bradley cooper and gerard butler

am i the only one with mini-obsessions with older men, like seriously???????? 

freakin gerard butler and your freaking scottish accent

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freaking matthew mcconaughey and his freaking southern accent

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flippin bradley cooper and his eyes and hair

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and brad freaking pitt like ughhh

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and george clooney, stuntin like a boss

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“excuse me tom hiddleston, are you dtf?”

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and liam neeson you sexy irish man ughhh

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and daniel craig in a suit as james bond holy shit take me rn

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WTF michael fassbender this isn’t fair

(p.s. if you have more, please add)

Who ogles who

Ok time to make the Oglie list!!! 

@little-red-83 ogles Luke Evans (her fav) Lee Pace, Dean O’Gorman, Tahmoh Penikett,Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans, Richard Armitage, Robert Downey Jr, Sebastian Stan, Karl Urban…. lets just say that she really appreciates hot men lol

@theimaginesyouneveraskedfor: I think she ogles Richard Armitage… I’m not sure about that one ;) jk she ogles him. As well as most men on this list.

@everyjourneylove ogles many men as well (No judging here!) but she favors Graham McTavish and Richard Armitage, and Tom Hiddleston. 

@jennybaneni likes Dean O’Gorman, Aidan Turner, Orlando Bloom and Jeremy Renner. 

@eringobragh96 likes Orlando Bloom, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans, Lee Pace, and Aidan Turner

@kaykayvoltage53 adores Chris Evans mainly but Tom Hiddleston turns her head too ;)

@shadowfire1372 Lee Pace?  Adam Driver, Tom Hiddleston, Richard Armitage and Orlando Bloom

@crushing83  likes Luke Evans, Lee Pace, Ben C, Martin F and RDJ :)

@sincerelysinister ogles Luke Evans, Sean Bean, Lee Pace, Richard Armitage, Oscar Isaac, Chris Evans, Aidan Turner, Idris Elba, Michael Fassbender, Henry Cavill, Benedict Cumberbatch, Domhnall Gleeson, Lance Gross, Tom Hiddleston and Jonathan Rhys Meyers!!

@happlepie18  prefers Richard and Lee, followed by Aidan and Dean. And sometimes Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Hemsworth, Martin Freeman, Orlando Bloom.

@imagineherbrightskies  and Aidan Turner is her fav :)

@peonies-and-poppies  Lee Pace,  Luke. Aidan.

@imaginedwarfhusbands Aidan Turner is her number one fav

@the-queen-of-hades likes Jared Pad-….. She`s a Jared girl :)

@goddessforloki is a Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans and Lee Pace lover :)

@audlie45 likes Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan (YUM!) and Tom Cavanagh, among many others ;)

@nicky-is-a-penguin likes Ben Barnes

@babblesoftheinsane   loves her some Benedict Cumberbatch, Thomas Gibson, and Alan Rickman.

@oakenshieldgisborneandwinchester Richard and Graham 

@arya-durin-77 ummm who is your fav my dear?

@fromthedeskoftheraven primarily ogles Richard, Aidan and Dean.

@averil-of-fairlea likes (for starters)  Richard Armitage - Idris Elba - Daniel Wu - Oscar Isaac - Graham McTavish

@runs-wild-with-wolves is all for Tom Hardy and Lee Pace

@mellen2211 likes to ogle Lee Pace and Daniel Lissing

@letsgetoutalive who has her eyes on  Jensen Ackles, Adam Driver, Sam Witwer, and Aaron Taylor Johnson

@torn-and-frayed  who is all about Jensen Ackles

@lokithechoreographer  who likes Tom, Orlando, Richard

@castiels-kittens  favours Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Jared Padalecki, Colin Morgan, Jensen Ackles and Daniel Radcliffe.

@technoelfie  is all about Richard Armitage

@tolkienandmarvelmadness has her eyes on Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin, Charlie Hunnam, Chris Evans, Henry Cavill, Jensen Ackles and Michael B Jordan.

@ozhawkauthor ogles Frank Grillo, Jeremy Renner,  Taylor Kitsch, Ryan Reynolds, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Chris Pratt, Callan Mulvey, Nick Blood, BJ Britt, Henry Simmons, Liev Schreiber, Hugh Jackman, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Chris Hemsworth.

@lark-cale  has her eyes on Jeremy Renner, Sebastian Stan, Chris Pratt, Callan Mulvey. Nick Blood, BJ Britt. Henry Simmons, Liev Schreiber, Hugh Jackman, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chris Hemsworth,  Frank Grillo, Taylor Kitsch, Ryan Reynolds, and Anthony Mackie.

@jessoftheweirding ogles Chris Evans and Ian Somerhalder

@thinkwritexpress ogles the adorable Richard Speight Jr

@flossskull has a thing for Orlando Bloom and Chris Evans

@therepressedcreative ogles Lee Pace

@ofplanet-earth  has a thing for Lee Pace, Luke Evans and Rooney Mara

@marvelfanuniverse  ogles Luke Evans, Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin, Anthony Mackie, Jeremy Renner, Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Kitsch, Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston, Wentworth Miller, and Henry Cavill.

@critterlady ogles Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Sean Connery (the accent and manners oh my), Adrian Paul, Julian McMahon, Tom Hiddleston, Kevin Sorbo, Lorenzo Lamas, Shawn Ashmore, Taylor Kitsch, and Ryan Reynolds.

@luv4fandoms ogles Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans. 

@aerisawriting enjoys Jensen Ackles, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Gerard Butler, and Bradley Cooper just to name a few.

@houseofrahl likes to ogle Robert Downey Jr, Richard Armitage, Stephen Amell, plus many more!!!

@queen-of-the-imagines likes David Tennant, Benedict Cumberbatch

@daerwyn likes the looks of  Jason Momoa. (There is no equal to that god of a man) Also Rory McCann, Alan Rickman, Oscar Isaac, and Luke Evans.

@untitled-geniedreams has a thing for Chris Hemsworth, Kit Harington and Luke Evans. 

@chaos-and-the-calm67 thoroughly enjoys Jensen Ackles 

@ohwritever (who I cannot tag right now) likes Jared Padalecki and  Matthew Gray Gubler.

@luckynumber1213 enjoys  Richard Armitage, Dean O’Gorman, Luke Evans, Jensen Ackles!

@meganlpie says that Lee Pace is her fave. She also likes Luke Evans, Armitage of course, Graham McTavish, Tom Hiddleston, Aiden Turner and Sebastian Stan. 

@tolkienswiggityswag adores Richard Armitage, Lee Pace, Luke Evans, Tom Hiddleson, Orlando Bloom, Dean O'Gorman, Aidan Turner, and much more.

@guhnerketeer says that the life ruining men she likes to ogle are: Richard Armitage (she have a serious serious problem), Oscar Isaac, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Sebastian Stan, Benedict Cumberbatch, Graham McTavish, Karl Urban, Luke Evans among many others.

@hobbithorse19 loves Luke Evans *stares dreamily in the distance*, Misha Collins and Karl Urban.

@motleymoose likes Chris Evans & Hemsworth, Rachel Bloom, JDM, Sam Elliot, JarPad & JAckles, Felicia Day, Tom Hardy, Karl Urban… it’s endless!

@beaflower77 ogles Hugo Weaving and Bret McKenzi.

@fizzy-custard ogles Richard Armitage and Matt Smith

@bettythedwarfqueen ogles Fili aka Dean O’Gorman 

It seems that we all have our favs but are always willing to ogle a good looking man, and quite shamelessly I believe lol