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who are people you like most on here? friends?

ok so i have friends on here but i also have people who i consider friends although we don’t talk as much as we used to/should

they’re all mixed bc i cba to separate who’s who

linn, danie, rach, laura, dani, aminahsabrina, kristina, vana, macey, britttiff, bri, and rosie 

tbh some of these girls probs don’t consider me a friend idk but sighhhhhh

dudes if i left anyone out i’m sorry i was under pressure and i get nervous under pressure 

i love all of you and y’all are more than welcome to come talk to me anytime :)



A/N: quickly I wanna just say I got very very carried away with this. I loved writing this, it took me a good 3-4 days to write but it was worth it. I was gonna wait untill I reached 500 followers but I got to excited & am 10 away from 500 so oh well maybe I’ll do something diff for the 500 mark who knows 😏


Your boyfriend bradley had been away on tour for 4 months in and you missed him like crazy. You missed everything about him especially the way he touched you and made you feel good. Since he’s been gone for so long there have been days when you touched yourself thinking of him, he usually took care of you but as of now you had to do it yourself. Bradley has the night off to spend time with you so you’ll be meeting with him and the boys in an hour at the airport. You decided to take s shower quickly and head down to the airport. You told brad you’d meet him at baggage claim which you did but he wasn’t there quite yet.

You stood there for a good 10 minutes until you heard the loud British accent screaming your name from like 10 feet away and he ran up and hugged you tightly. “I missed you so much brad” you whispered into the crook of his neck. “I missed you too baby girl” he said making you look up at him and he kissed your lips softly. “AW ISNT THAT JUST ADORABLE” tristan said squishing your cheeks together as you scrunched your face up. “I missed you idiots as well” you laughed hugging tristan in a more friendly manner obviously as well as the rest of the band. “how bout we all go to the diner” james suggests as always. “Sure food sounds good about now” you joked. Brad smiled at you and took your hand as all of you walked to the diner since it wasn’t far from the airport.

You all sat at a booth tristan, James and Connor on one side and you and brad on the other. You all ordered you’re food and as you were talking to everyone brad put his hand right above your knee, you didn’t think anything of it at first until he reached at almost the top of your inner thigh. You gave him a look in shock that he would do something like this when his friends are right across from you. “I REALLY missed you” he said in your ear in a light voice exaggerating the word really. “Brad don’t” you said in a whisper. Brad kept rubbing the inside of your thigh turning you on immensely. Soon his hand hovered over your clit rubbing circles causing you to bite your lip. “Hey Everything alright” tristan asked looking at you. “Y-yeah, perfect” you managed to blurt out. Brad could tell you were close so he ended up stopping, making you want more. “Okay Y/N me , brad and the lads have talked about it and I think you should come on tour with us for the next month whilst you have it off for winter break” tristan spilled. “A-are you serious!?!” You said spewing with excitement. “Of. Course we are, so will you?” Brad asked you intently looking directly into your eyes with his brown eyes. “Of course I will!” You squealed hugging brad as he pecked your shoulder letting you know he was still in the same mood as earlier.

“Alright guys I kinda promised my beautiful girlfriend here that her and I would have a movie marathon at her place, so I’ll see you guys tomorrow” brad said obviously making an excuse for you two to leave. “Ah alright man we’ll see you tomorrow” Tristan said saying goodbye to the both of you. You and bradley made it to your house after many comments in the car about how “he’s always found it hot when a woman can drive” obviously trying to turn you on even further. Once you made it inside your apartment you dropped everything to the couch and before you knew it you were being lifted over brads shoulder. “Your mine tonight baby girl” he said leading the two of you to your bed room. He began kissing you passionately on your bed and he pulled away saying “I missed you so much baby”.

He kissed my jaw line “every”, he kissed your neck “little” , he kissed the crook of your neck “part of you” he said lowly. “I’ve missed you so much brad” you said trying really hard not to whine or moan out. “I know baby shh I’m gonna take care of you tonight” he said before slipping his hands under your crew neck shirt and pulling it over your head and admiring your body. “So beautiful” he mumbled before starting to kiss down your neck, then to the valley in between your breasts and down your stomach, making you suck in a breath harshly. He reached the waist of your leggings kissing above the hem. “Bradley stop being such a fucking tease” you said in desperation. “Don’t worry baby you’ll get what you need, don’t I always take care of my baby girl” he said holding your hands sweetly. His hands fall from your hands and down to your leggings slipping them off of your legs and onto the floor. He slowly made his way to your lacy underwear, kissing right above your underwear line. “Baby your so ready for me” he said under his breath and you couldn’t help but let out a moan. He took your panties off almost painfully slow making you grow impatient. He grabbed both of your hands to sooth you a bit, and began to leave kisses on your clit before sucking on it intently make you moan out. “Does my baby girl like this” he breathed above your clit. “God yes brad!” You moaned out. He brought you until you had that feeling in your stomach and your legs began to shake until the sensation left your throbbing heat. “Brad what the fuck” you said irritated. “Shh baby I want to be inside you when you come. "Mmm brad let me take your clothes off” you said pulling him closer to you where his face was level with yours and pulled his shirt off. “I love you so much” you mumbled before kissing his lips “I love you too baby” he said pulling his jeans that so tightly clung to his legs. When his jeans came off you could see the prominent bulge in his boxers causing your hands to wonder. “No, no princess Its about you tonight.” He said pulling your hands away. He then U clipped your bra and slipped the strap off your shoulders. He then pulled off his boxers and pulled on a condom, lining himself up with your entrance. “Are you ready babe?” “Always” you said kissing his lips. He entered you slowly, making you whimper. “Please faster bradley” you moaned in want, as he did as you said whilst kissing your neck. “Shit your so beautiful baby girl” he said hitting that spot that made you completely insane. “FUCK BRAD” you moaned as he repeatedly hit your spot. “Brad I’m closee” you whined, “I know baby so am I, just let it go” he said kissing your lips more roughly then before and causing excitement to over take you when you took his lips in yours. “AHH FUCKKKK” you both moaned almost in unison coming at the same time.

“I missed that part the most” you whispered cheekily in his ear. “Me too” he laughed. He pulled out and kissed your forehead “I really do love you” he said holding you close. “I missed you so much bradley” you practically cried. “I know baby, that’s why I’m so happy your coming on tour with us” “I know I’m so excited babe”. “Can I put some clothes on cause I wanna sleep” you asked pulling out of his embrace. “Aww I thought you were gonna sleep naked with me.” He said sarcastically. “Well then that’s a downer for you then isn’t it” you said laughing, him laughing in response. You got up and as soon as you stood up your legs have out and your butt fell back on the bed. “Woa are you okay” brad said sitting up. “Yeah I’m just, um.. A bit sore” and with that he let out a snicker. “It’s not funny brad I’m not used to it like I am when your home more often” you said defensively, getting up to slide a new pair of underwear on. “I know,baby. I know” he said sweetly. “Hey babe can I borrow a shirt?” You said looking around for clothes. “Yeah, of course” he said throwing you his arctic monkeys shirt. You climbed back into bed with your hair in a bun and only brads shirt and a pair of underwear. “I can get used to falling asleep like this” he said kissing your cheek as you fell asleep with your legs sprawled out on his and your head on his chest. “I love you” he murmured before you both fell asleep.

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hey, sabrina it bradlehs cant send anymore asks so

1. First impression: omfg she wants to fuck brad so hard i should follow her
2. Truth is: i thought you were from california for about three weeks
3. How old do you look: 13-15?
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yes
5. Have you ever made me mad: yes; the situations that you’re in make me angry for you
6. Best feature: i love your hair
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nope
8. You’re my: friend and fellow brad girl
9. Name in my phone: don’t have it
10. Should you post this too? SURE WHY NOT

This was my first requested imagine! I hope you like it (: also lots of love to all of you guys! I have 400 followers, that is mental! Love you guys 💜 also a warning there is some swearing in here so if you don’t like that, I suggest you don’t read it. Thanks so much to danxxphil for requesting 💕
((Sorry if it’s short))

You and brad have been friends for ages and you’ve always had a thing for him. What you weren’t aware of is that the feeling was very much mutual. You’ve over heard him complement a girl with bright red hair and a pierced lip, and you had to admit you were extremely jealous. You’ve been trying to impress him maybe get him to like you past the friendship level of your relationship. You were convinced he didn’t like girls like you, with an innocent look to you with your long brown hair and green eyes, nothing really that would stand out. You decided you wanted to change it was time for brad to notice you the way you wanted. You went out to dye your hair a bright red color and got your lip peirced. You were at home for a while untill brad texted you asking to hang out, and you told him to just come over for a movie night. Within ten minutes he was at the door, and when you opened the door he had a beyond shocked look on his face. He stepped in shutting the door. “What’ve you done to your hair” he said terror on his voice running his hand through my hair. “And why have you got your lip pierced ” he said in almost an angry tone. “I don’t know I just thought it’d be cool”
“Cool?! Are you fucking serious? You put a whole in your lip and bleached the shit out of your hair and you did it because you thought it’d be cool?” He was really angry. “I don’t see why you’re so angry brad”
“You just, ugh you don’t get it do you”
“No I fucking don’t brad, I just thought this is what you were attracted to. It was stupid I shouldn’t of even thought it’d change your opinion of me” you said in frustration.
“This, is because of me?” He laughed
“Brad it’s not funny” you said still mad
“No it’s just. You were fucking perfect the way you were. I’ve liked you for so long, I just didn’t have the courage to say anything to you”
By this point every emotion possible was flooding through you and tears flew out of your eyes.
“Come here” he said in a soothing voice. You came closer to him and was engulfed in a tight hug.
“Don’t cry, I’m sorry for yelling” he soothed rubbing the small of your back.
“I just really like you, and you didn’t have to change for me. Not for anyone you’re perfect.” He said kissing the top of your head. You looked up into his brown eyes boring into yours, “I really like you too” you smiled. “Good thing because I’ve wanted to do this for so long” he said and before you could comprehend what he even ment his lips were molded on yours in a soft kiss sending butterflies throughout your whole body. “Please be my girlfriend ?”
“Wouldn’t want it any other way” you giggled , you now taking initiative leaning in to give him a small kiss. “So how bout that movie night?” You laughed and joined brad on the couch cuddling up next to him.