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A/N: hi I’m sorry this is a day late but yeah, and its a little short but i did my best with it, hope you like it!!

Request: Hi! I really love your imagines! Do you think you can write one about me comforting Bradley when Jesse (his dog) dies? Thanks

You and brad were dating for a really long time, but he’s been on tour and you expected him to contact you within the next couple days because he always spent the first day or to with his mom and jesse. Surprisingly you received a phone call right away from brad right away.

“B-babe I’m freaking out is it possible that you can meet me at my mums?” he said and you could just hear the trembling in his voice.

“Yes of course brad, is everything okay, are you okay?”

“Not really, but i’ll talk to you when you get here, okay”

“Alright i’ll be there in 15 minutes max”

“Bye, i love you”

“I love you too babe see you in a few”

You hung up the phone and threw on your jacket and a pair of shoes, driving to brads as quickly as you could.

He was sitting on the porch outside waiting for you, and as soon as he saw you he engulfed you in a hug and you felt his tears on your shoulder.

“Baby what happened, don’t cry” you said sweetly holding his face up in front of you, wiping his tears off of his face.

“Jesse died” he said breaking out into tears again.

You pulled him into a long hug, you knew how close brad was to his dog.

“Bradley, baby, I’m so sorry. It’s gonna be okay”

“This just isn’t fucking fair, i should’ve been here”

“Hey, hey, don’t blame yourself. Dogs have a lifespan, and things like this happen and it has nothing to do with you okay”

“Okay, i love you so much for coming here and being amazing”

“Shh- i wanted to see my boyfriend soon anyhow i just didn’t know it’d be this soon” you siad in a cheeky tone.

“Oh did you miss me baby girl?”

“How could i not?” you laughed kissing him

“I missed you too” he said kissing you again.

“Hey, how about we take a trip to nandos, you always love nandos” you said knowing that would cheer him up.

“Yeah, you driving?”

“Or you can drive it doesn’t make a difference.”

“Okay youll drive then”

For some reason he loved when you drove, he said he liked being able to look at you and whatever.

“How’d i get so lucky?” he said holding your hand.

“I ask myself the same question, don’t you worry. Mr, sweet talk today” you said making him laugh.

“I just love you that’s all” he said as you pulled into nandos.

“Cheeky nandos?” he asked you, and you both started breaking out into laughter.


I don´t want disturb their privacy with these photos. But look at them. They have such a nice relationship together. It´s nice to see family can stick together in these days.