bradford zayn

not to be dramatic but one of the reasons why I love zayn so much (and, I think, one of the reasons why his fans can resonate so deeply with him and have such a strong emotional connection with him) is how unbelievably grounded and calm and relaxed he comes across in print articles, in videos, and in person. like, here’s a guy who, as that es article said, has spent the entire part of his adult life in this intensive bubble kind of thing while he tries to get on with his life and do the things that he loves, and yet he is still just zayn from bradford who’s goddamn proud of making his own pies from scratch and who will offer an interviewer a cigarette and who wanders down the street carrying his skateboard and who unashamedly loves the minions and gets upset about the gummy bears. sure he’s a guy who’s worth like god only knows how many millions and millions who has houses across the world and who’s broken music records and launched a line with versace and all of this stuff, but at the end of it all, he’s just zayn and I need to stop now before I start crying with how much I love this goofy kid wow

** Zayn Malik Imagine**

Imagine Cooking with Zayn and his mom.

Patricia: Zayn, honey stop eating the cookie dough..

Zayn: But mum…… it’s good

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It’s just after 2am in the morning UK time, and just after 6pm in LA when the phone rings.

“Has Andy managed to peel you off the ceiling yet?” Zayn asks.

There’s a laugh on the other end, light and happy and Zayn knows if he was anywhere near a mirror right now, he’d have to turn away cause he knows he’s grinning so wide.

It’s not a complex equation at all.  Happy Liam simply equals the best Liam.  Okay, any Liam is good but happy, giddy Liam is right up there.

“Shurrup you, or I’ll remind you how you were the first time we met him.”

“Leeyum! I thought we agreed we were never going to discuss that again.”

He hears the sorry that’s caught in and amongst Liam laughing once more.

“Andy was more star struck than me though, and Adam had his mouth open and closed like a goldfish all night, I was coolness personified.”

“Then why did it look like you were crying with joy in that pic babe?”

Liam lets out an indignant sound and Zayn pictures him pouting, plumping out his lips and if he wasn’t expecting visitors in the next half hour, there’s only one way Zayn would want this phone call to go.

“Was not, anyway shurrup or I won’t tell you about our plans for world domination, me, him and you” Liam’s words interrupt Zayn’s thoughts but as he’s about to reply, continue the playful sparring Liam carries on.

“Missed you though, Drake’s amazing and okay Andy may have taken far too many pics of me standing there just staring at the stage with my jaw almost on the floor, but you’re my main squeeze babe.”

Zayn giggles.  “Good to know love.”

Silence fills the air for a moment, and he’s sure he hears the sound of Liam yawning then.

“It’s great though this innit? What we do, that what we do, from where we started out, we’re doing this, could pinch myself a million times and still don’t believe it, even though we’ve paid our dues, we’ve earned it.”

The sound of a sigh fills the line.  It’s true though, from five teenagers with questionable choice in fashion to them all rubbing shoulders with people Zayn whispered the names of with awe before.

“It’s going to get better,”  there was a time when Zayn would say that, sound all confident but still doubted that, wondered if everything they wanted ultimately wouldn’t happen.  All too much of a mountain to climb.

Not now.

“It is,”  Liam’s voice is filled with certainty, just like always. “2 little boys from Wolverhampton and Bradford.”

“Always smashing it.”  Zayn finishes.