Hello! This is Brad Rohloff from Bred Press and I’m excited to bring you the books I’ve been hard at work publishing the last month. All of these premiered at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo and now they’re available on the Bred Press Online Store! I am pleased to announce…

Andy Burkholder, “The Lower Style” (42 pg. perfect bound. ed. 500)

Abe Lampert, “Welcome To The Wind” (98 pg. perfect bound. ed. 130)

Chloë Perkis, “Ouch” (24 pg. 12 stickers. ed. 120)

Brad Rohloff, “Works, no. 1” (24 pg. 24 stickers. ed. 120)

Otto Splotch, “Vibration Infection” (6 page foldup w/ poster. ed. 200)

Ivy Atoms, “Cyber Me” (6 page foldup w/ poster. ed. 120)

Brad Rohloff, “Knife Guilt” (6 page foldup w/ poster. ed. 200)

Emily Hutchings, “Boring Comics” (12 pg. ed. 150)

Individual posts for each publication with more detailed pictures will be coming. Thank you to the artists and to everyone who helped me organize and assemble.

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Secluded, private mountain sanctuary built in 1991 and located at 450 Kneale Rd in Eldorado Springs State Park, Colorado.

This 3,660 sq ft, 4-bed, 3-bath mansion is owned by venture capitalist Brad Feld of the Foundry Group and currently on the market at an asking price of $2,500,000. There’s also an option to purchase 2 adjacent lots for a total of 114 acres.