I seemed to have misplaced my ex-husband. You haven’t seen him have you? Though honestly, I don’t know why I’m surprised, it’s not like I could find him any easier when we were married. But no matter.. I hear there’s a free open bar here, and I plan to use it wisely. Kindly point me in the direction, darling?

Surprise!!!!! X'D

My bradder from California came home today we ate dinner at Zippy’s. Overjoyed!! Was wondering why of all places? Awesome! I love my family! Ohana! My bradder when go order zip pack, side order of chili and mac salad. Finally met his girlfriend! :’)

Looking forward to spending time with love ones. Can’t stop smiling. Feel like crying small kine. My bradder said he was coming in June! My mom and I were shocked when he came through the door with his girlfriend. I’m full!