brad's snakes


You were at Brad’s having the day to yourselves as his parents and Nat were out for the day and probably all evening; you’d been at Brad’s for awhile now just snuggling on the sofa watching a movie. It had been a pretty relaxed day as you’d had a busy day yesterday and Brad had just got back from tour. You were snaked in Brads arms on the sofa while he rested his chin on your head; you were quite happy laying on Brad while listen to his heart beat when he lifted your chin with his fingers and kissed you. 

You kissed him again but deeper this time; you moved to a more comfortable position so you were now straddling him. He had placed his hands so he was cupping your face pulling you as close as you could be; your hands were gripped tightly to his waist. “When will everyone be home?” you questioned as you whispered into his mouth once you’d broken the kiss, “not for awhile” Brad smirked as he looked into your eyes full of lust. You bit your lip and took Brads hands leading him to his bedroom. The minute you got into his room Brad had you pinned against the wall with his tongue massaging yours, he moved your hair to one side as he began to kiss your neck; sucking and nipping causing you to let out a small moan.

You tugged at the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off throwing it to the floor, he did the same to you leaving you exposed in you black lacey bra. Brad moved his hands to you hips, “jump” Brad demanded, you did as he said and wrapped your legs around his waist. You ran your hands through Brads hair and he kissed you collar bones moving to the middle of your bra. He started to grind against you, you could feel that he was getting hard. He carried you over to the bed and placed you on your back, hovering over you kissing you once again. He kissed you all the way down your stomach to the top of your jeans, sending a shiver through your body. He pulled off your jeans and threw them on the floor, he started lightly kissing your inner thighs, teasing you as he knew it drove you insane.

He ran his hand down your not yet exposed clit, knowing you could take no more he took off your underwear and kissed you clit. Swirling his tongue around, sucking and licking. Your breathing was fast, having your hands tangled in his curls with your eyes shut in pleasure. He introduced a finger which pushed your over the edge letting out a moan in pleasure as your whole body tingled. He got up and hovered over to you again, you hooked his boxers and pulled them off taking his length in your hands. But Brad had other plans and pushed him self inside of you causing you both to moan; he began to push in and out slow at first but then picking up the pace.

Brad grabbed both of your hands and entwined his fingers with yours, lifting them above your head resting them on the bed. As he was pushing, both your breathing became heavier, breathing into each other’s mouths. Feeling the intense pleasure he’s giving you. Brad moved faster and you could feel you were about to cave, “Brad i’m-” you moaned, “me too baby” he forced inbetween breaths. You came together, squeezing one another’s hands, curling your toes as Brad buried his head in your neck in insane pleasure. Both your breathing was heavy and hot, he rolled off you and laid beside you on his bed. Laying there calming his breath. You rolled over onto your side, letting out a small giggle at the pleasure he’d just given you. You kissed his bare shoulder as he looked at you. “I love you so much” Brad said, looking longingly into your eyes with pure emotion, “I love you too” you replied meaning every word, you lent up and kissed him lightly.

First ever smut, sorry if it’s bad thought i’d give it ago as I had major Brad feels..! If it’s awful again i’m very sorry! Let me know what you think?

However, feel free to request anything you like for any of the boys! I may do  preferences but I’ll need ideas (: Thank you my lovlies xx