Hey guys! So I have decided to make a new follow forever as I have just reached 3K which is so crazy! I would just like to say thank you to everyone who follows me, I literally have no idea why you all do and I still refuse to believe that there are now 3k of you, but you guys are so incredible and I love you all! 

Beautiful Friends

I would like to say a special thanks to my beautiful friends, AntoLilyTeakaRubyBaileeTrianaHelenSakinaIzzyMandi, and Kels. You guys honestly mean so much to me, and you never fail to make me smile. I would write a little bit about each of you but i’m not very good with words (although there is a little message for you if you hover over your name) but I will just say that you are all perfect and I love you very very much!

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Once again, thank you all so much for following me and being so lovely and if any of you ever want to come talk to me please do just come and say hi! Also I am very very sorry if I have missed anyone off here!

Lots of love Alice xxx

okay so recently i reached my goal that i never thought i would reach in such a short amount of time of me having my blog did that even make sense?? anyway i thought i should do a follow forever to celebrate this and i thank you all for following me and i love u all, thank you for putting up with me haha - also a thanks to danie for making my edit x

Ola; omg where to start, we have ther weirdest imessages and alot about my feels towards con;) hahaha, i love how i can always come to you if i need help and you know you can do they same, im glad we started talking, your such a great friend ily x

Danie; omg you also give me the worst feels with the Con smut and its always in public and i nearly walked into a shelf, that wasn’t good but ily 

Natalie; fuck off nagsalie - your just a cunt and i hate you okay  - but you should be glad i told u to make a vamps blog ok bye

BeardedDragons; we have just kinda started talking but i can tell we will have a cute friendship and shit and ily all x

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a couple of songs, or two, for you. - a birthday playlist for danie, a composition of 28 pretty songs; an hour and forty two minutes of pure bliss, benediction, and euphoria.

a message: FIRST OF ALL SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!! happy birthday danie!!!!!!!!! i jus wanna say i lvoe u so much and i always will. you were my first ever friend EVER on here, and my first friend i made in the vamps fandom. i remember the first time we interacted was when u messaged me saying my sidebar was cool and u liked it ((and i still remember which one)) and i was like ‘wth i lveo ur blog and u sm’ and then we became friends (that was in june or july) and talked about brad a lot and other things … anyways, i just wanna say happy birthday and thanks for being a friend and thanks for staying a friend and happy being 15 and i hope u r happy and good things come your way i love uu so much keep being u bc ur amazing as fuck :) <3

ps i cant write to save my fucjiggn life so sorry about not writing that thing i promised u like 89 years ago ogm but heres some songs in a little playlist that will suffice ok cool

wake me up - ed sheeran // lovestruck - the vamps // cherry wine - hozier // steal my girl - one direction // budapest - george ezra // flaws - bastille // nightingdale - demi lovato // falling in love at a coffee shop - landon pigg // what makes you beautiful (cover) - the 1975 // leave your lover - sam smith // favorite girl - the icarus account // cold coffee - ed sheeran // stay (acoustic) - rihanna ft. mikky ekko // arabella - arctic monkeys // tell her you love her - echosmith // heart out - the 1975 // big jet plane - angus and julia stone // hate to see your heart break - paramore // tee shirt - birdy // little do you know - alex and sierra // breakeven - the script // you could be happy - snow patrol // atlas hands - benjamin francis leftwich // from eden - hozier // shout about it - the vamps // what you know - two door cinema club // the temper trap - sweet disposition // undercover martyn - two door cinema club //


again hbd and ily so hard 

Joining this website is probably the second best decision I’ve ever made, joining the vamps fandom being the first. Without those boys I wouldn’t have made this blog and I wouldn’t have “met” the people that I have. Even though I don’t talk to most of the people that I follow and that follow me I know that the majority of you would be there of I needed someone to talk to and I will be there if any of you need someone to talk to. I never actually realised how much I have to thank those boys for.