bradford upon avon

   Bradford on Avon (sometimes Bradford-on-Avon) is a town in west Wiltshire, England, (eight miles south of Bath) with some fascinating historic buildings, shops, pubs, and canal; along with a fabulous Dickensian atmosphere you see above.

   The town traces its origins to Roman times (archaeological digs revealed the remains of a large Roman villa, complete with well-preserved mosaic, on the playing fields of St. Laurence School) and grew into a thriving woollen textile industry during the seventeenth century. There’s more to be said and seen in this town, but I’ll post it with some additional images. It’s a great place. (image lollilo on flickr)

   "The Hall" circa 1900, is an Elizabethan mansion in Bradford-upon-Avon, a town in county Wiltshire, England, that is quite a fascinating place. 

   I do not mean to offend anybody but this is ONE CREEPY ASS HOUSE! It isn’t even dark and I’d be scared to go in there! LOOK AT THE DOOR. You might never come out alive. It is beautiful, though, and scary places are fun, so I would go anyway.  With someone else. (image wikimedia)