bradley gale


“We gave them a prom they’ll never forget.”
Me neither. It’s the best night of my life.
“Even if it was ridiculously romantic?”

Turn It Off
Daxton Bloomquist, Ensemble

Turn It Off // Book of Mormon New Haven 10.17.15 Matinee

Man, I love this company. I love them so much. Daxton’s McKinley was so good, the money note at the end might have been my favorite one I’ve ever heard. And he was SO ENERGETIC. Like unbelievably so. AND HE LOOKED LEGIT DISAPPOINTED WHEN ELDER PRICE SAID HE WASN’T HAVING GAY THOUGHTS. And omg the ensemble! Perfect!

  • Elder McKinley: Daxton Bloomquist
  • Elder Church: Eric Geil
  • Elder Thomas: Eric Huffman
  • Elder Price: David Larsen
  • Elder Cunningham: Cody Jamison Strand
  • Elder Neely: CJ Pawlikowski
  • Elder Davis: Dereck Seay
  • Elder Michaels: Jake Emmerling
  • Elder Gale: Bradley D. Gale
  • Elder Zelder: Colin Anderson

I really like making fancasts for things because I’m a nerd and I love movies. So I made a fancast for Saga!!! 

Alana - Zoe Saldana
Marko - Hugh Dancy
Prince Robot IV - Michael Fassbender
Special Agent Gale - Bradley Cooper
Izabel - Chole Grace Moretz
The Will - Joe Dempsie
Gwendolyne - Lupita Nyong'o
The Stalk - Scarlett Johansson
Upsher - Ewan McGregor
Doff - Richard Ayoade
Barr - Ralph Fiennes
Klara - Helen Mirren
D. Oswald Heist - Samuel L. Jackson
The Brand - Gwendoline Christie


Women Directed U.S. March Releases 

March 6th

October Gale (Ruba Nadda) - LIMITED + VOD
Compared to What? The Improbable Journey of Barney Frank (Michael Chandler and Sheila Canavan) - LIMITED

March 18th

Amour Fou (Jessica Hausner) - LIMITED

March 27th

Serena (Susanne Bier) - LIMITED
The Riot Club (Lone Scherfig) - LIMITED + VOD
A Girl Like Her (Amy S. Weber) - LIMITED


Selfie of the century, I dare anyone to do better. God bless Ellen.