It was forbidden for royalty to have peasantry relations, but, he loved her.

Words: 2.2k

a prompt loosely based on this post by @stussybrad

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What about Arthur & Gwen’s first child & it being a girl? Cause Arthur lives. Nothing bad happens in season 5 - requested by Anonymous.