Not Again | Bradley Simpson Smut

A/N This is a smut. I did not write this, it was written by my friend Leah. Her twitter is @extremebronnor go send her some love. Enjoy ;)

You didn’t know what to do about the whole situation, you didn’t know which one you wanted. Your boyfriend Tom made you so happy, he was one of the sweetest boys you had ever met, he was cute and funny and special to you, you’d known him all your life and experience everything with him but there was one problem, he wasn’t Brad. He couldn’t please you like Brad or satisfy your needs like Brad could.

You were lying in bed one night with Tom, he was fast asleep but you were wide awake, thinking of things you really shouldn’t have been. Suddenly you heard a knocking at the door, you walked down the stairs and turned the key in the front door. You opened it to see the last person you were expecting. Brad.

You looked up, here he was, right in front of you. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a black shirt that was half buttoned so you could see his toned slightly tanned skin in the light shining on him from the porch. He was wearing a black leather jacket to top the outfit off and his hair was perfectly quiffed with curls surrounding his face.

“I needed to see you” he slurred.

“You’re drunk Brad” you replied, shaking your head.

“I needed to see you. I needed you” he slurred again.

“Brad you can’t do this, you can’t keep showing up every time you’re drunk, especially not now, I’m with Tom, he’s upstairs sleeping” you sighed.

This was an ongoing circle with Brad, he would always show up to you when he wanted something, but this time he seemed different, there was hurt in his eyes. It was hard to understand.

“What’s he doing asleep, it’s only 11pm?” Brad questioned, slightly shouting.

“Sssh Brad he will hear you, plus he’s up for work, you know he works long days” you replied.

“Yeah I do know, I know a lot about him, what he doesn’t know about me is that while he’s out working these long days I’m fucking his pretty little girlfriend so hard the neighbours know what a little slut she is” he slurred even stronger.

You were horrified by what he said. You didn’t understand him.

“I think you should go Brad, goodnight” you said, upset by what he said, upset with yourself for being such a cheat.

“No” he replied, grabbing the door before you could close it.

“What?” you asked stubbornly.

“I’m, I’m, I’m sorry” he stuttered, he sounded upset.

“No you’re not Brad you always do this” you said back to him.

He took 2 steps closer to you and pulled you into a hug.

“You don’t get it babe, do you?” He whispered into your ear.

“Not at all” you replied, leaning up and kissing his cheek.

“Let me show you then” he hissed.

He grabbed your face and kissed you so hard, the kiss was intense.

“Tom is upstairs Brad, he’s asleep, we can’t” you said to him.

“Let’s just make this quick, get in the living room, now” he replied walking into your house and closing the front door.

He joined you in the living room, pushing you up against the wall unexpectedly and attacking your neck with his lips, sucking in little spots and whispering sweet things to your skin.

“I don’t know what the fuck Tom is doing asleep when he was a girl like you to keep himself entertained with” he whispered then moved back up to your lips and kissed them.

His hands found your oversized tshirt that you slept in, he reached up and pulled it over your head as you pulled his jacket off his body and undone the couple of buttons on his shirt that he has actually buttoned up himself. You pulled it off his shoulders and dropped it to the floor then kissed his chest.

You found the button on his black skinny jeans and slowly pulled them down his legs while kissing right down his body, you reached the bulge that you had worked up in his boxers. You pulled them down to release his length and slightly stroked it, while dropping completely to your knees.

“Don’t tea-” he started but he was cut off.

You took him fully into your mouth, bobbing your heard and making him gasp over and over again, making him weak was your favourite thing but also teasing him made it much more fun. You continued sucking him until you felt his climax build up.

“Get up. I need you” he demanded.

You stood up and your lips met his again, the taste of alcohol still fresh on his tongue.

“Babe I wanna make you feel so good” he whispered into your ear while unclasping your bra.

“Do it then, have me” you said back to him, feeling weak from his touch.

You made your way over onto the couch, he pushed you down and climbed ontop of you, hovering above you, he pulled down your underwear at an excruciating pace. He was going so slow.

He reached your soft spot and gently stroked over it before pushing two fingers inside of you. He smirked at your reaction as your mouth dropped open.

“I know how much you like it, you love it when I finger you don’t you babe” he smirked again. You didn’t answer.

“Speak to me, tell me” he demanded.

“Yes Brad, you know I do” you stuttered, lost for words at how good he was making you feel.

“I want you now” you said to him.

He removed his hand and brought his lips to your own.

He positioned himself above you, opened your legs fully with his down and slammed inside you.

He repeatedly pushed himself in and out over and over at a really slow pace, making you feel every inch of his hardness inside of you.

“Brad, p-p-please faster” you begged.

“What did you say?” he smirked, he knew you heard him but he still continued to push himself slowly in and out of you.

“I said faster, please I need it” you gasped.

“Well since you asked” he replied and slammed into you once more, repeating this action faster and harder every time he did it. He was making you weak, you know you weren’t gonna last much longer.

He was panting and whispering sweet yet dirty things in your ear.

“Brad I don’t know how much longer I can last” you panted at him.

“Stay with me babe” he softly replied as he slowed down.

He continued slowly again and you felt your rising orgasm slow.

“Now babe I need you to listen to me ok?” He asked, still pushing himself in and out of you.

You nodded back at him, watching the sweat on his face as he dominated above you.

“I am gonna give to it to you so hard ok, I need you to scream for me, scream so loud that your pathetic excuse of a boyfriend up there knows who’s making his girlfriend feel this good, ok?” He said, smirking even more.

“Ok” you blushed as he slammed you again.

“BRADDDD!!” you cried as he thrusted into you over and over.

“Yes baby, scream it, scream for me” he shouted.

“Yes Brad, right there OH MY GOD YES BRAD FUCK” you screamed so loud.

“FUCK BRAD IM GONNA CUM, PLEASE” you screamed as you clawed down his bare back.

“Yes come on, come for me, I’m gonna too” he replied.

“Cum now baby” he shouted as you released around him with a moan of his name. He spilled into you as he kissed your head.

He pulled our of you them kissed you on the cheek, he stood up and threw your tshirt to you and found this clothes.

“I am so in love with you” he whispered under his breathe.

Thinking you didn’t hear him he put his head down. He found his boxers and pants, he put them back on and you put back on your tshirt. His mood shifted, the pain had returned to his eyes and he looked hurt.

You walked over to him and walked up behind him, wrapping your arms around his waist and rested your head his back back. He turned around and pulled you into a tight hug, holding your back with his large hands. The hands you longed for during the lonely nights.

“I love you too Brad” you replied, you looked up and kissed him. His face was bright red as he realised he had admitted it. Suddenly you seen the sadness in his eyes changed, he smiled at you and kissed you passionately. The kiss quickly heard up again and you ran your hands across his still bare chest.

“Babe why don’t we get out of here and take it back to my place before it gets too heated again. Leave that asshole for tonight and spend the night with me, I will let you do whatever you want to me when we get back ok” he smiled at you and you kissed him again.

Suddenly the living room door swung open, ending your make out session. You looked up from being cuddled in Brads arms to see Tom stood there, horrified.

Brad kissed you on the cheek.

“Get some clothes babe, I’ll call us a cab. See ya later Tom mate” Brad smirked as he pulled his shirt over his head.