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love at first sight (bws)

Brad requested separate imagine from anon:  “ So you know how Conor Maynard made a song off with the boys? How about Y/N is Conor’s sister and she comes with him and Brad falls for her and Y/N is also a YouTuber and if you are making this a series (you can make a separate imagine for this) Brad and Y/N make a couple YouTube video. thanks :))”

p.s I am not making this a series…i mean..until i change my mind.
if you haven’t seen the video yet, watch it 

“You’re inviting your friends here again?! It’s been the fourth time this week, Conor. And I’m sick of changing my clothes inside the bathroom.” 

You rolled your eyes at your brother, Conor Maynard. Yes, you’re his sister, but you also make youtube videos, so it isn’t really a shock as much. “At least I have friends that knows where I live so we can hang out.” He says snapping back. I brushed him off and continued setting up my tripod and the camera together. “Yeah, okay, whatever. Just try to be quiet while I make this video.”

I heard him laugh a bit so I looked back at him with a confused face. 

“The Vamps.”


The Vamps are coming over. We’re making a youtube video.” You were so shocked. You knew Conor toured with them last time and hung out, but you really haven’t met them in person. You didn’t know what to do, or what to feel. “So…you guys are probably gonna sing, huh?” He just nodded while smirking, crossing his arms. You puffed out your breath, “Fine, well I mean, it’s Sunday and Im gonna post this on wednesday, guess I’ll give it to you then.” Conor smiled, “Thanks, sister, even though I hate you sometimes. Anyways, I’m posting my video tomorrow, so yeah. Thanks alot.” You smiled back at him, hinting a little ‘sorry’ in your eyes. He chuckled and ruffled your head like a puppy. 


When you finally finished putting back your oh-so-hard-to-make set-up, you flopped down on your bed and sighed. Just the thought of The Vamps are just besides the room next to you made you so curious about wanting to see them. They arrived just five minutes ago and, surely, they haven’t started to record yet. So you decided to try and meet them for the first time without making in awkward. Like You always do.

So the plan was you’re going to pretend to ask Conor whether he used your blow dryer or not and then you pretend that you didn’t notice that the boys were there so then you’re now going to greet them. Great.



Brad’s POV:

“It’s been a long time, boys.” Conor greeted us while the four of us entered the house once again. “Thanks for the invite!” Connor replied as we greeted him back. He led us up the stairs onto his room where we’re about to film a little sing-off that he always does on his channel.

“D’you guys want anything before we start?” He asks. I raised my eyebrows, “Shiiiit are we already starting? Usually when we film together we’ll always joke around for about twenty minutes!” I jokingly said as the other boys laughed. Conor chuckled, “Well maybe I asked the question too early.” We all agreed to just have some bottles of water and he climbed back down the stairs to get some and left all four of us here.

“This place has changed since we last came here!” Tristan exclaimed. “That couch was supposed to be on this side.”

“And why the hell is this flower vase doing here?” James joined as they continued to spot the changes since then. I was looking around the room until we all heard footsteps coming towards the door. “Conor’s back.”

The door swung open, and it was far from what we guessed.

Is this Y/N? Conor’s sister?


“Conor did you see my—oh god, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you guys, uh—I gotta go.” She stuttered nervously. Aw, baby.

Before she could grab the doorknob in this awkward situation (well, for her), I had the sudden urge to grab her arm back and turned her around to face us, to face me. “No, it’s okay, I’m Brad.” I held out my hand for her to shake. She looked down at her feet nervously and looked up back at me with her innocent eyes. “Shit.” I murmured under my breath for only me to hear. She grabbed my hand softly and shook it. I’ve sworn I heard James whistled faintly. “I’m Connor, double ‘n’, nice to meet you.” Connor soon said, pointing at himself while Y/N laughed a bit. “Aaaaand—“ I continued, not wanting to any of the boys to take this away from me. She’s so beautiful.

“—that’s James, and Tristan.” They waved at her and she shyly waved back. I’m already falling, what is this.

“Okay people, here’s your water bottles.” Conor finally walked in with two bottles on each hand and Connor hurriedly helped him. “Oh, sissy, you’re here.” He looked at Y/N with a little smirk on his face while Y/N narrowed his eyes at him. Ohh…I get it now. You chuckled. “So you finally met them, huh?” He continued to joke around her which made Y/N more furious. He slapped his arm, “Just…just start with your video.” Aww, baby, you don’t need to be angry.



While we were already in the middle of the video, I can’t help but to glance at y/n every five seconds. The way her face is so preoccupied when one of us are singing, the way her facial expressions change when we hit a certain note, the way her fingers dance slightly to the beat of the song, and the way she parts her lips slightly to sing a long quietly, everything.

“But she caught me on the counter. Saw me bangin’ on the sofa!” I sang and immediately caught her reaction; her eyebrows raised while smirking slightly (2:14). She saw me looking at her at that moment and blushed. I smiled widely, proud of myself. I couldn’t stop smiling while singing at the same time since then.


“That went amazing!” Conor said while still laughing about the ending. “I’m in love with the coco!” Tristan screamed once again while all of us laughed once more; including y/n. I walked over to her while they’re busy fixing up the set. “So I think you enjoyed that.” I winked at her while drinking my water from earlier. She giggled slightly. Oh I’m already obsessed. “I did…” she quietly said. I got the hint that she was too shy talking about this while the other boys were in this room so I grabbed her arm, out of the room and into, which I believe, is her room.

“Hey! Where are you taking my sister?” Conor said while laughing, “Just a minute!”

I closed the door and looked back at her, still has a smile on her face. “Why did it take so long for us to meet?” I whispered, taking a fallen strand of hair and tucking in behind her ears and resting my palm on her cheeks. “I-I don’t know.”

“You know what, Y/N?”

“Yes, Brad?” First time she says my name, god.

“I have never really believed at love at first sight…until now.” She grabbed both of my hands which made me look straight into her green orbs which you can easily get lost in. “And do you know what, Brad?” she slowly says, and I smirked. We both know that I knew what she’s about to say.

“Me either.”

Midnight Stroll (Brad Simpson Imagine)

a fluffy Brad imagine where you two go for a walk in the middle of the night and talk about whatever, requested by a sweet anon


I wake up from Brad tossing and turning in bed. I keep my eyes closed, hoping he stops moving. I feel myself slowly drifting to sleep but am suddenly disrupted.

“Babe, babe? I apologize for waking you up but I can’t fall asleep.”

I open my eyes. “Did you try closing your eyes?”

“Yes, but my mind is racing. So many thoughts are clouding it up.”

“Any idea how you can clear your head?”

He scrunches his face a bit, reluctance apparent. “Well, I was wondering if you’d like to go for a walk with me?”

I look over at the clock on the nightstand. “At midnight? Hmm…I’ve never taken a walk at this time before.” He looks at me, waiting for an answer. “Sure, why not? If it will help you.” He smiles.

I put on one of his hoodies over my pjs and slip into my favorite pair of sneakers. “Ready to go?” Brad asks. I nod.

“So what’s on your mind?” I ask, genuinely curious as to what’s keeping him up so late.

“Everything, like tour and the new music. It’s exciting but also nerve-racking. Our fans are amazing and so supportive, yet, before we release an album there’s still a bit of worry.”


“Of the fans not liking the new material, the general feel of the album or if it will do well.” He goes silent for a few seconds.

“I can assure you that your fans will love what you guys create. And it is normal for you to be afraid of doing well when you make something that means a lot to you. But Brad, you have nothing to be worried about because you guys succeed and do really well with what you do, whether it be performing, writing songs or making an album.”

“Thank you. You always know what to say.” He kisses my cheek softly.

“Anything else on your mind?”

“Just how much I’m going to miss you when I’m away on tour.” He pouts.

“That’s why we should make most of the time we have now.”

“You’re right.” He stops walking and gazes into my eyes.

I take in the sight of his eyes in the moonlight, they look like the stars above us. He leans in, so I follow his move. He holds my face in his hands then his lips melt onto mine. “I love you”, I say adoringly.

“I love you more.” His hands move down to my waist, pulling me close.

I wrap my arms around his neck, soaking in the moment even more so. Leaving no space between us.

He nestles his head on my neck, inhaling me. “I’ll miss the way you smell”, I feel him breathe on me. He starts rubbing my back with one of his hands. “I’ll miss the way you feel.” His lips find their way back to mine, kissing me passionately this time. He pulls away, “And I’ll miss the way you taste.” He rests his forehead on mine.

I put my hand on his chest. “I’ll miss this sound and feeling that I get to experience each day and each night.” I move my hand to his neck, where his vocal chords are. “I’ll miss hearing the lovely sounds and words created by this.” I then graze my fingers across his lips. “I’ll miss the sweet things that come out of here and that soft, yet strong feeling these create.” I look up at him, “And finally, I’ll miss seeing these beautiful, breathtaking eyes whenever I can.”

He reaches his hand out to mine. I place mine in his, our fingers interlocking. “I’ll miss this”, he says as he gives a little squeeze.

“Can we just stay in this moment?”

“Yes, for as long as you like.”


He cracks a smile. “Forever.”

Laundry Day

Request for more Four Word Prompts here.

“Is that my shirt?” / BWS

This was supposed to be short but I wrote a 1,1k worded smut instead oops. 

Loading the washing machine was your job in your shared flat with Brad. You weren’t struggling, you had the clothes bundled up in your arms tightly, making sure they wouldn’t touch the floor.

You watch as the machine spins the fabrics and resounds a noise from the vibrations. Your attention towards the washing machine breaks as you feel a pair of eyes on you 

“What are you staring at?” You turn your head to the boy staring at you from the doorway, one corner of his mouth is up in a smirk.

Is that my shirt?” He asks you.

“Yes, I thought it would be best if I got everything in at once. I hope you don’t mind.” You turn around fully now, leaning back against the washing machine.

“Of course I don’t mind, I encourage you wearing my clothes actually.” He takes long strides to get where you are until his chest is pressed against yours, “You look fucking sexy.”

Your smile widened slightly, it wasn’t subtle how he trailed his eyes over your form before meeting up with your amused gaze. You wrapped your arms around his neck and almost instinctively, his went around your waist pulling you closer to him. The shirt rode up to expose your ass, but Brad didn’t mind. He was too focused on the feeling of your lips capturing his.

“Maybe I should wear your shirts more often, I quite like them.” You told him as his lips left yours to press against your jaw, trailing down your neck and to your collarbones.

One of his hands that were around your waist reaches down to your ass and pushes you closer to him before giving it a tight squeeze. “I agree it looks good on you, but you know what I like more?”
The other hand makes it’s way beneath your shirt and rests itself below the curve of your breast. You shiver at the cold contrast on your warm skin.
“Having it off.”

Swiftly, he removes his shirt that you had on and sits you down on top of the still stirring washing machine, leaving you in nothing but your underwear. As your ass makes contact with the cold metal, you let out a gasp.

“Feels good, yeah? The vibrations rubbing you well?” Brad lets out a dark chuckle as he watches the wet spot on your underwear get darker. You feel the vibrations of the washing machine hit directly at your core, before he pulls your panties down and spreads your legs to give himself a view of your glistening folds.

“Fuck, baby. You’re dripping already.” He says in gritted teeth.

Brad knelt down until he was at eye level to your core. You stifled a moan as he began to lay kisses up and down your thighs. His eyes never left you and he watched your heavy breathing bring your breasts up and down with each breath. He was now only inches away from your dripping wet pussy and you could feel his hot breath against your folds.

“Brad, stop teasing, please…” You moaned out as you felt him bury his face in between your legs, taking in your scent.

Finally, he brings his face down and instantly delves his tongue inside you to taste the juices from him and the vibrations you felt. You started breathing erratically when you felt his tongue trace up and down your folds before circling around your clit, taking it in between his lips and sucking hard.

His actions shifted from deep flicks of his tongue on your clit to plunging the wet muscle in your hole. You were so close to coming, yet when Brad felt the grip on his hair tighten, he removes his mouth from your pussy and brings his lips back to your neck.

“Brad, what the fuck-” 

“Easy now, baby. I’ll fuck you soon.” He pulls his boxers down and reveals his hard and throbbing cock, precum coming out of the tip. He rubs his hard cock on your pussy, the tip hitting your clit slightly.

“Mmm,” You moan and bite your lip, unable to take his teasing, “Fuck me already, daddy.”

Brad’s eyes darken at the nickname you frequently used in bed, he loved it when you called him that. So just like all his other senses were turned of by that word, he grabs your ass and thrusts his cock deep inside your pussy.

You let out a scream at the overwhelming feeling of finally having Brad filling you up. He lets out a loud groan at the unexpectedly tight feeling as your folds hugged his dick.
“Fucking hell… You’re so tight, didn’t I just fuck you yesterday?”

“Maybe you didn’t do it hard enough, then.” You say in a moan.

He presses his forehead against your head hard enough to knock you and gives you a hard glare, “Try me sweetheart, I dare you.”

Like a switch turned off, he starts thrusting in you harder than he has before and grips your hips hard enough to leave bruises. His fingers dig into your ass and he slides you in a position where the vibrations of the washer are able to hit you in a better angle, he reaches down the washing machine to switch the settings to an even higher setting, making the vibrations more violent. The combination of his thrusts and the movement of the washer made you whimper as Brad’s fingers began to rub your clit rapidly

“I-I’m close, god yes-!” You scream out, Brad’s grunts and moans were enough to send you closer to the edge.

“Come, baby. Be a good girl for daddy.” His mouth is agape and he’s struggling to keep his eyes open to look at your face as you come.

Brad moaned at how your walls tightened around his cock before pressing his lips against yours. His tongue made it’s way inside your mouth as his thrusts sped up. Suddenly, your orgasm pulsed through you, Brad broke the kiss to throw his head back and groan in pleasure as his cock pulsated inside you. His orgasm coursed through him as he emptied himself inside you.

Brad slumped against you, his head laying on your shoulder as his knees buckled in after shock of his orgasm. He reached down to turn the washing machine off and you let your hand reach up to stroke his hair to calm both of you down from your highs. 

“So,” Brad lifts his head up to meet your eyes, “When’s the next laundry day?”


Request: Prince!Brad AU / Bradley never expected himself to fall in love with the daughter of a florist. It was forbidden for royalty to have peasantry relations, but, he loved her.

Words: 2.2k

a prompt loosely based on this post by @stussybrad

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Brad drabble - PDA

Requested by an anon

Brad gave your hand a small squeeze as the two of you walked through the park with Jessie on her leash. Though the sun was beating down on you two, the cold winter breeze made you shiver.

“You cold, babe?” Brad asked.

“I’m fine,” you told him. “The wind is just a bit nippy, that’s all.”

He let go of your hand, handed you Jessie’s leash and started to take off his jacket but you quickly shook your head. “Brad, no, you’ll freeze. I’ll be fine.”

He frowned. “Y/N, if you’re cold, you can have my jacket. I don’t mind.”

You shook your head again. “Really, I’m fine.”

Still unconvinced, Brad pulled his wool scarf off and handed it to you. “At least take this.”

“Brad …”

“I insist.” He shot you a cheeky smile and wrapped it around your neck, slowly moving the hair out from under it. Pressed his lips to your cheek, smiling against your skin. You bit your lip as a smile spread across your face. The scarf was warm, soft, and smelt of him. You took in a deep breath, taking in his scent.

“Thank you.”

He grinned. “Anytime.” He took your hand again and intertwined your fingers. As the two of you started walking again, Jessie went to the grass and started to do her business. Brad sighed, pulling a bag out of his pocket. You wrinkled your nose slightly and looked away.

Brad picked it up and tied the bag. “I’ll go throw it out at the garbage can up there. You and Jessie can sit on that bench.” He nodded towards a small, green park bench.

You shot him a smile as you went to the bench. Jessie watched Brad leave, but went with you anyway. Brad went to the garbage can and you rubbed Jessie’s ears while you sat on the cold bench. You smiled down at the dog. “You’re such a sweet girl.”

She tilted her head back and panted at you, making you smile wider.

Brad came over a moment later and sat down, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. “Check Instagram.”

“What?” you asked. “Why?”

He smiled. “Just check it.”

You sighed and took out your phone, turning on your data before opening Instagram. You noticed that Brad had tagged you in a photo and you opened it. It was a picture of you smiling down at Jessie from a few moments ago. You smiled whilst reading the caption, “First she stole my heart, now she’s stealing my scarf and dog.”

“Aw,” you gushed, smiling widely at Brad. “You’re so sweet. And dorky. Very, very dorky.”

Brad imagine, you two fight:

“Brad who is this?” You ask, pulling up a picture on your twitter of him kissing a girl on the cheek, awfully close to her lips. Brad looks over and frowns, “She’s just a fan. She wanted me to kiss her on the cheek, so I did” He tells you in a simple tone. You scoff and cross your arms. “That doesn’t mean you have to do it…” You mutter. Brad walks over to you and clenches his jaw. “I can do whatever I want with my fans if they ask for me to do it” He spits out. You huff and roll your eyes, “So you could have sex with a fan and you would still say, "Oh she asked me to do it so it’s fine”?!“ You exclaim. Brad runs a hand through his hair and frowns. "That’s not what I meant Y/N” He starts to say, but you scoff and start to walk away. Brad grabs your arm tightly, causing you to hiss in pain. “You don’t trust me, do you?” Brad asks, sounding very intimidating. You don’t answer and look down. “Do you??” He says again, this time louder. You flinch and shake your head. “I do! I just- When I see pictures of you kissing fans all the time, I get jealous!” You try to explain. “When will you understand that they’re fans?? They’ll never mean as much as you do to me! I wish you would just let me just deal with the fans how I want” He releases his grip  on your arm and groans. “I just…. I don’t want you to leave me…” You whisper, looking down. Brad looks up at you with his eyebrows furrowed. “Why would I leave you?” He asks, holding your hands gently. “Because you might find a fan who’s prettier than me, and better than me….” You mutter. “Baby listen to me.. No one is better than you. Okay? Nobody on the whole world is prettier than you. You’re so so amazing, and if I let you go, that would be the stupidest thing ever. Why would I let go of an angel?” He kisses your cheek gently, making you blush. “I’m sorry I overreacted…. I love you..” You say, hugging him around his torso. He smiles and hugs you back, “I love you too baby" 

This was requested on my wattpad