I have a big man crush on Pablo Picasso, and his work with cubism blows my mind. Thats why Brad Woodards series of cubist instruments really caught my eye- Hats off to the sharp angles, contrasting colour palette and “Picasso signature-esque” type. 

Brad is a diverse illustrator and his works are well known and always highly received, he does freelance commissions and also works as part of the hugely talented Column Five design group. 

Designer Q&A: Brad Woodard on Creating With Purpose

This year’s beautiful Camp design (including the 2013 shirt, and web badges!) was done by the incredibly talented Brad Woodard. We were lucky enough to get the chance to pick his brain about inspiration, the perfect book cover, and one particularly close encounter with a moose:

What can you tell us about the inspiration behind the design? Can you talk us through the process of putting the poster together?

The inspiration for this poster came from a lot of the memories I had of going to scout camps growing up. I had so many ideas for things to incorporate that it was really hard to decide what made it in. Having so many elements to choose from made it kind of like a puzzle, trying to fill spaces around the Camp NaNoWriMo text.

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Holy Hawaiian hurricanes, look at what the H is going on today. These fellas are already having at it! Brad Woodard heaves his ham-hocks at the head of Brandon Rike, who holds him off with a hard heel-kick to the hind-parts. This is gonna get harsh. Get ringside now and vote for the heaviest hitter.

DECISION: In our most popular fight ever, Brandon Rike wins 1,486 to 562.
Thanks for all the votes!