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1.  Aaron Swartz - Internet activist and critic of internet censorship.  Outspoken against the US government’s involvement with cyber surveillance   Found dead in apartment; ruled suicide.
2.  Michael Hastings - Journalist, writer and critic of the US government’s involvement with cyber surveillance.  Investigated by US Dept. of Justice.  Died in a bizarre, one-car, high speed crash.
3.  Barrett Brown - Internet activist and writer opposing US government’s involvement with cyber surveillance.  Arrested and awaiting trial.  If convicted he could receive 100 years in prison.
4.  Bradley Manning - Convicted for leaking military documents including the US government’s involvement with cyber surveillance.  Awaiting sentencing that will most likely result in life imprisonment.
5.  Edward Snowden - Former CIA and NSA agent who leaked documents pertaining to the US government’s involvement with cyber surveillance.  Political exile in Russia.  
6.  Will you be next?

Paranoia is associating random events into a conspiracy despite any logical connection or evidence.  

This is not paranoia.  


Bradley Manning formally charged with "aiding the enemy"

Bradley Manning has been formally charged with “aiding the enemy” and faces life in prison if he is convicted.

via ABC News:

Pfc. Manning is accused of providing online publisher WikiLeaks with hundreds of thousands of classified military action reports from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as 260,000 classified State Department cables when he served as an Army intelligence analyst in Baghdad in late 2009 to early 2010.

Aiding the enemy is a capital offense punishable by death, but Army prosecutors did not refer this as a capital case and chose to pursue life in prison if the 24-year-old Manning is convicted.

Manning could also face a reduction in rank to the lowest enlisted pay grade, total forfeiture of all pay and allowances and a dishonorable discharge.

He will be allowed to enter a plea today to the charges against him. The arraignment offers the possibility of a plea deal, although there has been no indication that such an plan is in the works.

A trial date has yet to be set.


Subconscious war - A half hour documentary.

This may make you want to get up and act on the atrocities we’re distracted from but are still being commited in our names. If you do though, you meet with this…

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The people supposedly there to protect you, making sure you stay quiet. It’s a funny world we live in.