i swear to god, if there isn't a scene in Infinity War where Rocket gets to earth and sees a raccoon, i will demand a refund.
*spoilers for GotG Vol 2*

I think what really upset me was that Rocket already had to watch Groot die. Like I know he saved him and we’ve all been blessed™ with baby Groot, but just when Rocket felt most alone/most misunderstood, suddenly Yondu came along and turned out to be that one person that can really relate to what the poor animal had to live with his whole life.

And when Yondu told Rocket that he needed to stay behind to help Quill, I could see that Rocket knew: Quill was the only one who would make it back to the ship.

And get this, when everyone yelled at Rocket and asked him where Quill was, he just said “I can only lose one friend today.” I wondered if he was talking about Quill, but what if he meant Yondu? He knew that Yondu went to save Quill. Which means he believed that Quill, at least, would return. He could tell by the look on Yondu’s face that Yondu was going to sacrifice himself to get Quill out of there alive.

Just like Groot did the first time.

Except Rocket couldn’t save Yondu like he saved Groot

I’ve waited three long years for new Guardians of the Galaxy content. Now they’re here and these conclusions can be made:

  • Peter Quill is fine as hell.
  • Gamora and Nebula are hot doing literally anything.
  • Groot is cute no matter what, but especially as a baby.
  • Dave Bautista is a great (THE BEST) example of the male form.
  • We’ll probably have The Milano Mark 12 by the end of the current MCU films.
  • The colour palettes are way brighter than my future.
  • Meredith Quill had great taste in music. 
  • The GotG films have more comic book references than a nerd’s wet dream.
  • Marvel has done the cameo trope to death but my ass will never stop supporting that.
  • The galaxy has a love-hate relationship with the Guardians.
  • Messing with Quill’s mom or his Walkman is a sure-fire way to get yourself killed.
  • Rocket Raccoon and Peter Quill have a relatable kind of humour.
  • Gamora is a dancer.
  • Not everyone in the MCU agrees with the whole great power = great responsibility. *cough* Peter Quill *cough*
  • Yondu Udonta is the #1 Dad character from the get-go.
  • We can do far too much with CGI.