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Undeniable Heat Chapter 19: Bruised and Battered

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary:  You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

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Jensen’s P.O.V.

After throwing back a couple of shots, I felt more comfortable, more in control. As if my entire world wasn’t crumbling around me once again. Lounging on the couch, the empty tumbler dangling from my fingers, I sighed as yet another text from Jared sounded from my phone. “Damn it.” I muttered, finally picking it up. I had ignored the first two, but I knew he wouldn’t give up until he got an answer from me.

“Have you talked to her yet?” Was the first one. “Damn it Jensen, you’re just causing yourself more heartache. Go talk to her. And let me know what happens.” The third one had me shaking my head. “If I don’t get a reply from you in the next thirty minutes I’m coming over and locking the two of you in a room.”

I had no idea why Jared was so intent on my relationship with Y/N. But he had been from the moment I had spoken about her. Maybe it was because she was the first girl I had shown any interest in after Danneel. Or maybe it was because he knew me better than anyone, and he knew how much I had come to care for her in such a short period of time.

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Mysterious Depths

Pairing: Eventual Merman!Dean x Reader

Summary: The reader meets a mysterious individual when he comes to her defense. 

Warnings: Some cuss words, a touch of physical violence. 

Word Count: 1,216

A/N: Well as you all can see this is a mermaid AU. I will most likely make this a series but that’s up to you guys. I hope you like it and feedback is always welcome. 

Originally posted by little-messs

Light reflected off the dancing waves. Glimpses of the world beneath the waves was quickly revealed before being hidden once more. The ocean was a world of mystery and beauty, something that could never be tamed. This wild beauty had always drawn you. It was like the ocean was calling to you but you didn’t know how to respond. In fact you were actually terrified of going into the ocean, which was a huge contradiction to what you felt. But you were deathly afraid of entering the water and refused to go anywhere near a beach.  

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A Really Long List of Recommended Music

I have been asked in the past to recommend Video Game OSTs, Movie OSTs, et cetera so I decided to make a huge masterpost of the songs I listen to when trying to study/relax/et cetera.

About This List:

It contains exactly 193 songs of varying background/styles. The vast majority of them are from video games and are thusly classical/orchestral. A few of them contain lyrics, some are 8-bit, some are a bit more techno. My goal was to provide a wide variety of songs that many may not know about.

I have included the composers, but not where the song is featured, simply because:
a) the video linked will include it’s source 
b) I didn’t want to make the list any more ridiculously long than it is. 

Please let me know if any of the links are broken!!!

The YouTube Playlist

Dedicated to: @pathfindersara <3 <3

Adagio for Strings, Op. 11 - Samuel Barber
The Adventure Begins - Christopher Héral
Alas, The Dragon Shall Break - Brad Derrick
Alexius - Trevor Morris
All of My Birds - Jessica Curry
Almost Home - Thomas Newman
“American” Suite in A Major, Op. 98b, B 190: II. Allegro - Antonín Dvorák
“American” Suite in A Major, Op. 98b, B 190: Moderato
-  Antonín Dvorák
“American” Suite in A Major, Op. 98b, B 190: V. Allegro -  Antonín Dvorák
Apotheosis - Austin Wintory
Aragami - Two Feathers
The Arc - Dynamedion
Atonement - Austin Wintory
Aurora - Jeremy Soule
Aurora - Jessica Curry
Aztec Theme - Roland Rizzo

Baba Yetu - Christopher Tin
Balaenoptera Musculus - Austin Wintory
Ballad of the Goddess -  Hajime Wakai & Takeshi Hama
Balmorra - Multiple Composers
Barrow Hills - Tilman Sillescu
Betus Blues - Danny Baranowsky
Bicameral Mind - Ramin Djawadi
Bóg Się Rodzi - Geoff Knorr
Bohemian Street Jam - Jerry Martin
Born Unto Trouble - Bill Elm & Woody Jackson
Bowerstone - Russel Shaw
Brazil Medieval Theme - Geoff Knorr
The British Empire - Brian Tyler
Bundle of Joy - Michael Giacchino
A Bunny Can Go Savage - Michael Giacchino
Business Office - Jarred-Emerson Johnson

Can O’ Salt - Danny Baranowsky
Caranx Ignobilis - Austin Wintory
Carnival of the Animals, Finale -  Camille Saint-Saëns
Carnival Overture -
Antonín Dvorák
Carry Me Back to Her Arms - Jessica Curry
Chapter 6 Menus - Danny Baranowsky
Time’s Scar -  Yasunori Mitsuda
The Citadel -
Richard Jacques & Jack Wall
City of Jerusalem - Jesper Kyd
City of Rome - Jesper Kyd
Civil (Explore) - Ben Prunty
Colette Shows Him Le Ropes - Michael Giacchino
Comrades in Arms - Brad Derrick
Corprate Ruins - Inon Zur
Czech Suite, Op. 39- V Finale -  Antonín Dvorák

The Dalish - Inon Zur
The Dalish Encampment - Inon Zur
Dancers on a String - Garry Schyman
The Dark World - Arata Iiyoshi
Darla Filth Offramp - Thomas Newman <- one of my favorite songs ever
Dead End Alley - Bill Elm & Woody Jackson
Delphinus Delphis - Austin Wintory
Detroit City Ambient - Michael McCann
Devil N’ Bass - Danny Baranowsky
Dragon Age Inquisition Theme - Trevor Morris

An Early Harvest - Jessica Curry
Edge & Flight - Solar Fields
Elizabeth - Garry Schyman
Elves at the Mercy of Men - Inon Zur
Enchanted Forest Pursuit - Christopher Héral
Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears and Fears, arranged by Scott Bradlee  
Evil Reawakened - Russel Brower & Glen Stafford
Exit Music (For a Film) - Ramin Djawadi
Ezio’s Family - Jesper Kyd

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Lost and Forgotten

Chapter Four

Warnings: angst, light smut, lots of feels

(Prologue) (Chapter One) (Chapter Two) (Chapter Three) (Chapter Five)

“Wake up, babe.” Brad whispered in your ear, running his hand down your exposed body, settling it between your legs, running a finger between your folds. 

“But I’m so tired.” You groaned into your pillow and swatted your hand in his direction.

“Come on, babe, I want you.” He started rubbing your clit and you moaned.

“You had me last night, don’t you remember?” You smiled at him from your pillow. “Shit!” 

Brad shoved two fingers in your entrance, pumping them vigorously. He kissed your neck and brought your hand to his hard-on, urging you to feel him. You groaned, you just wanted to sleep. Your orgasm was close when there was a knock on the door. 

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Big Brother - Zach Werenski (#24)

Originally posted by tomastatars

Ugh I love Zach so shoutout to all the requests I’m getting that are for him!!!  Big big fan!! Hope you guys enjoy, let me know what you think!! Much love! <3

Word count: 761

Warnings: like one swear word

Requests: “Could u do another zach werenski where you play hockey too and meet his brother brad? :)” - @brooke5bb


“You’re coming to my game tonight right babe?” you asked your boyfriend as you got dressed to go to the rink.

“Of course! Wouldn’t miss it for the world!” he smiled from his spot on the bed.

You walked over, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips then made your way out of the bedroom.  Just as you had passed through the door way Zach called out, “also my brother Brad’s coming to the game tonight, he’s in town for the next couple days!”

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50 shades of bradley

A/N: ill admit at first i didn’t know what to make of this request but i had so much fun writing this, i haven’t wrote actual smut in a while so its the first time in a long time that i just sat there and wrote the whole imagine/smut in one sitting. Hope y'all love it! 

******* also remember this is smut so it does include sexual acts******

Request by @maxinejordanstyles : Helloooo It’s me. AHAHHAHAHAHAH Anyway, thanks for replying! So here’s my plot I guess? Um maybe you and Brad decided to watch 50 shades of gray and then later Brad becomes um you know. And blah blah stuff happens. thanks you don’t have to rush yourself doing this!!! Ilysm! Ps. You writing still rocks!!! Bye for now! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Brad invited you over for a movie night, tonight so you gladly obliged and was at his house by 5pm. He greeted you at the door with a hug and a kiss, per usual. You sat on the couch with your typically busy boyfriend and sat with him on the couch, content with even just being with him in that moment.

“So what are we watching tonight?” You asked curiously leaning into him on the couch.

“I wasn’t sure, thought we could look through what’s new” he suggested as you went through the movies available for renting.

“Hey what about that 50 shades of gray that everyone is obsessed with, i have to admit ive been pretty curious about it” you admit slightly timid of what brads reaction would be.

“Seriously? I mean sure, if you want to”

“Yeah, let’s go for it.” You say, clicking on the movie.

As the movie started you sat close to brad with his arm around you and you both stared at the screen watching the movie. That was until the first sex scene came on and you felt brad kiss your neck.

You giggled and said “brad stopp, watch the movie” you said taking his hand that was around you in your hand.

“But baby” he whined touching your leg.

“Brad, be patient” you said teasingly kissing him quickly.

You could tell he was already sexually frustrated, but you had hardly gotten half way through the movie.

Once you were getting towards the end of the movie you decided you would have a bit of fun with him in the mood he was in. You moved your hand to the inside of his thigh inching close to his bulging hard on that he had from this extremely sexual movie.

“Babe what do you think you’re doing” he said becoming flustered.

“Oh im just having a bit of fun” you joked placing you hand directly on his hard on, whilst you began palming him.

“Baby dont tease me like this”  he whined.

“Yeah, what are you gonna do about it” you teased, knowing exactly what he was going to do.

“Thats it, you asked for it” he laughed, picking you upover his shoulders carrying you to his bed. Leaving you in giggles.

“Is this what my baby girl wanted? Hmm” he said climbing on top of you kissing you softly.

“Mmh yes please brad, i need you” you said coming off more needy than you had wanted.

“Whatever you want my princess” he said kissing down your neck to the parts of your chest that were already exposed from your shirt.

“Oh these half to go my love” he said smiling to himself removing your shirt and then your pants revealing you in your panties and bra. Brad hummed as he kissed all over your body, leaving you in shivers, then returning to your mouth.

“Mmh, bradley its your turn” you giggled peeling his shirt off his toned body and unbuckling his belt.

He took his pants off and threw them on the floor and returned right on top of you in only his boxers.

“Better? Hm?” He teased kissing your neck.

“Perfect,” you say getting into a heated makeout session with him, You pause for a moment, and slip from under him. He looks at you confused, but you only smile at him. You walked to the front and center of his room and looked directly at him whilst you touched all over your body with your bra and underwear still on.

Brad stared at you in awe, you’ve never done this but you were feeling particularly feisty tonight. You seductively remove your bra slow and teasingly, letting it hit the floor. You then turned around and slowly removed your underwear before slowly walking over to brad and getting on top of him.

“Baby that was so bloody hot” he said moving his hands to your ass and squeezing it.

“Yeah,you liked that?” You said in a cheeky tone. You then kissed your way to his v line right above his boxers looking up at him with innocent eyes.

“Fuck your so beautiful” he muttered.

You removed his boxers and tossed them on the floor revealing his hard on hitting his stomach. You licked the tip before putting his entire member in your mouth, bobbing your head up and down. You’d glace up at him every so often because you knew that drove him crazy. He had his head back muttering sounds of pleasure. He was really close but you just couldn’t wait any longer. You got up and almost put his member into yourself until brad flipped you over.

“I dont think so darling” he laughed.

He did something unexpected, he kissed you slowly down your stomach, right to your pussy.

“Fuck brad don’t do this I need you inside me right now”

“Oh ill be inside you, but not quite yet my princess” he said kissing your clit, then began lapping his tongue around your clit and inside your pussy driving you insane.

Your moans filled the room and you were reaching the brink of an orgasm, but he didnt stop.

“Brad, fuck dont stop” you moaned out.

This made him go faster and lick the shit out of your clit while working his fingers inside of you pumping in and out finally bringing you to your orgasm.

“Thats my baby girl” he smirked licking up every inch of cum on his fingers.

“Fuck brad its been so long” you panted.

“I know baby girl, you ready for the real deal” he said pumping himself before putting a condom on.

“And you were going to rush, and not put a condom on, tsk tsk young lady” he teased you.

“Mmh, ive been a bad girl teach me a lesson” you teased

He laughed at your mocking voice mimicking the movie. He started thrusting into you like it was nobody’s business.

“Fuck bradley keep going it feels so good, fuck” you said moaning loudly. He kissed your neck softly while thrusting even faster than before, just hitting your g spot.

He was on the brink of cumming and so were you, you both seemed to be in sync.

“Brad dont stop, im almost there”

“Me too baby girl me too” he said in desperation.

He brought a hand down to rub your clit finally making you cum for the second time tonight. He came in his condom, pulled out and took his condom and threw it in the trash.

“That was so amazing brad, i missed you”

“I knew you had a reason for that movie” he teased before kissing you

“Well bradley, you’re supposed to say ‘i miss you too babe’ but i guess your kiss will suffice” you laughed.

“You know i missed you, so stop that” he said kissing you again.

“Can i sleep here” you whispered while under the blankets cuddling with him.

“I kind of assumed you’d be sleeping over anyways my love” he said cutely kissing your nose.

“Okay cool because i’m definitely to lazy to get up right now.” You said causing him to laugh.

“ i love you so much, you know that?” He said brushing his hands through your hair.

“I love you too bradley, to the moon and back” you said before falling asleep on his chest.

“My princess, always” he whispered kissing your forehead as you slept.

Brad imagine - you meet his family

Requested on wattpad

“What if they don’t like me?” you ask quietly as Brad pulls onto his street.

“They’ll love you,” he replies instantly. “How could they not?”

With a shrug, you sigh and look out the window. “I don’t know. What if they think I’m weird? Or that I’m not a good match for you?”

Brad glances at you briefly. “Y/N, they’re going to love you, trust me. They won’t think you’re weird, and they’ll think you’re a perfect match for me. You know why?”

You shake your head slowly.

“Because they’ll see how incredibly happy you make me,” he murmurs whilst pulling into his driveway.

You smile at him softly. “Thank you.”

“Now come on,” he says, turning his car off. “Let’s go in.”

You nod and climb out of the car, trying to push all your nerves down. Your stomach is a ball of knots and butterflies, all fluttering about. Your mind is filled with bad scenarios that could happen. You hate feeling this way. You just want to go home and curl up in your bed. You don’t want to face Brad’s family – you’re so positive that they’ll dislike you.

Brad puts his hand onto your lower back and leads you towards the door. He unlocks it and steps inside.

You glance at Brad awkwardly after you follow him in. Do you leave your shoes and jacket on? Do you take them off? If yes, where do you put them?

As if reading your mind, Brad slips his shoes off and nods at the shoe mat. “Just put your shoes there, babe. I’ll hang up your coat.”

You thank him softly and hear the pitter patter of claws against the hardwood floor. You look over to see a big, fluffy, golden dog headed your way. A smile spreads across your face and you crouch down as Jesse approaches. “Hey there.”

Brad grins, bends down to ruffle his dog’s ears, then beams at you. “She likes you.”

“She’s a dog,” you mutter. “Dogs like everyone.”

He shrugs. “Still. Her tail’s going crazy. It looks like a windmill.”

You look up to him and smile. “Like a windmill in the sky?”

Brad snorts back a laugh and shakes his head.

“Brad,” a female voice calls from the top of the stairs.

You look over and see a girl you’re assuming to be Brad’s sister running down to greet her brother. You and Brad met on tour a while back, and have been dating long distance for a while. As well as being away from you, Brad’s been away from his family for quite some time. Between touring, visiting you, and working in the studio, he hasn’t had much time to be with his family.

“Hey Nat,” Brad breathes out while they hug. “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too,” she murmurs, giving her brother a tight hug. She pulls away smiling, and looks to you. “You must be Y/N.”

With a shy smile, you stand and nod. “I am. It’s nice to meet you.”

Natalie smiles sweetly. “Nice to meet you, too. Brad’s been telling us lots about you over the phone.”

“Has he?” You shoot him a look and blush softly.

Brad puts his hands up in defense. “It was all good things, I promise.”

“Good things?” a voice echoes from the hall.

You all turn to look, seeing Brad’s father walking over. “He never shuts up about you. It’s always, ‘Y/N did this, Y/N did that. Y/N’s so great. I love her so much, dad.’

Your cheeks turn red and you notice Brad’s tinting pink as well. He rubs the back of his neck and laughs awkwardly. “I don’t sound like that.”

Natalie grins. “Sure you do. Mum’s in the kitchen, by the way. She’s making food.”

“Thanks.” Brad takes your hand and pulls you to the kitchen, obviously sensing your embarrassment. “Sorry about them,” he whispers on the way.

“It’s fine,” you reply quietly.

“Hi mum,” Brad says as he steps into the kitchen.

Anne looks over her shoulder, a broad smile across her face. She wipes her hand on her apron quickly before opening her arms. Brad goes into them, embracing his mom for a good minute or two.

“Mum, this is Y/N.” Brad nods at you. “Y/N, this is my mum.”

You hold out your hand awkwardly. “Pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Simpson.”

Anne laughs lightly and waves her hand. “Please, call my Anne.” She goes over and gives you a one-armed hug.

You glance at Brad as you awkwardly hug her back. He’s smirking at the two of you, his eyebrows raised slightly.

“It’s so nice to finally meet the girl who’s got Brad so head over heels,” Anne comments once the hug is done.

You feel your cheeks heating up again, and you look down to your feet. “It’s nice to meet you all as well. I’ve been looking forward to meeting his family.”

Brad makes a strange noise, as if holding back a laugh, and clears his throat afterwards. “We’ll let you continue cooking. We can all catch up over dinner.”

Anne nods and kisses her son’s cheek softly, making him smile lightly. She turns to you and looks you over slightly, then smiles widely to herself. “I can see you two make each other very happy. I’m very happy to see that. You chose a good one, Brad.”

He smiles wider, looks to you and nods. “I know.”

Coulrophobia // Matthew Gray Gubler x Reader

Prompt: Smutty MGG. Halloween party & reader wears something that really turns Matthew on and smut happens when they get home

Requested by: Anonymous

Warnings: smut, language, dirty talk

Halloween was undoubtedly Matthew’s favorite day of the entire year. It was better than Christmas or even his birthday where he was known to get just a tad too crazy. Halloween was the perfect excuse to dress up as whoever you wanted, whether it be a huge m&m or a slutty nurse. Not to mention that decorating his home with spooky pumpkins and ghosts was one of his favorite activities.

This year Matthew found himself at Hollywood’s hottest party surrounded by the biggest stars. In the VIP corner of the room sat Angelina Jolie dressed as Wonder Woman with her husband Brad Pitt on her arm, dressed in a Superman suit. In the opposite corner stood his good friend AJ dressed up as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, accompanied by Shemar who was dressed as Batman. Most costumes were superheroes this year and he grinned as he looked down at his own attire, dressed as a terrifying clown complete with face paint.

He strode over towards his friends who immediately recognized him.

“Gosh Matthew, couldn’t pick something a little less terrifying?” AJ commented with a small laugh. Matthew simply smiled and shook his head.

“That defeats the purpose of Halloween! You’re supposed to look scary,” he argued as he looked at her outfit.

“Some of us like to look cute,” she replied with a roll of her eyes. “Speaking of cute…is that Y/N over there?”

They all turned to see you at the snack table making yourself a drink. You were dressed in a tantalizingly high red corseted dress, a red cloak around you with the hood pulled up. Shemar smiled as he saw your outfit, eyeing the thigh high stockings you wore that pulled the look together.

“That’s more sexy than cute,” Shemar commented with a mischievous grin.

“Don’t talk about my girlfriend that way,” Matthew replied as he playfully punched Shemar’s arm. The man laughed as he gestured toward you.

“You might wanna get over there loverboy. Looks like some guys have their eye on your girl,” he informed. Matthew frowned as he surveyed the area around you and noticed several men eyeing you up and down. He strode over to you determinedly, tapping you on your shoulder.

“Jesus Christ, Matthew!” You exclaimed as you jumped at his clown costume. You spilled a bit of your drink onto your chest, the liquid causing your boobs to glisten.

“Sorry,” he apologized as he watched you wipe the liquid away with your hand. Your chest was pushed up slightly more than usual from the corset you wore, causing his gaze to linger.

“Hey, eyes up here clown,” you stated with a smile. “God, I am so terrified of clowns and that is what you chose to be this year.”

“Coulrophobia,” He replied with a small smile. You have him a questioning look at the word. “That’s the name for fear of clowns. I learned that from my years on Criminal Minds.”

“Of course you did,” You replied with an amused grin. He looked at you sheepishly before smiling brightly.

“You look great!” He complimented. You giggled and spun around once for him to allow him to get a full view of your Little Red Riding Hood costume.

“Thanks. I would say the same to you but apparently I have coulrophobia,” you replied with a grin. You took a step closer to him, your hand sliding up his chest. “Although, I do find you to be surprisingly attractive still. Even with all that paint on your face.”

Matthew grinned wolfishly as his arms wrapped around you, leaning in to kiss you. You laughed and quickly turned your head to avoid it.

“Matthew, I’m not about to have clown paint smeared all over my face.”

“But you look so hot,” he whined as he tried to kiss you again. You giggled as you stepped out of his reach.

“Maybe you should’ve thought about that before choosing that costume,” you replied with an amused grin. He sighed and instead wrapped his arm around you, leading you back to your friends. Much to his delight the men who had been watching you were now scowling as they realized you were taken.

“Little Red,” Shemar greeted as he gave you a hug. “Nice outfit.”

“Seriously, Y/N. You look fantastic,” AJ agreed.

You spent the rest of the night by Matthew’s side, his arm tightly around your waist the entire time. He sent death glares at anyone who even tried to get near you and you basked in his cute possessiveness that night. Matthew wouldn’t usually act this way but the predatory look in guys’ eyes when they looked you up and down made him feel the need to lay his claim on you strongly.

His hand would trail downward from time to time, concealed by your red cloak as he firmly gripped your ass. You let out a yelp of surprise the first time he did so and had to play it off as your friends all eyed you strangely. Matthew enjoyed seeing you grow unsettled by his touches, giving him looks that were filled with lust.

“How about we head home?” Matthew whispered into your ear as he wrapped his arms around you from behind. His gaze followed the round shape of your cleavage as he enjoyed the sight.

“You’re willingly leaving a Halloween party early?” you asked with an incredulous grin. He chuckled at the fact you knew him so well.

“I think we can have more Halloween fun at home. That’s all,” he replied as he placed a hot kiss on your ear, smearing red paint over it. You nodded, a smug grin on your face as the two of you disappeared from the festivities.

“Hey, where did Little Red and Clown Man go?” Shemar asked as he realized the two of you were missing.

“They probably went home to carve some pumpkins,” AJ replied with a knowing grin.

Your cloak was untied and thrown to the floor the minute you stepped foot inside of Matthew’s home. You both stumbled back as he kissed you passionately, the red paint on his face smearing onto yours as the two of you fought for dominance of each other’s mouth.

“Bed?” You breathed as his lips moved downward towards your cleavage, licking the soft skin.

“Too far,” he replied as he pushed you back onto his couch. You fell onto your back as he climbed over you, his hands working quickly to undo your corset.

“Fuck’s sake how did you even get this on?” He asked as he struggled to untie it. You giggled as your expertly undid the laces, letting the corset fall to the ground.

“Thank you,” he said with a wide smile, his clown paint smeared as he bent down and pulled your dress down to reveal your bare chest. He grinned as he took your right breast into his mouth, his hot tongue swirling around the sensitive skin. You moaned as your hand tangled into his hair as he gently sucked on your breast. Matthew quickly moved to the other eager to give it the same attention.

“You don’t look so scary anymore,” you commented with a sly grin as Matthew pulled away from you. He held a satisfied grin as he stared down at you, your face and chest smeared with red and white paint. You had never looked hotter to him.

His own face paint had been mostly wiped away as he threw his costume off, revealing that he had been completely naked underneath. You sat up, your hands grabbing the edges of your dress to pull it off before he stopped you.

“No. I want to fuck you like this,” he said with a devilish grin at your outfit. He would have left your corset on too if it wasn’t impeding him from caressing your breasts the way he had wanted to.

“Ohh, kinky,” you replied with a wink as you tore your underwear off and spread your legs open. His eyes widened at your sudden sexual prowess before a wolfish smirk crossed his face. He growled as he threw himself onto you once again, a playful laugh escaping your lips as his own attacked your neck. You could feel his stiff cock pressing against your slit as he teased you.

“You ever been fucked by a clown before?” Matthew asked with a mischievous smirk as he teased your entrance, sliding his dick up and down against your wet folds.

“I have a feeling I’m about to be,” you replied with a smirk. He chuckled at your response.

“You’re right. But it’s Halloween and I’m in the mood for something sweet first.”

You inhaled sharply as Matthew crawled down, licking your folds as he pressed his mouth against your entrance. His hands held your thighs apart as his tongue darted inside of you, moving in circular motions that caused you to moan loudly. He only pushed deeper into you the louder you grew, looking to reach your limit.

“Oh god,” you moaned loudly as your hips bucked against his face as he expertly ate you out. You could feel a sense of overwhelming pleasure consume you as you spilled your juices, Matthew happily lapping them up. Your breathing was ragged as he positioned himself against you with a satisfied smirk.

He pushed himself into you without a single word of warning. You yelled out his name as his dick moved inside of you, dragging on the sudden sensitivity from your prior release. The sight of your body shaking underneath him drove him insane.

“You like that? Little red wants to get fucked by the clown?”

You nodded, begging him to keep going as he spoke dirty to you. It was something that wasn’t extremely common for the two of you but succeeded in turning good sex sessions into great ones.

“Oh yes, just like that. Fuck me,” you begged as your arms locked behind his neck and brought his lips to yours. You devoured him savagely, biting his lip as you passionately made out with him. He thrust into you faster and harder as you kissed him, your tongue exploring his mouth as his concentration laid in the movement of his hips.

“Oh my god,” he moaned as he bit into your shoulder, his hips bucking into you at a frantic place. “You have the best fucking pussy,” he groaned as he felt his dick slide between your tight wet walls.

He flipped you over in one fluid motion. His back hit the couch as he looked up at you, his dick still deep inside of your core. His hands gripped your hips as he pounded mercilessly into you before you could even try to move. Your back arched in pleasure as you moved up and down to match his strokes, the view of your boobs bouncing up and down enough to set his skin on fire.

His hips bucked into you desperately as he pulled you down again to kiss you frantically. Your face was smeared with paint and the two of you looked equally a mess as you rode him. His thrusts slowed as you began to roll your hips, a low moan emitting from his parted lips.

One look at his half opened eyes was enough to make you determined to make him cum. Your hips continued to roll and you pushed his dick as far inside of you as possible. You smirked as his eyes closed in pleasure before you began to roll your hips faster.

“Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum,” Matthew breathed as he pushed himself onto his elbows. One hand reached out to hold your hip as you began to bounce up and down his hard cock at a faster pace, determined to finish him off. With one look at your smug face he immediately knew what you wanted. He smirked as he flipped you both over again, his dick in between your thighs.

“You want me to cum inside of you?” He asked as he began to thrust rapidly into you. Your nails dug into his back as he pushed himself deeper. “Is that what you want?”

“Yes,” you breathed before a loud moan escaped from the back of your throat. He grinned devilishly as he ravished your body with a new ferocity, biting down on every inch of skin he could as he continued to thrust into you wildly. Your body was overwhelmed by the different sensations and you felt your core tighten, waves of pleasure rolling through you as your orgasm hit you.

You shook underneath his touch and seeing your face of absolute bliss sent him over the edge. With a few last strokes and hard grunts he spilled his seed inside of you. You could feel his cock pulse against your walls as a warmth filled you. His sweat trickled down his forehead as the last of his clown paint ran down his face.

You smirked as you looked up at his paint smeared face.

“Guess that cured my coulrophobia.”

He laughed, his body shaking on top of yours from the force.

“You’re too cute,” he replied as he kissed your forehead, a mischievous gleam in his eye as an idea occurred to him. “Maybe we can go down the list of your fears and see how to make them all disappear.”

Lost and Forgotten

Chapter Six

Warnings: angst and lots of feels

(Prologue) (Chapter One) (Chapter Two) (Chapter Three) (Chapter Four) (Chapter Five)

“Mary’s dead?” You voice wavered.

“She was found dead this morning. There’s zero evidence and the coppers are stumped.” Brad’s voice was low, backed with distrust and anger.


“You and your father are the only ones with that experience.” Brad’s words were filled with disgust. 

“I don’t do that anymore, Brad; I didn’t kill her.” You clenched your jaw, glancing at Bucky for a moment, noticing the serious expression plastered on his face.

“You expect me to believe you?” Brad scoffed.

“She was with me all night.” Bucky spoke up, eyeing Brad carefully.

“Whoring yourself out now, nice (Y/N).”


“The fuck did you just say to her?” Bucky stepped forward but you yanked him back.

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Brad imagine, you two fight:

“Brad who is this?” You ask, pulling up a picture on your twitter of him kissing a girl on the cheek, awfully close to her lips. Brad looks over and frowns, “She’s just a fan. She wanted me to kiss her on the cheek, so I did” He tells you in a simple tone. You scoff and cross your arms. “That doesn’t mean you have to do it…” You mutter. Brad walks over to you and clenches his jaw. “I can do whatever I want with my fans if they ask for me to do it” He spits out. You huff and roll your eyes, “So you could have sex with a fan and you would still say, "Oh she asked me to do it so it’s fine”?!“ You exclaim. Brad runs a hand through his hair and frowns. "That’s not what I meant Y/N” He starts to say, but you scoff and start to walk away. Brad grabs your arm tightly, causing you to hiss in pain. “You don’t trust me, do you?” Brad asks, sounding very intimidating. You don’t answer and look down. “Do you??” He says again, this time louder. You flinch and shake your head. “I do! I just- When I see pictures of you kissing fans all the time, I get jealous!” You try to explain. “When will you understand that they’re fans?? They’ll never mean as much as you do to me! I wish you would just let me just deal with the fans how I want” He releases his grip  on your arm and groans. “I just…. I don’t want you to leave me…” You whisper, looking down. Brad looks up at you with his eyebrows furrowed. “Why would I leave you?” He asks, holding your hands gently. “Because you might find a fan who’s prettier than me, and better than me….” You mutter. “Baby listen to me.. No one is better than you. Okay? Nobody on the whole world is prettier than you. You’re so so amazing, and if I let you go, that would be the stupidest thing ever. Why would I let go of an angel?” He kisses your cheek gently, making you blush. “I’m sorry I overreacted…. I love you..” You say, hugging him around his torso. He smiles and hugs you back, “I love you too baby" 

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Simpson Smut for anon x

{I know you like it sweet}

You woke up with Brads arm around your waist and his scent tingling your nostrils. You were so happy that every day was now going to be like this, and you and Brad had just moved into your own house together. You turned around and faced Bradley’s naked torso, you traced down his torso with your fingertips until he shivered.

“Wakey Wakey.” You sang softly.

“Mmm.” He mumbled pulling you in with the small of your back. Bradley’s hand travelled your waist and rested on your underwear covered bottom. “What happened to your pyjama pants?” He murmured.

“Someone forgot to turn the air con on last night, so I took them off in my sleep.” You replied.

“Someone should do that more often.” Said Brad as he felt around some more.

“Come on we have to take care of those cakes! Your parents will be here in 2 hours.” You threw the covers off to reveal Brad in his boxers, god dammit you wished you could both stay in bed.

“Okay but can we take care of this first?” Brad pointed at his obvious morning wood.

“No now come on Brad.” You yanked him off the bed.

You got Brad into the kitchen and then you started getting the ingredients out of the cupboards.
“Wait aren’t we gonna get dressed first?” Brad asked.

“We have to start making these early otherwise there won’t be time. So no, we are doing this in our underwear.” You answered him, retrieving a bowl from the shelf.

“But ugh…how am I supposed to cook when my hot girlfriend is standing here half naked?!”

“Deal with it.” You winked, being the tease you are you bent down to get the cake mix.

“Ugh this is gonna be a long morning.” Bradley groaned.


You took your time to pour the mix delicately into the cake holders. Your hair kept falling in your eyes so you blew it away. You felt Brads hand move your hair to the the other side of your neck. “Thanks Bra-”

Bradley left a trail of kisses down your neck to our collar bone. “Please Y/N.” His voice cracked and you knew he couldn’t take it any more. His pushed his bulge against you from behind and you felt yourself become instantly wet. You moved your neck more to give him easier access. He sucked and licked your neck as he moved his bulge against you.

You turned around attached your lips to his roughly. He kissed you with the same force and cupped your ass with both hands as he pushed you against the counter. Brad ripped your pyjama top off and squeezed your breasts as he grinded against your heat. You yanked his boxers down and took his dick in your hands. You moved your hand up and down causing Brad to start breathing erratically. “Ugh Y/N.”

You kept this action up until he moved your hand away. “I need to fuck you now.” He moaned.

Moments later you were both on the kitchen floor. Brad pulled your underwear off and entered you swiftly. Brad held your hands above your head as he thrusted into you. Your legs shook uncontrollably as your orgasm took over both of you.

You both lay there panting as Brad chuckled slightly. You turned to him as you lay there on the kitchen tiles.
“You always get your way don’t you Simpson.”

“Get used to it baby.” He replied.