Acclaimed architecture firm Portland, Oregon-based Allied Works celebrates their new and first book Allied Works Architecture | Brad Cloepfil: Occupation (out May 1st) at Ace Hotel New York tonight for ExPac, our monthly night devoted to Pacific Northwest expatriates and their friends. Mr. Cloepfil will speak about the book, its genesis and the philosophies that guide the ground-breaking work Allied Works is known for.

Occupation articulates the principles of their work through conversations with other makers – artists, fabricators and designers. It seeks to universalize and contextualize the ideas that give way to the making of buildings by sharing those connections that first inspired them – a community of ideas that Mr. Cloepfil happens to manifest in buildings. They worked with landscape photographer Victoria Sambunaris to shoot the places in which Allied Works buildings now live, but without the buildings – the genesis of the structures. Mr. Cloepfil says about the book that “a key factor in the concept is that it’s not about fancy buildings as objects; it’s a counterpoint to the consumer culture of architecture which has become more about collecting images and names and not about doing work that has a sense of place. It’s just consumerism. In the last 10 to 15 years there has been an elevation of designer culture but it’s only elevated the consumption of design rather than enriching the conversation of design, the sense of awe, the humbling experience that you encounter with a place, a building – introspection. Architecture can convey that and move you in a way that nothing else can.”

To further explore the book’s ideas, we’ve also invited Allied Works to create an installation in the gallery space. Forest from the Trees is a spatial sketch exploring point of view, reference and memory. An attempt to dis- and re-orient the experience of a specific room – obliterating boundaries with a displaced and idealized archetype from the Pacific Northwest. The exhibition will be up through April 28, so have a look when you stop by Tuesday evening.

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