Robert Pattinson and old friend Sam Bradley had pizza i London, and posed with the crew of L’Antica Pizzeria on Wednesday, March 29, 2017. The day before we saw a sneaky fan pic of Rob and his dog on a lunch break in Hackney. Looks like Sam gained some pregnancy weight when his girlfriend was pregnant with their first child, named Grace. 

L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele - London
Robert Pattinson enjoying pizza at L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele 😍😍😍 we love him


I chocked laughing when I saw @sportarobbieislife’s post!! I told them I would get Bad Bradley done before I go to bed… AND I DID. I tried reblogging, but tumblr hates image reblogs and messed the sizing T-T

This is my own headcanon I thought of while drawing him, not to be taken seriously >w>;

Bad Bradely knows he’s a knock off and is proud to be number two! Actually no he suffers from crippling self-esteem issues who am I kidding, but he hides it REAL well. Bad Bradley has good posture and loves chaos and noise.

Things I have accepted as canon in Modern AU’s for The 100
  • Bellamy wears glasses
  • Octavia owns a harley, partly because its bad ass and partly because she wants to send Bellamy into an early grave
  • Lincoln is somehow always related to Indra. He’s not sure if Octavia is dating him because she likes him or because she wants to be Indra when she grows up. It might be both
  • Monroe is really into Marvel comics 
  • Raven boxes on her down time
  • Clarke is a beer snob, what do you mean you only have corona 
  • Murphy’s a bar tender and passively aggressively gets drunk patrons to give him their keys. I don’t care Reyes shut up
  • Bellamy is an insanely good cook, but his specialty is breakfast
  • Miller is a Shakespeare nerd, honestly Octavia’s embarrassed for them all
  • Harper is a survivor of domestic abuse and takes self defense classes
  • Monty is asexual 
  • Jasper calls Bellamy and Clarke, mom and dad
  • Monroe does spoken word, particularly about sexuality and disarming the patriarchy 
  • Clarke and Lincoln are Art best friends, 
  • Murphy is the best at brading hair 
  • Raven literally nicknames every single one of her friends 
  • Miller is good at every sport, played ice hockey, football, track and field
  • Harper changes hair colors radically, today it’s mermaid hair
  • Jasper likes to use codenames; Operation MINTY
  • Lincoln does yoga 
  • Monty makes magical coffee, he prefers his as sweet as possible 
  • Clarke spends her life in big comfy sweaters
  • Wells is alive