bradford boys !!!!!!!!!!



“You know these officer-types, always under pressure..”

He’s referencing George Washington, but…y’know who else is one of those ‘officer-types’ ??  B e n. Ten points, double meaning, thank you and goodnight.

another highlight from Sarah Bradford's Cesare biography

Burchard returned home one day to find his house requisitioned by some French noblemen, whose mules were eating up his hay, on the 8th he recorded: ‘Even the house of Donna Vanozza Cattanei, the mother of Cardinal Cesare Borgia, did not escape being pillaged’

on 1 April a number of Swiss in the piazza of St Peter’s were attacked by 2000 Spaniards who killed twenty-four of them and manhandled the rest. Burchard reported: ‘Some said afterwards that all these violent acts were ordered by Cardinal Valentino against the Swiss for revenge, because Swiss soldiers in the service of France, with violence and without any cause, had sacked and plundered the house of his mother

Blame these 3 pics for this… + + +  and this anon +

Liam and Zayn on the fishing trip.  

Amongst friends, wearing old clothes cos there’s no point wearing something dead new and swish and they could just be themselves.

And just remember those pics of Liam teaching Louis to fish or attempting to, and he’s ready for Zayn to resist even and just say that he wants to watch the world go by, just sit there and chill, that he’s happy to.

But he should have known when Zayn was the one who leapt out of bed that day, and dragged Liam to breakfast, with a spring in his step and chatting away giddily, and its a gorgeous day, and its just them and Paddy, and Ben and a few others and he doesn’t even crave a cigarette that day, neither of them do.

Then the guy in charge of the boat, shows them the ropes and its slightly different, i.e. on a larger scale to what Liam’s used to but of course he takes to it like a duck to water, and then Zayn’s next to him (of course) and the guy’s showing him and Liam’s almost ready to step in before he gets a fish almost straight away and he starts to laugh and his eyes crinkle up and the boat owner helps him pull the fish in and he’s shouting ‘it’s sick this Leeyum’ before he releases the fish back into the water.

He’s so glad that he’s the one that gets to see this Zayn.

And so it goes on and they take photos and they laugh and the fresh air and the sun makes them a bit sleepy at one point and when Liam wakes up head resting on Zayn’s chest,  he can see he’s got a message alert from Paddy on his phone (which in this world works in the middle of the ocean okay) and its a picture of them, a bit like the pic from when they were so much younger but with Liam in Zayn’s lap not the other way round and he makes it his lock screen pic straightaway.  For a few hours at least.

Then they get back to it, and Zayn surprises them all with the biggest catch of the dayand it’s so good and then its time to stop fishing and just sit back and watch as the night starts to descend, with a couple of beers and the sky becomes the most beautiful kaleidoscope of colours and at one point Liam goes for a chat with Paddy towards the back of the boat and he’s never felt this grounded, this safe, this warm, this secure.

And then Ben joins Paddy and points Liam in the direction of Zayn who’s sat on  a seat grinning lazily at him, and patting the space next to him and he legs it over there not heeding the warnings of the skipper who’s looking behind him and  shakes his head muttering ‘stupid kid’ but his face lightens up with a grudging smile.

Liam reaches Zayn and puts his arm round him and looking at his side profile, he looks so good, so relaxed but he can’t see his eyes which are shielded by the sunglasses so he pulls them off Zayn’s face with one hand and Zayn sits up, shrugging Liam’s arm from his shoulder,  scrunching his eyes up because even as the sun sets it’s still bright in the middle of the ocean and he turns to face Liam and the ‘Bradford bad boi?’  Zayn?  No way.

He just says ‘Today’s been sick Li, wish we could do it more often’

‘Well we could hire a canal boat and go up and down the Kennet and Avon canal near mum and dad’s’  he pauses ‘not many fish like Moby Dick though in the canal I reckon, loads of wellies though’  

Zayn laughs softly and leans his head onto Liam’s shoulder and Liam places his arm back round him drawing him into him, but he can’t resist and pats Zayn’s nose who grumbles disapprovingly  ‘Fishy smelly hands, LI’  and smacks his hand away before he gazes up at Liam and sits up a little more, lips meeting Liam’s before their lips part.

‘Be about 45 minutes’ he hears the skipper say to Paddy’s question about what time they’ll get back to land.

They exchange a wordless glance, and well yeah same.  It wouldn’t be the worst thing if somehow a boat could get a puncture and yet not sink and they were stuck here all night.

But that won’t happen, so Zayn draws in even more to Liam’s body and they watch as the light keeps changing,willing the time to go more slowly as Liam softly sings 

‘20,000 leagues away, catch up to you on the same day
Travel at the speed of light, thinking the same thought at the same time
Heart beats at a steady pace, I’ll let the rhythm show me the way
No one can find us here, fade out and disappear’

and even as the light changes and as ocean becomes ever more busy as they get closer to land, they pretend.  For as long as they can. Just them.  Right next to each other.