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He wakes you up


He’s sick (requested!) 

First impressions

Your twitter conversations (visual)

He hears you swear 

How you first met


(nothing as you thought) First conversations

You play with his hair 

Morning after your marriage (requested!) 

“Can I hold your hand?” (requested!)

He dresses you up

Why the fans ship you & him together (requested!)


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you and brad share earphones
you and brad share earphones
so basically you're lying next to brad or on a bus or a plane and 
you guys are sharing earphones and brad is mindlessly chattering
with you while skipping songs but suddenly you guys' favorite
the 1975 song comes on.

use earphones
Our little secret

Type: One-shot | Imagine about Brad
Rating: Rated PG-13
Word Count: 2,519

I finally got myself out of bed, making my way downstairs. I turned on the stereo as I opened the blinds, trying to make myself feel better. I was just dragging today and I didn’t know why I hated waking up alone. I knew Brad had to be at the studio early but I missed waking up with him. I started the coffee maker as I walked to the kitchen window. I opened the blinds, looking out to our backyard. I fixed my coffee before sitting down at the table, I wrapped my hand around the cup. Bringing it to my lips taking a small sip, placing it down on the table. I allowed my mind wander as I looked at the window. I heard him come in the door, I turned to see what was going on. He rushed in grabbing my hand pulling me up from my seat.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Shhh,” he wrapped his arms around me pulling me close to him.

“Brad” I whispered into his chest as I placed my arms around his waist.

“Come with me” he grabbed my hand leading me outside.

“Wait I need to change” I tried to pull from him.

“No you don’t come on” he picked me up putting me over his shoulder.

I started to laugh as he walked to his car. He put me down on the ground as he opened the door. I got into the car placing my seat belt on he shut the door. Making his way to the driver side, I decided that I wasn’t going to question him. I wanted to enjoy every second of whatever we were doing. I rolled my window down as he went down the road, allowing the wind catch my hair. He turned the radio on as we both started to sing at the top of our lungs. We would look at each other and just bust out laughing. I loved moments like this, where we could just be in the moment and be ourselves. I placed my hand outside of the window, laughing with Brad. He pulled up to the studio at first I was confused but I wanted to see where he was taking me. He opened the door as I got out of the car, he grabbed my hand pulling me with him.

“Brad” I laughed. “Slow down,” I said.

He pulled me into the studio where it was just us. He had a blanket on the floor with a small picnic basket. I smiled as I looked at him, he pulled me to him. Softly placing his lips on mine, I wrapped my arms around his neck as I kept the kiss between us.

“I wanted to do something special” he whispered against my lips.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because you deserve it” he smiled as he sat down.

“I love you” I smiled as I sat down next to him.

“Not as much as I love you” He smiled as he took out food from the basket.

I rolled my eyes playfully as I watched him. He placed a strawberry against my lips, I laugh slightly as I took a bite of it. He ate the rest of the strawberry as he looked at me. I picked up a strawberry placing it against his lips, he slowly took a bite as he kept his eyes on me. He brushed my hair from my face, placing his hand against my chin. I bite my lip as I moved towards him. I placed my hand on his cheek as I lightly placed my lips against his. He smiled into the kiss, his hands moving down to my hips pulling me closer. I pushed him back against the floor, moving over top of him. His hands on my hips as I leaned down kissing him softly but more intense than before.

“You sure love being in control” he smiled.

“Yea I do” I pulled on his bottom lip.

“So what are you going to do?” he questioned.

“Wouldn’t you like to know” I sat up on his lap, looking down at him.

“Don’t be teasing now” he bites his lip as he looked up at me.

“I don’t tease babe” I smirked slightly.

“Oh, I know that” He smiled up at me.

I leaned back down and kissed him softly, his hand against my back. He grabbed my hips pushing me down on the floor as he got over top of me. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him down to me, kissing him intensely.

“I wanted to show you something” he whispered.

“Show me” I started to undo his pants but he grabbed my hand.

“Not that silly” he chuckled slightly.

“Why not” I pouted.

“I will give you that but its something else” he moved from over top of me.

“Oh, you’ll give me it?” I smirked as I sat up.

“I always do” he kissed my forehead.

“Yea I know” I looked at him.

He got up from the floor and left the room. I waited for him to return which he did with his guitar. He sat down in front of me as he started to play. I watched him play the guitar, smiling softly as he started to sing. I looked up at him, we locked eyes as he sung the song. He finished singing, placing the guitar down. I leaned over hugging him, he pulled me onto his lap as he held me close to him. I rested my head against his shoulder as he held me in his arms.

“I love you” he whispered.

“I love you” I kissed his cheek.

“You like the song?” he asked.

“I loved it” I smiled as I looked at him.

“I wrote it for you” he admitted.

“Thank you” I placed my hand against his cheek. Leaning slightly in as I allowed my lips to touch his.

He placed his hand on my neck, gripping my hair slightly. He pushed his hips up moving me onto the floor, he moved over top of me. His lips moved from mine onto my neck sucking gently. I moaned slightly as I ran my hands down his sides.

“What the hell are you guys doing?” James asked as he walked in.

“Just having a picnic,” Brad said as he got up.

“Looked more than just that” James chuckled.

“Don’t say anything” Brad grabbed my hand helping me up.

“I haven’t seen anything,” James said.

“Thank you,” Brad said as he lead us out of the studio.

‘Well that was close” I smiled as I followed Brad to his car.

“Yea it was” he pushed me against the car.

“You should get back to the studio, we have tonight” I rested my hand against his chest.

“Are you sure?” he looked at me.

“Yes I’m sure, I don’t want to get you into trouble,” I said.

“You won’t but ill see you tonight,” he said.

“I’ll come and pick you up,” I said as I grabbed the keys from his pocket.

I kissed him softly before getting into the car. I pulled out watching him get smaller in my mirror. He finally went back into the studio as I disappeared into the distant. I decided to stop and get me something to eat before making my way back to the house.  I finished eating my food, I laid back on the couch. I ended up falling asleep on the couch, I heard the door creak. It was pitch black in the house as I heard the door shut. I heard him hit the table before making his way into the kitchen.

“Dammit,” he said under his breath.

“Are you ok?” I asked as I made my way into the kitchen.

“Shit” he jumped as he heard me.

“Sorry didn’t mean to scare you,” I said.

“The lights are out all over the town,” he said.

“Oh, I just thought I forgot to turn the lights on” I chuckled slightly.

“No the power is out” he nodded slightly.

He could see my shadow slightly from the moonlight shining through the window. He grabbed my hand pulling me to him, placing his hands on my hips. I wrapped my arms around his neck moving closer to him. Placing my lips against his softly kissing him. He brushed his thumbs against my hips as he kept the kiss between us.

“How did you get home? I had your car” I said.

“James” he nodded.

“I’m sorry I didn’t come pick you up” I pouted.

“its ok, seemed like you were tired” he nodded.

“I guess I was” I admit.

“All that matters is that I’m here now” he spoke softly.

“Yeah” I rested my head against his shoulder.

“I love you” He whispered in my ear.

“I love you” I softly kissed his cheek.

He scooped me up in his arms taking me upstairs. I chuckled to myself slightly as we made our way to the room. He felt the bed with he knee before placing me down. I pulled him over top of me, placing my arms around his neck. He leaned down kissing me softly resting on his elbows. I smiled against his lips as I ran my hand down his chest.

“I love your smile” he whispered.

“I love everything about you” I looked at him.

“Trust me” he leaned down kissing me. “I love everything about you” he softly kissed my neck.

He gently started to suck on my neck, moving down slowly. Sucking against my collarbone, pushing my shirt up. I leaned up allowing him to take my shirt off. He threw it on the ground and undid my bra with ease. Moving down my body leaving trails of kisses. I lifted my hips allowing him to remove my jeans and panties. I moved my legs as he moved between them, kissing my hips softly. I grabbed the back of his shirt pulling it over his head. He chuckled as he took it off throwing it onto the ground. He stood up on his knees and undid his pants. He got up off the bed and dropped his pants allowing his boner free. He got over top of me, I held onto him kissing him softly. That night was the most passionate sex that we have had. We fell asleep in each other’s arms and woke up in the morning still without power.

“Morning” he groaned as he felt me get up out of bed.

“Morning” I looked back at him.

“Where you going?” he asked.

“To get my phone” I responded.

“Oh,” he sighed as he watches me go downstairs.

I finally came back upstairs with my phone. I got back into bed laying next to him as he wrapped his arm around me. I called the power company to see when the lights would be turned back on. Unfortunately, they didn’t have an estimated time so we would be in the dark for a while.

“What they say?” he asked.

“Nothing, just they know there is an outage but no estimated time,” I said.

“Damn” he sat up in bed.

“Yeah I know” I watched him.

“Let’s go get breakfast,” he said.

“Sounds good,” I said as I got up from the bed.

I got dressed in just some rip jeans and a baggy shirt as he got dressed. He grabbed my hand leading me downstairs, I slipped my shoes on. We headed out the door he opened the door for me. I got into the car putting my seatbelt on as he shut the door. He got into the car, starting it as the heat started to blow. The music was blasting as he put his seatbelt on as well.

“Someone was having fun in my car,” he said as he turned the radio off.

“Well, what can I say” I smiled.

“What do you want breakfast?” he asked.

“I’m down for whatever” I nodded.

He pulled up to Ihop one of our favorite spots. It seemed like there were only a few places that had power. I was glad that Ihop was one of them. I got out of the car as we met in front of the car he took my hand. He opened the door allowing me to enter first. I smiled as I watched him, the host seated us. He sat down next to me placing his arm around my shoulder as we looked at the menu.

“French toast or pancakes?” he asked.

“Why not both and we can share” I looked at him.

“I love your ideas” he kissed my forehead.

We ordered our food and our drinks. We started to talk about different thing and just random things. I knew that he was all mine for the whole day because the studio didn’t have any power. I played with his fingers as we talked, I kissed his cheek. Some fans noticed Brad and of course came up to us, Brad took pictures and signed their books.

“Thank you,” one fan said.

“Is this your girlfriend?” the other fan asked.

“Yes this is my girlfriend but we are not public yet, so our secret?” Brad asked.

“Of course” they both nodded before leaving.

“When would you want to go public?” I asked as Brad sat down.

“Not anytime soon” he grabbed my hand.

“That’s ok” I smiled.

“I love you and I see a future with us, just not ready for the media circus,” he said.

“I’m not going anywhere” I kissed him softly.

“I know” he smiled against my lips.

Our food finally arrived and things got quiet as we ate. Once we finished eating he paid the bill and we left going back to the apartment. We laid in bed staring at the ceiling talking about our future. Ever since I met Brad I knew he was the one for me. It was hard to explain how I felt about him but I knew he was everything I wanted. I never questioned him in rather he wanted to go public or not. I knew the fans would support him and of course, they would be some people who would hate. That’s just a part of life no matter what you did. It was all up to Brad whenever he was comfortable with being open. I liked being his little secret because it was more fun. It was like we were trying to get caught, the danger of being found but never getting caught.

nothing lasts forever | brad simpson imagine

pairing: brad & y/n

word count: 527

synopsis: y/n is being negative about the future & brad cheers her up

warning: just brad being cute & optimistic

“We should go to Fiji next year, after the tour is over.” Brad smiled looking down at you. The both of you were cuddled in bed. Brad laying on his back, and your head upon his chest.

“I’ve always wanted to go.” You sighed, your fingers dancing across his skin.

“Perfect, it’s decided then. After the tour, you and I will go to Fiji.” He leaned down and pressed a kiss to your forehead.

You snuggled into him but couldn’t help but think about the future. He was always making these plans about life after tour, life next year, sometimes even life after marriage. It was cute, but what if your relationship didn’t last that long? What if you break up tomorrow, and all of these plans go to waste?

“Maybe we should go to Fiji sooner.” You whispered, causing Brad to chuckle.

“Why? I mean we can if you want. I just figured it would be fun after tour, almost like a celebration, you know?” He was doing it again, reminiscing about things that hadn’t even happened yet.

“What if we break up?” You didn’t mean to be so blunt but the question just slipped out. You looked up at Brad again, only to realize that he was looking back down at you with a puzzled expression on his face.

“We won’t break up Y/N.” He whispered. You felt his arms wrap around you tighter.

“Nothing lasts forever Brad.” You couldn’t even look at him because the thought of breaking up hurt too badly. Although it hurt to think about a life without Brad, it was realistic. You had always been quite pessimistic when it came to the future. It just seemed easier to lower your expectations, that way if things were to go wrong you wouldn’t be disappointed.

“Okay baby, look at me.” Brad sat up in the bed and pulled you onto his lap so that you were facing each other. “You mean the world to me.” Brad started, and you knew where he was going with this.

“Brad, it’s okay, I’m sorry for bringing it up okay?” You cupped his face in your hands, hoping he would just let it go, but he didn’t.

“No, let me finish.” He pouted, and you sat back and let him continue. “You can’t live your life like this. You can’t constantly worry about hypothetical situations, okay?” Brad brought a hand up to your face and stroked your cheek with his thumb.

“Brad, I love you.” You smiled and leaned in to hug him. The both of you sat like that in silence for a few moments.

“I love you too, Y/N” Brad murmured into your hair. “Can we just live in the moment?” You shifted back a little bit and nodded. You got off of Brad and the both of you climbed under the sheets. You shifted onto your side and Brad did the same, cradling you in his arms.

“I’ll still take you to Fiji.” Brad whispered.

“What?” You mumbled, a little confused.

“If we break up, I’ll still take you to Fiji.” Brad repeated and you felt a smile creep up onto your lips.

a/n: ok this is a bit short but hopefully it was still cute. this is technically the first imagine i’m posting on here so thanks for reading i love you all xx

“Are You Pregnant?”

Shawn Mendes x Pregnant!reader

Warnings: none, too much fluff???


You and Shawn had talked about have kids, but decided to wait a few years because you got married when you were pretty young.

You had been married for about a few months when you began feeling dizzy and sick. Figuring it was just a stomach bug, you decided not to go to the doctors. After a weeks you weren’t feeling any better. And then it hit you.

You quickly put on one of Shawn’s sweatshirts that was way too big for you and put your hair into a messy bun and getting an Uber to avoid being recognized by Andy paparazzi or fans.

After getting back from the store you knew Shawn would be at the studio so you had time. After sitting on the bed for a while, gathering your courage, you went into the bathroom and took all of the tests. Well you definitely had your answer now. All fifteen of the tests displayed pregnant on their screens.

Knowing that Shawn would be ecstatic, you decided to just tell him when he got home, rather than opting for something more elaborate.

You decided to change into some leggings and take a nap before Shawn got home later.

You were awoken by the sound of the front door opening and closing, alerting you that Shawn was home.

“Princess,” he called out, “I’m home.”

You quickly got out of bed and all but ran to the kitchen, where you knew he would be.

“Hi, honey,” you said happily walking up to him and giving him a quick peck on the cheek as he wrapped his hands around your waist, “I’ve got good news.”

“Thats really great honey,” he said, “but I’ve got a really great idea for a song and I need to write it down before I forget it,” he sated before walking out of the room towards his in home studio.

After sitting on the couch for about an hour just scrolling through Instagram and Tumblr, you realized that Shawn never came back and you were a little disappointed.

While walking towards his studio, you heard Shawn on the phone.

“Yeah, I’ll definitely be there,” he said, “I’ll leave soon.”

You walked into the room and sat on his lap, a slight pout on your lips, “you never came back,” you whined, putting your hands on his shoulders.

“I know and I’m sorry. I just got caught up in the writing,” he said while running a hand through his hair before placing both of his hands on your hips, “but could you tell me when I get back? Jeff told me I need to be somewhere.”

Maybe it was was the hormones but at hearing that you would have to once again wait, you just burst into tears, scaring Shawn and causing him to pull you into his arms.

“Hey, hey, hey,” he cood, you Head falling onto his shoulder.

“I just wanted to tell you my news and now your leaving me, your pregnant wife at home and I still haven’t told you my news,” you cried, barely able to speak clearly so half of your words came out jumbled.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I should have listened to yo- wait,” he sitting you up straight, looking into your eyes, “a-are you pregnant?” He asked carefully, not wanting to get his hopes up or to upset you once again.

All you managed to do was nod, still a bit embarrassed from your outburst.

He didn’t speak before pulling you into another hug.

“I love and I love this baby’s and I’m sorry for not listening to you before,” he said before pulling you in for a quick peck on the lips and placing a large hand on your stomach, “hi little princess, you’re a girl, I can just feel it. I love you and your mommy so so so much and I can’t wait to see you and take care of you.” He spoke to your belly, grinning the entire time, almost causing you to cry from happiness.

He looked up grinning, “now that we have little bub, which I’m pretty sure is a girl, I’ll have to start calling you my queen,” he said, now smirking, before pulling in for another kiss.

Part 2???

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Brad S. Imagine: Touch (requested!)

So sorry if this is so super short to the anon that requested this! I’m kinda writing this in the middle of the night (ahaha you see what i did there ;D) because in the morning we will go to the airport and go out of country and i can’t bring this heavy-ass laptop with me. Anyways, i hope you’ll sill enjoy it! Thanks for the request! Xx

Brad’s POV:

You woke up earlier than Y/N, as usual.

You turned to your right and saw her facing away and curled up into a fetus position, hugging an extra pillow on her side. You smiled at the sight. She sleeps so peacefully.

Your hand immediately reached out to her and rubbed the side of her thighs up and down gently. It continued to slide up to her waist, and to her shoulders, and back to her thighs. You were so addicted to her soft and flawless skin that you can’t get enough of it. You felt her twitched and kicked a little that made you chuckle a bit. You went back down to her thighs and slowly, slowly reaching out more to the middle of her thighs. I wish she was awake right now.

And as if she heard me, her body turned to face me and her eyes fluttered open. She noticed you were already awake and gave you a smile.

“Good morning love. Did you have a good sleep?” You asked. Reaching your arm around, you wrapped her waist and pulling her closer to you, closing the space between each other. She lifted up her right hand and rubbing her face a gently, removing the sleep on her eyes. “It was alright, babe. I feel like someone was touching me though.” She spoke. You were literally smirking to yourself on the inside but you acted like you didn’t know, and you acted like you thought that some other man was touching her in her dream. You creased your eyebrows when that was where she already got the hint.

“Oh, no! No, I mean, I mean there w-was a—“ You chuckled, cutting her off. “Don’t worry baby. It was me.” She blushed. “Oh, oh really? What were you doing?”

“Uhm, nothing baby. I was just doing this…” you reached down to her thighs once more and rubbed it slowly. You noticed she already had goosebumps on her skin which made you smile. You were glad that you were the only one that made her feel that way.

Your hand gradually went up more to the inside which made her grab your hand. “Uh uh baby. It’s seven in the morning.” She smirked. You whined playfully. “You’ll have to be more patient, Brad.” She spoke while caressing your left cheek. You leaned in and kissed her forehead. “Sorry baby, I just love touching your skin.” You breathed out.

“Well it’s too early for that love.” She giggled. You made a tsk-tsk sound while shaking your head. “You know what, nothing’s too early baby.” You whispered which you knew sent chills down her spine. You loved what you can only do to her. Before you can lay your hands on her again, she quickly spoke. “Brad, instead of doing this early in the morning, I’d rather have breakfast this early. So don’t mind me cooking breakfast for ourselves.” She smiled playfully while immediately removing the covers from half of her body and standing up, walking straight to the door with a smirk on her face. “Oh and by the way,” she said before twisting the door knob. “I haven’t said this earlier…but, good morning.” She playfully smiled, knowing what she just did to me. She opened the door and walked straight to the kitchen to cook breakfast.

‘Damn it. I thought I had it.’

Brad smut, you do it on the bus;

[Requested on wattpad]

“Are you sure about this?” You question quietly, knowing very well that the other boys are asleep in their own bunks. Brad nods quickly as he crawls on top of you. It’s a bit of a tight squeeze, but you’ll manage. “I’m sure. I need you right now,” he mumbles. You sigh softly. “But can’t you like … please yourself in the bathroom? What if we get caught?” You worry. Brad smirks. “I didn’t fly you out here for me to use my hand when I get frustrated,” he whispers. You smile and bit your lip, nodding. “Okay, let’s do it.” Brad smiles when he hears that and reaches into his pillow case, pulling out a condom wrapper. You stifle a laugh. “Well, aren’t you prepared,” you tease. “You never know when you might need one,” he replies, winking. He gently rubs his hard against you through your clothes, making you gasp suddenly. Brad grins and kisses your neck gently as he fumbles with his pj pants. You lift your lips off of the bed to slide your pjs and underwear off. Brad helps move the clothes aside before he awkwardly opens the condom wrapper. After finally pulling the condom on, he hovers over you and you open your legs for him. “Now you have to be very quiet, okay?” He says in a hushed tone. You nod quickly and bite down on your lower lip when he thrusts in. You resist the urge to moan, but Brad grunts softly. You smirk at him and press a single finger to your lips. He rolls his eyes and smiles, thrusting in and out. You let out a quiet sigh of pleasure. “Fuck,” he mumbles under his breath, barely audible. Brad’s mouth parts slightly, and you see by his expression that he’s about to moan. Quickly, you slap your hand over his mouth. He looks at you, startled, but nods slightly, clearly grateful you did that. You feel a vibration of expelled air against your palm and you know that was Brad’s way of holding back a moan. A few minutes later, you’re almost at your climax. “Brad,” you whisper. He grunts in response and quickens his thrusts, causing you to cum earlier than you anticipated. As your body is filled with an overwhelming pleasure, you do your best not to moan. You chew on your lip and squeeze your eyes shut, but it’s not use. A soft moan leaves your lips. Brad widens his eyes but says nothing. His lips part when he reaches his high, and he makes a strange noise from trying to hold back his moan. You sigh while he rides out your highs before pulling out. “Do you think anyone heard us?” He asks quietly and pulls the condom off, shoving it under his pillow for now. “I heard,” you hear Connor’s small voice say. You and Brad share a look, realizing Connor’s bunks is below yours. “Please don’t do that there again … my bunk shook the whole time,” he tells you in a slightly scared voice. You smile in sympathy. “Sorry, Con.” “Stupid horny people,” he mutters. Brad laughs awkwardly. “At least only Con heard,” he comments. “Oh I heard too, you two aren’t as quiet as you think you are,” James says from his bunk. “So did I. Nice, Brad!” Tristan adds. You groan and blush. “Dammit,” you grumble. Brad facepalms. “I’m never going to hear the end of this.”


Type: One Shot | Imagine about Brad
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,449

I tossed and turned in the sheets, not wanting to get up. I could hear the birds outside, the sun was peeking through the window. I finally pulled myself out of bed, making my way to the balcony. I found Brad sitting outside sipping his coffee just getting lost in the view. I smiled as I walked out towards him sitting down across from him. He smiled as he saw me, placing his hand over mine. I took his coffee cup and took a quick sip, I wasn’t too big into coffee just wanted a taste. I looked out at the view getting lost in the sun rising.

“Good morning” he spoke softly.

“Morning” I whispered.

“I love waking up to this,” he said.

“I do too” I smiled as I looked out into the distance.

“Plus I get to wake up to you” he smiled as he looked at me.

“Oh, hush” I started to blush.

“Its true” he got up kissing my forehead. “ill start breakfast,” he said as he walked back into the house.

I stayed outside for a little while just taking everything in. I couldn’t believe that I actually woke up to this view every day. It was just a plus to what I already had. I got to share this house with my best friend, my soulmate which was amazing. I grabbed the coffee cup walking back into the house. I slide the doors closed making sure it was locked before going downstairs. I leaned against the door frame as I watched him cook. I wrapped my hands around the mug bringing it up to my lips. I took a sip as I caught his eye, he made his way over to me. He placed his hands on my sides gently pulling me to him. I smiled as all that was between us was the coffee cup, he leaned down kissing me softly. I smiled against his lips, placing the mug on the counter. Well, I thought I placed it on the counter but it hit the floor shattering into a million pieces.

“Shit,” I said as I pulled away from him.

“Its ok” he picked me up bridal style and placed me on the couch.

He checked to make sure that I wasn’t cut before cleaning up the mess. I was also so clumsy so it wasn’t new that I actually broke something. He finally cleaned up the mess and went back to cooking. He called me into the kitchen once the food was done. I walked back into the kitchen sitting down at the table as he placed the plate on the table. He leaned over kissing me softly before returning back to the stove. He grabbed his plate sitting down next to me, we prayed and then started to eat. We never really talked when we were eating, I guess we were just busy feeding ourselves.

“Who wants to do the dishes?” he asked.

“Well since you cooked ill do them” I offered.

“Sounds like a plan” he smiled.

I grabbed his plate as well as my plate. I placed them in the sink and started to wash the dishes. I could hear his footsteps edge closer to me, his hands wrapped around my stomach. I smiled as I leaned back against him, his head against my shoulders. I placed my hand on the back of his neck as I could feel his breath against my skin.

“I love you” he whispered into my ear.

“I love you,” I said back, turning to face him.

“How did I get so lucky?” he brushed the hair from my face, cupping my face with his hand.

“I’m the lucky one” I smiled as I looked up into his eyes.

“I have the most beautiful girl in this world and I get to call her mine” he leaned down and kissed me softly.

“I fell in love with my best friend,” I said as I pulled away from the kiss.

“You are my best friend as well” he smiled.

I turned around wanting to finish the dishes. He kissed the back of my neck and went into the living room. I finally finished the dishes and I thought to myself that I wanted to mess with Brad. It was rare that we both go the day off together and I loved to tease him every chance I got. I walked into the living room and sat down right next to him, playing with his leg. I knew that he was watching the game and was really into it. He pushed my hand off his leg but that didn’t stop me. I kissed his cheek, down to his neck but he brushed me off. I clicked the remote changing the channel, boy did that get his attention.

“I was watching that,” he said as he grabbed the remote turning it back to the game.

“Oh, sorry” I smirked slightly as I knew exactly what I was doing.

I started to poke his sides as I knew he was ticklish. He jumped at my touch and moved over, of course, I slide right next to him. Placing my hand on his leg again but this time it didn’t seem to bother him. I got up and got in front of him blocking his view.

“Move babe” he groaned as he grabbed my hips pulling me down.

“Sorry” I landed on his lap.

“What has gotten into you?” he questioned.

“Nothing,” I said as I sat back down next to him.

“Something is up” he rolled his eyes turning his attention back to the game.

“Something is up” I mocked him.

“Excuse me?” He looked at me.

“Excuse me” I tried so hard not to laugh.

“Stop it” he crossed his arms.

“Stop it” I crossed my arms.

He rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to the game. I started to poke him and mess with his hair, I was wondering when he would actually have enough. I played with his leg some more and that was the breaking point. He took the remote and turned off the tv turning to face me.

“Ok you have asked for it,” he said.

“For what?” I asked.

He started to tickle me, I started to laugh trying to squirm away from his grip. He pinned me down onto the couch and started to tickle me. I couldn’t stop laughing as I tried to get away, but of course, he was stronger than me. I couldn’t break his grip nor could I get him off of me. I begged for him to stop but he didn’t, he kept going as the room filled with laughter. He finally stopped as he notices that I was having a hard time catching my breath. He got off of me pulling me up so I could breathe. He rubbed my back as I placed my head down in my hands. My face was bright red but I finally caught my breath, looking at him.

“You asked for it” he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Uh huh” I laughed as I sat back on the couch.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“Yea I’m fine” I nodded as I looked at him.

He laid back on the couch placing his arm around me. I rested my head against his shoulders as we cuddled up on the couch. He finished watching the game and I ended up falling asleep against him. He wrapped a blanket around me as he continued to watch the game. Once the game was finished he nudged me slightly to get me to wake up.

“Come on babe, let’s go get something to eat,” he said.

“Uh?” I questioned as I rubbed my eyes.

“Let’s go get something to eat” he got up reaching for my hand.

“Sure,” I said as I finally got myself together, grabbing his hand.

I grabbed my bag and slipped on my shoes. Then I remember we were both still in our night clothes. I went upstairs and he wasn’t too far behind. I guess he realized that he couldn’t go out in just his boxers. I slipped on a pair of leggings and a baggy shirt. Ran my hands through my hair and turned it into a messy bun. Well, let’s just call it a birds nest since it wasn’t anything pretty. He put on jeans and a top before grabbing my hand once again. I followed him downstairs slipping my shoes, grabbing my bag before heading out the door. He opened the car door for me before getting on the driver side. I got into the car shutting the door, putting on my seat belt. He turned the car on the a/c blasting as well as the music. I guess we know who was enjoying his jams the other day. I laughed as I turned the volume down so I could actually hear myself think.

“Sorry,” he said as he backed out of the driveway.

“Don’t be, we all have those moments” I admitted.

“True” he pulled off.

I placed my hand on his leg as he drove. I leaned back in the seat just enjoying the ride. Once he stopped at the red light he would always play with my fingers. It was just something we did, I couldn’t explain it. It was just us just like everything else that we did. It made sense to us and no one else but no one else felt the love that we had for each other. I wouldn’t expect people to understand us, every relationship is different. He finally pulled up to one of our favorite restaurants, he parked the car. He got out of the car walking around to open my door. I got out of the car taking his hand as we walked in.

“table for two,” he said.

“Right this way,” the host said as we followed her.

We got out seats I slide into the booth. He sat down right next to me placing his arm around me. Once against I rested my hand on his lap as we looked over at the menu.

“Let me guess you are either getting a salad or shrimp pasta,” he said.

“you know me so well but I want the salad” I nodded.

“Chicken?” he asked.

“Yea that’s fine, with strawberry lemonade,” I said.

“I gotcha” he smiled as he looked at me.

“I love you,” I said.

“Not as much as I love you” he looked at me.

I ordered for him and he ordered for me. We knew each other like the back of our hands. It was so nice falling in love with your best friend because they already know everything about you. I meet Brad our freshman year of school and we became close pretty fast. It wasn’t until senior year when the feelings started to kick in. He asked me out on stage at graduation, it was the cutest thing but also an embarrassing thing. Of course, I said yes and right after school, we moved in together. Even if our relationship didn’t work out we were still going to be friends. I played with his hand under the table, finally, our food arrived at the table. I was starving since all I ate was breakfast this morning. We prayed for our food before eating like we always did. As always the table was quiet as we were busy feeding ourselves.

“Is it good?” He chuckled as he looked at me.

“Yes it is, I was hungry” I laughed slightly.

“I see” he smiled.

“Well I see you don’t have anything on your plate either,” I said.

“True, I was hungry as well” he admitted.

“Want anything else?” I asked.

“We are getting dessert” he smiled.

“Ok sounds good,” I said. He ordered dessert for us.

“Did you enjoy your day?” he questioned.

“Yea annoying you” I smiled.

“You did annoy me but I love every second with you,” he said.

“I love every second with you” I looked at him.

“How was I so blind,” he said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I should have asked you out the moment I meet you” he looked into my eyes.

I started to answer him but the dessert came to the table. I took a spoon full of cake as he did as well, but it seemed to be something in my piece. I took it out and there was a ring, I was confused and tried to call the waitress back over. Brad hushed me down and took the ring from me.

“You are my world, my everything. My best friend and always there for me no matter what. Its been like that since day one and I was crazy not to make you mine sooner. I knew the moment that I met you that I would spend forever with you. Will you do me the honors and become my wife and spend forever with me” he held out the ring to me as he was down on one knee.

I placed my hands over my mouth as I was in shock. I couldn’t find the words to say yes so I just nodded my head. The tears spilled over from my eyes onto my cheeks. He slipped the ring on my finger, whipping away my tears. I got out of the booth and hugged him. He picked me up spinning me around, yelling that I said yes. Everyone started to cheer and I just held onto him. He finally put my feet down on the ground, cupping my face with his hand. He kissed me softly as I was still crying, I kissed him back. He whipped my tears away again as we sat back down. We finished eating the cake, he paid for the bill as I was still in shock. We went back home after dinner and just cuddled in bed together. I was going to spend forever with my best friend and that was the best part. I knew the moment I met Brad that he was the one I would spend forever with. It just took a little longer to realize that we were meant for each other but I’m glad we figured it out.

Brad Simpson Imagine: You stay the night

REQUEST: Hay I love this blog could I have an imagine where you meet his family an stay the night an in the morning his mum say how cute the two of you are then you and his dad takes Jess for a walk my name is Sophia I have dirt blond hair and green/blue eyes x

Turning the corner to reveal my boyfriends house, I smiled. I’d been invited to go round and spend the night with him, seeing as his parents were going out with his sister and her boyfriend. He apparently didn’t want to go because he felt like he was third wheeling without me, so instead asked me to go and have a movie night with him, which I quickly accepted. 

Knocking on the door, a small smiley woman opened it and her face lit up when she saw me.
“Oh you must me (Y/N), ooooh Brad’s told me so much about you, I’m Brad’s Mum, come in come in!” She hugged me tightly and then beckoned for me to go into the house.Cleaning my feet on the door mat, a big golden retriever came bounding up to me. 
“Hey there Jesse” I giggled, stroking her soft mane.
“She likes you” His mum smiled
“Jesse in here now please” A man shouted from the kitchen
“Oh hello there (y/n) and how are you?”
“I’m really well thankyou, how are you?”
“All the better for seeing you” He smiled
“Well aren’t you just the prettiest little thing, oooh my boy has done a good job finding a little stunner like you…”
“Muuuuum, shhh” a familiar accent said coming down the stairs.
“Hey there Bradley” I smiled
“What’s up buttercup” He laughed

Brad led me into the Kitchen, where his mum and dad were getting ready. We made some snacks and then went into the living room where we were going to be watching movies for the night. I ran up into Brad’s room to fetch some blankets while he sorted out the films we were going to be watching. Walking back into the living room, Brad was spread out on the sofa and there was nowhere else for me to sit. Brad looked at me and patted the sofa in front of him. Not denying his request, I snuggled into him with the blankets around us. 
“See you guys later!” His mum shouted
“See you, have a nice night” I replied
The door slammed and Brad and I were alone.
“Looks like you’ve made a really good impression on my mum”
“Brad she’s lovely! and I am particularly fond of your dog too” I laughed
Jesse was in her bed, settled in at the side of Brad. Our movie night started, and we watched everything from Pitch Perfect to The Woman in Black. Listening to Brad scream like a girl at the horror films definitely made my night. As the night went on, my eyes became heavier and I could feel myself drifting, I knew I wasn’t staying the night but I couldn’t leave Brad on his own, then I…..
“Aw look at these two love bugs” a voice said
As my eyes fluttered open, the daylight from the window blinded me and I saw the silhouette of a young girl. As she became clearer I could see that she looked a lot like Brad, so I presumed that it was his older sister. Hearing a groan from behind me, I looked down to see Brad’s arm around me and his face nuzzled into my neck. We must’ve fallen asleep last night. 
“Shut it Nat” Brad mumbled
“I don’t want to move” he whispered in my ear
Suddenly there was the sound of a camera click and Nat giggling. 
“That’s definitely going online” she giggled, leaving the room
“NAAAAAT….” Brad groaned “She’s always that annoying”

After waking up a little, we made our way into the kitchen. I was still in the clothes from yesterday so Brad gave me one of his hoodies and a pair of his sweatpants. Surprisingly, the sweat pants fitted me perfectly but the hoodie was a little too oversized. I tied my hair up in a messy bun and began to make breakfast for the family. 
“Do you know how attractive you look wearing my clothes” Brad mumbled in my ear, placing little kisses on my neck
“Not here Bradley” I giggled as he tickled my sides, forcing me to turn around and place my arms around his neck, placing a kiss on his lips as our foreheads touched. 
“Brad, stop with the PDA for goodness sake man” Nat laughed
“Leave them alone, god they’re adorable” His mum said walking in behind.
Brad’s face went bright red as he returned to helping me prepare the breakfast. All of a sudden, both of our phones beeped and we checked to see that we’d both been tagged in a post by Nat on Twitter. There were two photos, one of Brad and I sleeping and another of us hugging in the Kitchen with the caption ’My two little love bugs’. 

The breakfasts I made for the family were widely complimented, apparently I do actually make really good pancakes. Brad went upstairs to take a  phone call from his manager whilst his parents went into the living room to watch the television. I stayed behind in the kitchen to clear things up. 
“Need any help?” Nat asked
“Oh yes please, if you wouldn’t mind”
Coming next to me, she dried the dishes whilst I washed them and we talked. Nat told me a lot about what Brad was like when he was little and she said that I was the only girl Brad had ever seemed genuinely happy with. We also had a little bit of a water fight, which was stopped by Brad’s mum, ending up with us both in giggles of laughter on the floor.
“Listen, do you want to borrow some of my things to get changed into? I mean you’re probably going to be spending the day here and it’ll save you putting the stuff you wore yesterday back on”
“Are you sure Nat?”
“Of course, c'mon!”
Nat led me up to her room where she let me borrow a pair of tights and a really cute dress along with a burgundy cardigan. Nat had such a good dress sense.
“Wow, Nat your wardrobe is amazing, man I wish I could dress like you”
“We’ll have to go shopping some time, it’ll be fun!” She smiled
Leaving me in her room to get changed, do my hair and my make up, I went back downstairs and sat in the living room with Brad’s family as they asked me questions about myself as well as Brad. 
“Urgh” Brad groaned, flopping himself on the sofa
“Sup?” asked his Mum
“Joe needs me to go to the studio to record the last verse vocal for Can We Dance but I wanted to spend the day with (y/n)”
“Awwwwwww” Nat cooed
“NAT!” He shouted
“Jeez soz” she laughed
“Brad go” I smiled
“Yeah but…”
“Brad, (y/n) is right, Your mum and Nat are going shopping for food, and I’m going to take Jesse for a walk around the park, (y/n) can join me…that’s if you’d like too (y/n)”
“I’d love too!” I smiled

That was decided, Brad’s mum drove Brad to the studio and then was going straight for the shopping. Brad’s Dad put the lead on Jesse as I put my converse on and we started off on our walk. I’m not going to lie, it was a little awkward at first, but we bonded and we talked a lot about different things. 
“Brad’s smitten with you”
“He is?”
“You’re his world, you’re the only thing he speaks about, he idolises you and, well, I just want to thank you for making my son so happy”
“It’s my pleasure” I smiled
“Cm'ere” He said, pulling me in for a hug.
We finished our walk and returned back to the house where Nat and Brad’s Mum had already arrived home with the shopping. Brad then got in from the studio and cuddled up to me on the sofa whilst we all watched the latest episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries’

sleeping together - The Vamps Preference

bradley simpson

Brad is such a cute and cuddly thing so he is always the little spoon and he likes it that way. Sometimes you’ll try to experiment and switch positions but it never feels quite right. 

connor ball

Connor and you would start off talking and you’d tell him about your day, and he would do the same. You would laugh and he’d kiss you every once in a while before you both finally dozed off cradled in one another’s arms.

james mcvey

James is always the big spoon and you never question it. He probably likes that it makes him feel protective and strong and you don’t mind letting him feel that pride.

tristan evans

Tris is the type of guy who always feels the need to be protective. This protective side of him is always apparent when you sleep together and his arms are tightly wrapped around you all night long.

Preference 15: “Can I hold your hand?”

This was requested by anon and based off of @itisjustmeandmyimagination‘s Writing Prompts! Check it out here. 


“Can I hold your hand?” 

You suddenly spoke out so Connor can grab your attention. He was practically hanging out with the boys without any kind of attention to you. You didn’t say it like you were angry, but you kind of said it with a cute little voice that always gets him. “Oh baby…” he breathes out as he came closer to you. He grabs your left hand as he brings it up and kisses it. “M’sorry about that.” “No it’s okay. I get it.” you smiled, and he returned the favor. You swore you heard some aww’s coming from the boys. 


You and Brad were long term friends from now. You first met in third grade while your friendship started. Anything, anything, you can tell to Brad. Secrets, truths, feelings, you can even rant around him and he doesn’t blame you. You needed some kind of release of emotions. Today, you and Brad were out to eat some lunch. While walking to the restaurant, you suddenly asked, “Can I hold your hand?” You mentally slapped yourself. You and Brad never had this kind of situation before. Brad stopped walking and looked at you. You can’t read the expression in his face right now. “I-I’m sorry. I di-didn’t mean to–” He held your hand. Your face suddenly heat up and you probably had a blush on your face by now. “It’s okay, Y/N. Doesn’t hurt to hold people’s hand anyway? Yeah?” 


Sunday afternoon, perfect time to do absolutely nothing with your loved ones. Well, Tristan, perhaps.

Both of you were like this every time, actually. Lazily laying down on the bed, phones straight up your faces while no noise is being made. Some people may thing that this is very ridiculous and strange, but some might think that it’s cute; that we like each other’s company even without talking and no awkwardness, and I agree.

“Can I hold your hand, babe?” he suddenly said while looking away from his phone towards me. I laughed while he raised his hand up for me to grab it. “Mkay.” You mumbled while grabbing his hand tightly, and him bringing it up to his lips to kiss it. “I love how you suddenly spoke…” you said. He nodded while smiling, “Well I’ve just seen a very old picture of you and your ex on twitter and I kinda got jealous—“
“Yeah, okay, whatever. And I’ve just needed to remind you that your mine.” You blushed immediately. “Your mine, okay?” he said seriously this time while looking straight into your eyes. You smiled, “Of course, baby. I’m yours.”


Fans. Fans everywhere.

See, dating a famous artist is both a good, and bad thing. Good thing is that you’ll learn so much secretive things that their fans doesn’t know, and you’ll learn many things about his career. And the bad thing is, well, this.

You and James went to a little dinner at a restaurant but suddenly a fan saw both of you inside and decided to post it on twitter, so of course, they hunted your car. You gotta say, you love their fans. And you loved how they support you and James’ relationship and not receiving hate. You love how they support the band and their passion towards them…but they need to chill (I am so sorry guys xD). They were all hurdled up outside the car and desperately waiting for us, probably, to come out. They all had their phones out, recording or ready to take flashing pictures. “You ready?” James said while smiling, as if he was excited to play a game. You sighed playfully, “Yep.”

Before James opens the restaurant door, and before they all started to scream, you pulled his arm back and him abruptly stopping. “Yes, baby?” he whispered with his eyebrows furrowed. “What’s wrong?” You hesitantly replied, “C-can I hold your hand?” You softly said, sure that James would melt like putty in your hands. He tilted his head to the left slightly and smiled, giving you his hand. You immediately grabbed it. “Of course babe. You’re safe with me.”


Sorry if i posted this verrryyy late! Our wifi sucks this week :/ But here ya go! Sorry for the wait (that rhymes omg im gonna stop) xx 

Brad imagine - a fan defends you

Requested by an anon

Your eyes are fixed on Brad, watching as he talks to a group of fans on the street. You smile softly, seeing Brad and the fans all laugh and smile together. You feel slightly jealous that you’re so awkward around new people and can’t really join into the conversation, but it makes you happy seeing Brad interacting with fans. That’s one of your favourite things about him—how he treats and acts around his fans.

“You’re Y/N, right?” a girl says, looking to be a little younger than you.

You smile and nod. “Yup, that’s me.”

“You don’t deserve Brad,” she says suddenly, startling you by the bitterness in her voice.

You frown and glance to him. You can tell that he didn’t hear the girl. She was speaking lowly, and the two of you are a little away from the crowd. “I’m sorry?”

She frowns and folds her arms over her chest. “You’re just using him for his fame. You don’t deserve to date him. He’s way too good for you.”

Your frown gets larger and you feel an anxious feeling starting to form in your stomach. You hate confrontation and arguing in person. “Um … I don’t … I’m not using him for fame.”

“Yeah right.” She scoffs and rolls her eyes. “You’re not pretty, you’re not talented, and you’re not a nice person. You don’t have anything going for you, so you’re obviously trying to use Brad to make yourself liked and popular. Well, it’s not working.”

You bite your lip and look at Brad, hoping he’ll come over and save you from his horrible conversation. He’s still engrossed in his conversation, though. “I’m not using him for fame or popularity. I’m not using him at all. I love him.”

The girl laughs. “Whatever. I doubt he loves you back. How could anyone?”

“Hey,” another voice says from behind you. “Leave her alone.”

You look over and see another girl, this one looking older than the other, standing with her arms folded over her chest.

“This doesn’t concern you,” the first girl says.

“It concerns all of us fans,” the second girl replies. “As fans, we need to love and support the boys, no matter what they do and who they date. Y/N is a really nice person. She’s so sweet to everyone, and she’s so talented and passionate about her hobbies. She’s also so gorgeous, so stop picking on her and leave her alone.”

The other girl looks stunned, as if she didn’t expect to be called out. She opens her mouth but says nothing.

“If you don’t like Y/N, just keep your mouth shut and don’t associate with her. Nobody’s forcing you to like her, but you should at least respect her.” The new girl gives you a small smile. “I think Brad is really lucky to have Y/N. She makes him extremely happy.”

You feel your cheek heat up and you smile slightly. “Thank you.”

The first girl huffs and walks off angrily, obviously at a loss for words.

“Thank you,” you say again. “It was really nice of you to say those things.”

“No problem,” the girl says, grinning. “It’s our job as fans to protect The Vamps and their friends and families.”

You smile. “What’s your name?”

“Laura,” she says.

“Do you have a twitter?”

She nods and tells you her username.

You smile. “I’ll tell the boys what happened, and they can follow you.”

Her eyes grow wide and she smiles widely at you. “Oh my god, really?! Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome. It’s the least I can do for standing up for me.”

Brad goes over to you and puts his hand onto your lower back. “Hey babe. Everything okay over here?”

You nod, smiling over at Laura. “Yeah, everything’s fine. Laura and I were just talking.”

Laura smiles and waves. “Hello again.”

Brad grins. “Hey. I saw another girl here. Where’d she go?”

You open your mouth to speak, but Laura speaks first. “I told her to stop being rude to Y/N and she left.”

Brad’s smile falls and he looks at you. “What was she saying?”

“It’s not important,” you mumble. “She was just being kind of ignorant and rude. It’s fine, it’s been handled thanks to Laura.”

Brad looks at her, a look of gratitude on his face. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Laura says, smiling sweetly. “It’s the least I can do after all that you and the boys have done for us.”

“I’m happy to know that there are some fans who don’t hate Y/N,” he says softly.

You bite your lip and take his hand, giving it a small squeeze.

Laura smiles. “I have to get going, but it was so lovely meeting you, Brad. Thank you for the pictures, and thank you for being so kind.” She looks at you. “I’m glad I ran into you, too.”

You give her a smile. “Likewise.”

She looks at Brad one last time before walking off.

“You know I love you,” Brad says quietly, “right?”

You look at him and nod slightly. “Yes, I do. You know I love you too?”

He nods. “Mhm. I just don’t want you to ever feel insecure or worried that I don’t love you or anything like that. Especially not because of girls who call themselves fans when all they do is send hate to you and the other girlfriends.” He kisses your temple and pulls you closer. “I love you so much, Y/N. No matter what anyone may say, never forget that you’re my one and only, and you mean the world to me.”

Being on tour with him 

- you surprising him after months of missing him 

- having the time of your life during the shows and screaming the lyrics from the top of your lungs

- pranks pranks pranks (silly string attacks, scaring him from behind):

He would be making tea and you would approach him from behind on your tip toes. Next you would jump on his back making him flinch and almost spilling the tea. “Gosh, (Y/N), I could’ve dropped the tea!”, he would laugh. 

- cuddling on the sofa during breaks where he falls asleep and Tris joining you bc you are basically in a threesome-relationship

- taking care of him when you notice he is exhausted by making him a cup of tea or giving him a good cuddle 

- also being the person whose opinion matters the most to Brad when it comes to the shows: he would always ask you how you found the performance of the band and he would be so happy when you say that you loved it

- he would bring you on stage during soundcheck so you can see the venue from his angle and it kinda scares you to imagine to sing in front of so many people

- him dancing with you during soundcheck on stage 

- you saving him from falling off stage … again 

- “that could’ve went horrible, thank god you saved me”

- taking many photos 

- hiding in storage rooms to share some private time

- listening to music together 

- you helping him writing songs

- when there is time you would explore the city 

- calming him when he gets nervous bc you have this impact on him 

Brad S. Imagine: Middle Of The Night (requested!)

This was requested by anon and she said that I should write some Brad imagine based off of their song MOTN. Also, I added a bit of the song Figures by Ida Laurberg (originally by Jessie Reyez). So, here ya go. 

WARNING: There’s a lot of swearing and cursing in this one so beware :)

Brad’s POV:
My hand grabbed another bottle and took a swig for the third time today. The hot liquid burning my lungs. It felt great.

The music is loud to were I can’t even hear myself and people grinding to strangers in the dance floor. I can’t help but to sit on one of the stools in front of the bar.

I miss her.


 I messed up. Big time.

These thoughts carries on my head since the day, oh god, the day that I lost the love of my life. Its all my fault, and I don’t blame her for anything. I’m just a stupid fucking jerk from Birmingham.

“Heyyyya Bradleeyyyy!” A girl comes over with a bottle of beer in her hands, literally wearing nothing but incredibly short shorts, those stupid fishnets, and a crop top that you can already see her cleavage. I cringed and rolled my eyes.

Y/N would never wear and do such.

“How do you know my name.” I said to her face a little harshly.

That’s just the problem with me, isn’t it?

“Oh come on, Brad. Everyone knows your name in here. You know why?” She waited for an answer but I didn’t gave her one, instead the silence spoke. I saw her rolled her eyes a little bit.

“Because you’re that popular guy that everyone’s in love with. You’re that jock who makes girls fall in love with you intentionally. Aaaand…” She drags out. She pulls her body more towards me and puts her hands on my shoulder. I huffed and shrugged her dirty hands off of me and pulled her body away. I can’t do this to her. Even though I just lost her. She just didn’t minded it and continued.

“I wanna be that girl you fall in love with. The girl who suddenly changed you. Can I be her?” She whispered in your ear.

When Y/N does that to me, I instantly get turned on. But this one’s just disgusting.

“Fuck no.” You said and shoved her away.

“That is not me. You don’t know who I really am! I do not want you!” You screamed. Many people turned their heads towards the both of you and some are still fucking grinding on shit. You didn’t care either way.

“Why?! Like you have a girlfriend!?” She yelled back. Oh fucking shit.

“Go away.” You taunted. She took the hint and scoffed. “Tell that to your ‘girlfriend’.”

You are trying not to hit her right now, so you just avoided her and walked straight away. Not hearing nothing from that girl anymore.

You ran your hand around your hair, slightly tugging it in frustration. I want to talk to her. Fuck. I need her.

So you grabbed your phone from your back pocket and dialed one of your best mates’ number. You held your phone to your ear and waited for him to pick up.

“Mate.” Tristan’s voice spoke through the line.

“Oh God thank you for picking up.” you sighed. You ran to the back door of the club and exiting, sitting on a nearby bench just on the corner. 

 “Yeah, absolutely no problem dude. ‘Was just finishing up the dishes anyway. Why’re you calling me in the middle of the night?”

“Ah Tris, I’m in Callooh and—”

“Oh I’m guessing something happened then?” he said in a sarcastic tone.

“Nothing’s sarcastic right now, Tris. Cmon. I’m having a situation right now.” you sighed once again. He didn’t replied for a bit which meant that he was also now taking it seriously.

“Okay, whats the matter?” he spoke up, hearing him shutting the tap water off and him grabbing his car keys. 


I told Tristan the whole story. From our fight and how I totally blame myself for everything, and to that stupid ass woman who was basically trying to hit on me. No thanks. And what am I doing right now? I’m laying in bed, not even using my pillows, and regretting everything that I did to the love of my life. I know I don’t have the right to call her that right now, but don’t care less. I’m a fool for her. I’m a fuck up for loosing her. I need her back. My hands grabbed my phone and dialed the number that i recognized so much.

“Why?” she spoke. Even though I was slightly shocked by her answer, I, God, I still missed her voice. She had the voice of an angel. 

“Y/N, I know this isn’t the perfect time to talk to you right now, but please, love. Hear me out.” I practically beg. She didn’t answered, which gave me the opportunity anyways. 

“I’m sorry, okay? I know I fucking messed up, and I rea–” 

“Where were you?” she cut in. I was taken aback. “What?” 

“Where were were you when I was hurting?” Baby

“I-I was drinking.” I admitted.

“Of course you are.”

“No, no it’s not like that. I was drinking and trying to get you out my head. But I just can’t. I can’t get you out of my mind, Y/N.” I beg. 

She sighed, “You know, Brad. I wish I could hurt you back. What would you do if you couldn’t get me back?” Oh my God, no.

I-I, Y/N..”

“Come on, Brad. Say it. How in the fuck would you feel?” She demanded. 

“I’m the one who’s gonna lose something so special.” I finally spoke out my thoughts. “Something so real. I regret everything, baby. I don’t understand myself why did I put you through so much.” I wanted to cry so badly. I don’t want to loose her again. I want her back in my arms, and in my life. 

“I wanted to hurt you too, Brad. B-but something’s stopping me, you know?” she sniffs. Oh my god, is she crying? 

“Are you crying, love?” you sat up a bit, and rested your head on one of the pillows. She didn’t respond, instead giving away another sniff. “I wish I was there right now, Y/N. And not telling you all of this on the phone.” 

“Aren’t you drunk?” She asks. 

“No, I was sober twenty minutes ago.” I honestly said. She sighed and sniffed once again. I don’t like hearing her like this, especially when I’m not around. 

“I miss you.” I blurted out. 

“I know.” What.

“I know you miss me, Brad. I miss you too.” 

Hearing those four words from her gave me a little hope. Hope of maybe fixing this situation up. 

“But you’re out of time. I don’t know If I could ever forgive you anym–” 

“No, no, please. Please don’t say that.” I panic. I sighed heavily and ran my hand through my hair once again and rubbed my face slightly. “I could give you so much more than the last time, love. I’ve got so, so much more. Baby, just let me have another chance. And I promise that I won’t lose you again.” 

Saying all those things really lifted the weight off of my chest. I didn’t care if I sounded too desperate fore her. Why would I care, I wan’t her to feel my emotions though the phone. 

“I’ll think about it.” she calmly said, like nothing just happened three minutes ago. My heart felt like jumping up and down. No way did she just said that.

“What, w-really?!” I yelled, but keeping my voice down a bit since i’ts like twelve midnight. 

I heard her laugh on the line, god I missed that laugh. “Yeah. I’ll give you another chance. But you have to earn my trust another time, though.” 

“Of course, Y/N. I will do my best to make you mine once again. I won’t let you down.” 

Comfortable silence was next. Me and Y/N were the type of couple that doesn’t really care about what anyone thinks of us. I’m different, and she’s different. But who cares about appearance anyway, at least our souls are the same.

“I can’t believe we did this in the middle of the night.” she laughed softly. I chuckled and relaxed my whole body on the bed. Today was really a day
“I know, love. I know.” 

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How he eats you out

Requested by an anon :)

Tristan; When Tristan ate you out, he’d love to use his tongue in many different ways. He’d kiss your inner thighs and gently lick them. He’d make his way to your core where he’d gently lap his tongue around your lower lips. His tongue would flick against your clit, but he’d tease you by licking and kissing around it. You would whine and groan for more. Tristan would smile at your actions and slowly push the tip of his tongue into you as he kissed your core. You would moan, throwing your head back and shutting your eyes as Tristan’s tongue worked its magic down below.

James; Okay so when James ate you out, he’d be very gentle, but passionate at the same time. He wouldn’t use his mouth roughly, but rather gently and slowly kiss your clit. His slow actions would make you begging for more, but he’d stay at the same pace. He would hold your legs down, restricting you from moving. He would know that his slow movement were killing you inside, but he’d love every second of it. He would love to watch you twitch and writher under his touch. He’d love to hear you beg for more. And, he’d love to feel your muscles all releasing when his lips finally got you to your climax.

Brad; All right, Brad would be one of those guys who’d be pretty noisy while eating you out. Like, he’d just grunt and hum as he kissed your clit. His hums would send vibrations through your core, making you shudder and whine for more. Brad would grin and either hum again or mumble soft words against you between kisses. Your hands would be tangled in his hair and you’d tighten your grip on it when you wanted more intense actions. He’d comply with your wishes and kiss you harder, mumbling some incoherent words against your sopping wet core, giving you unimaginable pleasure.

Connor; I don’t know why, but I just have a feeling that Connor would be someone who’d be very rough and passionate when eating you out. He would kiss your clit with strong lips, pushing his tongue inside of you every now and then. His kisses would be fast, hard, and very pleasurable. Sometimes, he’d even give your lower lips gentle sucks, which would make you moan and whimper. Connor would love hearing those sounds from you, so he’d increase his actions and quicken the pace. With his lip’s harsh movements against your sensitive core, you’d reach your high in no time at all.