Surprise!!!!! X'D

My bradder from California came home today we ate dinner at Zippy’s. Overjoyed!! Was wondering why of all places? Awesome! I love my family! Ohana! My bradder when go order zip pack, side order of chili and mac salad. Finally met his girlfriend! :’)

Looking forward to spending time with love ones. Can’t stop smiling. Feel like crying small kine. My bradder said he was coming in June! My mom and I were shocked when he came through the door with his girlfriend. I’m full!



Damn. I need a nice weekend for once. Ever since I got back I’ve been drowning in stress and bullshit and been wasting my weekends doing nothing. I’ve been busting my ass getting everything done but since I’m just so fucking fed up. I plan to spend a day with my bro at Tyler on Saturday. I just need a nice chill day to replenish myself. I’m just excited to take my mind of everything and just shop around and eat! This week has not been the business so I know spending Saturday with him will bring my mood up!

anonymous asked:

Notts are defiantly going to have a bad season this year now greenwood's been sold AND walton's pregnant we need to pray that tuner, bass, bradley and whelan get wrapped in bubble wrap otherwise I can this ending badly

yeah notts are preeeeetty fucked this season but then again…..they had all those players last year and were still crap in the league.
But yes, bass, bradders, turner, jess, buet, ellen, big wills, dunia, both whelan’s and carly (to name a few, jesus they have so many good players) need to all seriously turn up this season. Also a new manager would help soz rick ya shite

Losing Walts, Tank and, by the looks of things, Desiree Scott is tough on them but i’m not gonna rule them out just yet. Maybe they’ll pull a Leicester and surprise us all.