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Season 13 - What we know so far!

I know, we’re still all processing the finale and there is no Spoiler Sheet to sooth your thirst for info…OR IS THERE!

Well, kinda.

The Season 13 spoiler sheet will get up and running right before shooting starts and, but until then, this is out place holder. So without further ado, here’s what we know about season 13. 

Information is listed newest first! Last updated: May 24.

  • There will be an Animated SCOOBY DOO crossover episode. No I’m not making this up. (x) It will be written by Jeremy Adams and Jim Krieg. Jared, Jensen AND MISHA have already recorded their voice parts. This will be episode 16. (x)
  • Returning Cast:
    • Here’s what we knew about Mark Sheppard and Misha in Season 13 as of May 19. old
    • Misha Collins: On May 20, Jared lets slip that Misha is going to be in the Scooby Doo episode so we WILL GET MISHA/CAS Back. Misha confirmed this on twitter. (x)
    • Mark Sheppard: Conversely, it does not look like Mark Sheppard is coming back. (x) Update: Mark S is not returning as a season regular. (x)
    • Mark Pellegrino: No solid information, but return in season 13 is likely.
    • Samantha Smith: No solid information, but return in season 13 is likely. 
    • Ruth Connell: No information.
    • Kim, Briana, Kathryn and Katherine: Kim mentioned at Asylum 18 that something was in the works for Season 13, involving them. This was repeated at JIB con by Briana and she mentioned it would be “All four of us” and it might be Next year so, this could be in 2018. (x)
    • The Nephilim - Jack - is played by Alexander Calvert.
  • Richard Speight Jr. is once again directing 2 episodes.
  • Prep begins June 26. Now, I’m not sure if that means shooting starts the 10th or the 17th of July, but we’ll know by mid-June.
  • Jensen is NOT directing. It was the plan but he had to pull out because of the brewery opening. :(
  • Something for season 13 was already shot during the shooting of episode 22!  Update: not shot, but recorded - the dialogue for the Scooby Doo episode!
  • The writers returned to start work on the season on May 15.
  • The writing staff is unchanged from season 12: Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer are showrunners, writers: Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming, Robert Berens, Meredith Glynn, Steve Yockey, Davy Perez, John Bring (writers assistant, occasional writer).
  • Should be 23 episodes.
  • If previous years are an indicator, Season 13 should premier on October 12. The day and timeslot - Thursday at 8pm, remains the same as the second half of season 12.
  • Supernatural was renewed for season 13 on January 8, 2017.

Other resources: 

I’ll keep this updated as new info bleeds out, but I anticipate May and June to be pretty quiet on that front. As always - if you see something, send it my way!

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Brad and Nate Werewolf and hunter :)

Or, all of them, lol.

who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter:

Brad was raised in a warrior culture.  He was taught discipline, along with all manner of fighting, tracking, and survival techniques.  It was all in the name of hunting werewolves.  Except, he was never taught that wolves could be like Nate.

Nate grew up with pack, fellow wolves that loved him unconditionally.  And then it was ripped away from him.  Hunters slaughtered most of the pack.  Only a few of them managed to slip away, and none of them were ever the same.  The others joined a new pack, but Nate pulled away.  They would never be safe all together.  It was best they were alone.  Less of a target.

When Nate meets Brad, he thinks he’s finally found someone who can fill his lonely nights.  Brad never believed he would experience a love like this.  They’re both in for a nasty surprise when secrets are revealed.  Can love really conquer all?

who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman:

What possessed Brad to think this was a good retirement option after leaving the military is beyond him.  He sucks at fishing.  He thought it was supposed to be soothing.  Yeah.  Right.

More and more he catches the glint of bright blue scales from the corner of his eye.  Every time he looks, they’re already gone.

Then one day, his engine quits, and he’s stranded, and he swears he’s gonna die, when he finds himself looking into bright blue eyes.  He must be closer to death than he thought, cause he’s hallucinating a gorgeous merman.

who’s the witch and who’s the familiar:

Nathaniel is so unamused by his familiar.  The raven has always been a pain in his ass, but no more so than during the full moon when his raven becomes a man.  Then, Bradley takes the opportunity to berate him on everything Nathaniel’s supposedly done wrong this month.

who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict:

Nate will deny watching the cool-as-ice man that comes in every morning and orders a simple black coffee.  Sometimes he also gets a muffin or bagel.  Always, he sits at a table by the windows and works on a tablet for an hour.  Then he leaves, with barely more than a dozen words ever said.  Nate knows nothing about him, yet he can’t help but want to.

who’s the professor and who’s the TA:

I feel like it would be more Nate as the TA and Brad as a student.

who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss):

Bradley is from a noble house and a rather famous knight.  Other knights respect and admire him, and the common folk fawn over him, but Bradley has never cared about any of that.  All he cares about is his prince.

Prince Nathaniel fell for Bradley the first time they met.  He was a young teen, training with his combat instructor, when Bradley was brought in as a sparing partner.  Wynn claimed Nathaniel needed someone who could keep up with him.  Nathaniel didn’t really care the reason once Bradley was underneath of him, panting, with fire in his eyes.  Later, it was Nathaniel that was pinned, left to his knight’s mercies.

who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent:

Brad had never counted on raising his daughter on his own.  He likes to think he’s handling it all well, considering.  He’s very active with his daughter and her school activities, thus, he knows all the teachers and staff.  Then he meets one of his daughter’s new teachers and Brad realizes it’s going to be a very long school year.

who’s the writer and who’s the editor:

More like, Brad is Nate’s beta reader.  He’s still in the Corps and doing his thing.  Nate, however, is a fairly famous author.  He’s weird about people reading his work, but he can trust Brad to give him an honest critique that will better his novel.  He’s gone so far as to send Brad manuscript copies when he’s been deployed overseas.

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Thank you very much this is a lovely compliment! I hope you’re enjoying the trek through my masterlist (there’s some bumps here and there but I hope you like the journey!)

This is a testament to just how much I’ve written and just how bad my memory is…but I don’t know what you’re referencing to when you say Brad? I don’t remember writing Brad?


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Who is bucklemming??

buckleming is two writers (brad buckner and eugenie ross-leming) who are basically responsible for all of supernatural’s inconsistencies and horrible episodes, as well as the deaths of kevin, charlie, and now eileen. and most of their episodes include some rapey/non con elements as well.

they suck big time, basically.


Brad Bird, writer and director of animated films The Iron Giant, The Incredibles and Ratatouille, gives an insight into his writing process, how he directs animation and why many people fundamentally misunderstand the medium.

A possible reason why Eugenie Ross Leming and Brad Buckner suck so much

Alright, so this is pure speculation on my part. I don’t know either of these people at all on any level. Never met them, never sent a letter, never saw either of them stand up in front of a crowd to talk about writing. I think a possible reason Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner’s episodes are only ever saved by the acting and directing is because they don’t truly respect what they’re writing. I think that they buy into the idea of the sci-fi ghetto. It’s basically the idea that genre fiction like fantasy and science fiction can not be taken seriously in terms of critical acclaim and being worth intellectual analysis because it’s not “proper literature” in comparison to more “realistic” stories that don’t include time travel, space ships, magic, supernatural creatures, or alternative universes with extensive world building.

I think they think to themselves, we can have Cas have sex under extremely questionable circumstances because it’s not like anyone really thinks deeply or critically about this show. It’s just Supernatural! People just watch it for the pretty boys, music, the car, and cool fight scenes. No one actually cares on an intellectual level about any of this. And if anyone calls it sexual assault or rape, we can just say “hey, it’s a fantasy show and not really connected to the ‘real world.’ So pfft, whatever.” Again, this is a total guess on my part but it could account for how they seem to never understand just how offensive some of the things they put onto paper are in terms of both race and gender.

This is why I defend Adam Glass’s presence on the writing staff despite his bad twitter personality. I look at his episodes like Mother’s Little Helper and Bad Boys and I know this is a person who cares about the work he’s doing. This is some one who wants to elevate the opinions of people who might just dismiss his work off hand because of the ghetto. He wants to make something smart and funny and interesting. He respects the show. I don’t think Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner do.

Tristan Imagine: Hanging out with Millie

REQUEST: Heya hunnie your imagines are so good so I wondering whether I could a Tristan one. Something cute and cuddly. Haven’t been very well recently so it would make feel a bit better thank you x

It was a cold Sunday morning as I awoke to my dog bounding into my bedroom, hinting to me that he needed to go outside for a wee. 
“Good Morning mate” I said, ruffling his head and walking downstairs, letting him outside to do his business. I made myself a cup of coffee, let him back inside and then made my way upstairs to get ready.I then went to the fridge, opening it to try and find the strawberries in order to make myself a smoothie only to find that we didn’t have any.
“Jess! When we run out of strawberries please let me know!” I shouted upstairs to my room mate who replied with a grumble; clearly hungover from the night before. 

Putting on my coat, I opened the front door and made my way to the shop. The wind was bitterly cold, I kept having to fix my hat because it was constantly being blown off. Walking into the shop, I was greeted by Mrs Jenkins, the old lady who owned our local store.
“And where’s your young man today?” she enquired as I handed her the money to pay for the oddly shaped fruit.
“Oh, he’s at home I think, I might call and see how he is” I smiled, taking my change and bidding her goodbye. On my journey home, I walked past Tristan’s house and decided it would be a good idea to call, just to surprise him and pay him a cute little visit. He normally had the day off, maybe we could do something together. I shuffled up to his door and knocked a little hard, just so he’d hear. He did have a doorbell but it never worked. Hearing footsteps coming closer, I smiled and fixed myself so I at least looked somewhat attractive.
“Hey!” I smiled as the door opened, but it didn’t reveal Tristan, instead it revealed his little Sister Millie. Tristan’s parents were away at the moment, his Brother had moved out which meant that he was left to look after Millie until his parents returned home.
“Hey (Y/N), were you looking for Tris?”
“I was yeah, is he in?”
“No, he’s gone to Brad’s. Do you want to come in? He said he wouldn’t be long, you could wait here with me until he comes home”
I smiled, I didn’t really have anything better to do and it’d be fun to finally spend some time with his little sister. I’d spoken to her before but I’d never actually had a proper conversation. It’d be nice to bond with her, especially because she meant so much to Tristan. I nodded and walked into Tristan’s family home. 

There was a little bit of an awkward silence at first, none of us really knew what to do. 
“So, I’m thinking we should do some baking!” You smiled
“Oooooooh! Yes can we?!”
“Well lets go into the kitchen, see what food Tris has got in and we’ll make a cake or something? Sound like a plan?”
Eagerly she nodded and we went into the kitchen, getting out the resources we’d need to make the cake. Millie put the radio on, turning it up as we danced and sang at the top of our voices to ‘Uptown Funk’.
“DON’T BELIEVE ME JUST WATCH” We both screamed as we started doing the iconic dance from the music video. Millie took a lot of videos of us both, and photos, uploading them to Instagram and Twitter for everyone to see how crazy we were being. Eventually, the cake mix was finished so we poured it into a tin and put it into the oven to bake for 30 minutes. It was then washing up time, Millie was on cleaning duties whilst I dried the things that she’d washed. We were still singing along to the radio and dancing, when all of a sudden she threw a bowl into the water, sending it splashing all over me. My hair and my outfit was soaked.
“MILLIE!” I exclaimed, sending us both into fits of laughter, Millie crumpled up on the floor clutching her tummy because she found it too funny. I cupped my hand in the bowl of water, lifting it up quickly and sending water all over Millie. 
“(Y/N)!” She exclaimed in shock, as I burst into giggles.
This was then the start of an epic water fight between the two of us. The dishes got done in the end, but we were absolutely soaked. Looking at timer, the cake had 10 minutes left in the oven.
“I think we need to go get changed a bit, don’t you?” I muttered
“We probably should, you can borrow one of Tris’ t-shirts, he won’t mind”
Running upstairs, now singing to 'Steal My Girl’ we quickly got changed. I went into Tristan’s room, which he wouldn’t mind, it wasn’t like I hadn’t been here before, removing my jumper and putting one one of his old band t-shirts as well as his grey hoodie. It was more like a dress on me but it was cosy, which was all that mattered. I put my hair up in a messy bun, hoping it would help it to dry quicker. Suddenly the timer sounded and Millie & I ran downstairs, straight to the oven. With the oven glove on my hand, I carefully opened the door to reveal a golden brown lemon drizzle cake! 
“That smells soooooooo good” Millie whispered
“Think we did a good job there Mills!” I smiled, putting the cake on the baking tray to cool and then giving her a high five and pulling her in for a hug. 

We then went to sit in the living room, the radio still playing. 
“Yes hun?”
“My hair is still a little bit wet, you couldn’t dry it for me could you?" 
"Of course!" 
Running upstairs, Millie went to get the hairdryer as I sat and waited. She soon returned and she sat in front of me on the sofa as I knelt behind her, drying her gorgeous long blonde hair. Brushing through it and styling it into her normal style, it looked lovely. She just looked like the female version of Tristan. Thanking me, we turned the radio off and put the television on, her putting her favourite film 'Frozen’ into the DVD player. We snuggled up on the sofa with blankets and hot chocolate as we watched the movie, singing along and often doing the famous duets. 

The sound of keys in the door was heard and a voice echoed through the house "Hey Millie!”. Tristan was home. We both looked at one another with a cheeky grin on our faces. I removed myself from the blankets and went to hide myself behind the living room door as Millie tried to look as innocent as possible.
“Hey Mills, what you doing?”
“Watching Frozen! Did you have a good time at Brads?”
“Not bad, not bad”
Slowly, as they continued the conversation, I snuck out from behind the door, quietly creeping up on Tristan.
“BOO!” I shouted as I squeezed his sides together, him jumping up in terror and screaming like you would when a jumpy part happens in a horror movie and you aren’t really expecting it, Millie almost fell off her chair in fits of laughter whilst Tristan tried to recover from his little fright. 
“I fucking hate you!” He muttered, laughing a little and coming over to me, tickling my sides so I fell to the floor, begging him to stop.
“Say you love me”
“I love you now get off me you muppet”
“Love you too” He smiled, kissing my forehead and getting to his feet.
“So what have you girls been doing today then?”
“Well (Y/N) came round looking for you, but then you weren’t here so we made a cake and…”
“And (Y/N) is that my hoodie?" 
"Yeah, we um…we kinda had a little bit of a water fight” You mumbled, receiving a little smirk from Millie.

For the rest of the night, we snuggled up on the sofa watching another one of Millie’s favourite films and eating the cake that we’d made previously. I was cuddled into Tristan with a blanket over the two of us and Millie was cuddled up on the armchair with a blanket slung over her. “I like it when you wear my clothes, you look cute” Tris whispered in my ear
“I was worried you’d have gone mad”
“Nooo, I find it really attractive” He smiled, kissing my forehead and squeezing me tightly. The film continued until we heard light snores coming from the arm chair. Looking over, we saw Millie sleeping. 
“I’ll take her up” Tris muttered, quietly sneaking over and carrying her in his arms up to her room. He soon returned and made his way back under the blanket so we could both get back into a comfortable position. 
“She really likes you (Y/N)”
“Does she?”
“Oh my god yeah, she wont shut up about this day for like the next few weeks now”
“Well she’s a little cutie, I’ve enjoyed today too!”
I glanced over at the clock, 10:00pm. I only meant to go out for strawberries. 
“Tris, I should probably get home” I mumbled, moving from his grip.
“Oh no you don’t” He replied, pulling be back down so I ended up in his lap. “It’s late, you should stay here for the night”
“But Tris…”
“Please stay?”
He did have a point, it was getting dark, and it’s not like Jess would miss me anyway. I agreed and snuggled back into him as we began to watch the new series of Prison Break. 


Crime solving at McKinley - Rachel’s competitiveness gone too far and Brad the willing assasin.


Can somebody please explain to me what ‘racist truck’ means?

Racist Truck or the Racist Truck People/Duo, refers to SPN writers Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Lemming’s very first SPN episode “Route 666” back in S1, whose plot was “A Truck Haunted By A Racist Ghost Kills Black People, Including The Father Of Dean’s First Love Cassie Robinson”. The episode was so stupid, Bucklemming were fired and weren’t allowed to write another episode until S7, which was after Kripke left.

The episode was stupid (but Cassie Robinson was cool, she is one of the TWO decent things Bucklemming ever did; the other was “A Little Slice of Kevin”, and I’m still not convinced they didn’t just put their names on an Edlund script for that one).

- “Woȟpé’s brown lithe body glimmers with her oils.  She sparkles like a star. She is a star.” -

— From the novel/book ‘The REZ’s EDGE’ - “Destruction & Redemption”

by author/writer Brad Jensen

Soon to be released.  Watch for it here:

                               or here:

“FOLLOW ME… where I go, what I do and who I know, make it part of you to be a part of me.  FOLLOW ME…I’ll Follow You.”


Navajo Dancer

Are the Glee writers mad that Chris has become happy and successful? Do they want him to stay beaten down, so they can brag about saving him with their Important Show? And when he won’t, did they try to put him back in his place with the Santana rant? No wonder they glorify an abusive relationship like Klaine.


I understand that Santana was angry and honestly, she had every right to be. But insulting Kurt that way? That was way out of line and offensive as hell, which was actually Brad Falchuk’s pure hate towards Chris Colfer. What’s wrong, Mr.Falchuk? Are you that desparate that you make fun of the things they can’t change?


Santana had every right to be upset with Kurt for spoiling one of the happiest moments of her life but come on. Insulting his appearance? Insulting the things he likes? Blaming the whole break up on him without even knowing the whole story? That was way more than a regular Santana-rant. That was Brad Falchuk acting like a whiney child. Butthurt much Mr. Falchuk?

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I've been looking into Glee wank and I can't find anything good other than the kurt/bully dude. You always build the fandom up as this wank gold but I can't find anything recorded :(

I don’t know that much HAS been recorded dear anon, glee has always been such a strange fandom.  Back in tumblr'day when tumblr used to make posts about ~the fandoms of tumblr~ glee being left out (even though it had a HUGE presence on tumblr) became something of a running joke but trust glee’s always been a huge wanky playground

Lets see if I can’t conjure up some memories of epic hilarious glee wank

Some history: glee wasn’t a super wanky fandom for the first season while people complained about the quality difference between the F13 (front 13 eps) and B9 (back 9 eps) things were pretty quiet things really started heating up during the summer hiatus before s2 aired but they were brimming to explode before then.  I just wished I had links (I looked but none of the old posts are up still) cause this shit was epic

  • Okay so here’s where it gets good anon see after s1 Kurt Hummel kinda just BLEW THE FUCK UP as a character seriously he became SUPER CRAZY POPULAR as did Chris Colfer it formed like, his own little cult of super fans who were called Kurtsies and just fucking worshiped the ground he walked on
  • So when spoilers hit that Kurt was getting a boyfriend the summer of S2 SHIT JUST HIT THE FAN and of course this was back in the day when everyone took spoilers as fact so when the spoiler came out that Kurt’s boyfriend was Sam people already started shipping them
  • Then Duets happened everyone was already kinda pissed at the show because of Rachel’s character reset in the first ep of s2 and the stupid/pointless Britney/Brittney ep but Duets just sent the fandom overboard
  • Suddenly Brittana was likely! And the Hevans/Kum ship was sailing Brittana had always been moderately popular back in s1 and there was already some ill will towards Ryan Murphy because of his comment about the couple and how they wouldn’t happen because glee was “a family show” (legit quote LOL)
  • So after Duets everyone assumed three things would occur after the hiatus that happened after Rocky Horror Glee Show (which was stupid filler lets not pretend otherwise and also the ep that started to sour fandom on Will and Wemma) 1. that Sam and Kurt were TOTALLY gonna get together 2. Brittana were so totally on and 3. Tartie (tina/artie) was also gonna happen cause Mike was a NPC (non-player character)
  • This led to a fuckton of ~theories~ surrounding Sam’s sexuality with people saying that glee was just full of METAPHORS and creating elaborate fic inspired storylines about Sam coming out and how important it would be for him to come out cause he wasn’t a stereotype~ and one of the theories was that Sam was denying his gayness because it would make him a target as emphasized by the shirt he wore with a target sign on it
  • No I’m not even playing legit target shirt 
  • Then Never Been Kissed aired and it was like fandom collectively lost it’s shit all the theories had been blow out of the damn water 
  • Artie hooking legit up with Brit!? Sam being actually into Quinn!? Karofsky’s gay and could be a love interest!? Blair is actually Blaine and could be a love interest!? Tartie isn’t on!? SEXISM!???
  • Oh boy that was fun - see everyone speculated when spoilers for “Blair” who later became “Blaine” came out that he would be a guest starring mentor character nothing more and that “Kum” was still totally on and lol sucks for you Quinn be Kurt’s matchmaker!! but then NBK happened and suddenly all the Kurtsies were divided between the three ships

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So Brad Falchuck wrote that rant that
  • made fun of Chris’ teeth (which he’s insecure enough about he says he won’t smile because he looks bad when he does, i can’t find the gif)
  • called Kurt a more feminine Quinn, insulting both Chris and Dianna in one blow
  • made fun of the episode Chris wrote/Chris’ interests (when that show got some of the best critical praise of the whole damn fifth season)
  • made fun of Chris’ twirling abilities despite using them as much as possible in the earlier seasons

and people liked it and supported it. 

That wasn’t Santana yelling at Kurt. That was Brad Falchuck and the writers hating on everything Chris Colfer has done on Glee.

And that is not fucking acceptable.

SPN Writers

I was summoned to a convo in this post by @dean-o-topia​.

Over there, we could see poor Jeremy Carver answering the question about Charlie’s death in ComicCon as well as Robert Singer answering a similar question in JIBCon. I agree with what some people already said there. It seemed to me that Carver was just repeating the explanation he was given for Charlie’s death, but he didn’t believe it himself. The cast abandoned him, but their reaction showed a “haha, now you handle this one alone because that’s your job whether entirely your fault or not” kind of thing. On the other hand, when Singer was asked the same question, he had no trouble answering. He showed he really believed what he was saying. Misha’s reaction to what Singer said showed utter dislike as if he knew Charlie’s death was Singer’s fault.  

In the case of the other writers, we know Robbie Thompson tried to pitch other ideas in favor of keeping Charlie alive, but nobody listened to him. However, I don’t think this topic is so relevant now since Robert Singer is NOT an Executive Producer anymore. (Read this for more info). 

I was asked by Dean-o-topia about the state of the writers’ room right now. That’s why I decided to write this post.

Who are the writers we have for season 11 of Supernatural? 

Jeremy Carver: He’s been writing for the show since season 3. He left to work on his own projects after season 5 and returned to take Sera Gamble’s place as showrunner for season 8. 

Andrew Dabb: He began writing for the show in season 4 along with Daniel Loflin. Dabb’s first episode on his own was 8x08: Hunteri Heroici. Since then, he proved that, by himself, he was an excellent writer. 

Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming: They were responsible for the awful episode 1x13: Route 666 in season 1 and didn’t write for the show again until season 7. They’ve been writing together for 5 seasons now, and I still don’t know how come some of their episodes got approved. Maybe the fact that Eugenie is Robert Singer’s wife and he was an Executive Producer since day one had something to do with that. 

Robbie Thompson: He’s been writing for the show since season 7 and has given us many of the best episodes of Supernatural. God bless his soul! He’s currently the best writer the show has, IMHO. 

Robert Berens: He began writing for the show in season 9. His very first episode was 9x06: Heaven Can’t Wait. He’s become one of the best writers the show has, too. 

Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder: They began writing for the show in season 6 but didn’t write any episode in seasons 7 and 8. They started writing for the show again in season 9, and since then, they have given us some “meh” filler episodes.  

Jenny Klein: She started co-writing for the show since season 5 (one episode per season, never on her own). Her first episode by herself was 8x10: Torn and Frayed. She was finally given two episodes to write in seasons 9 and 10. Most of her episodes have been “meh”. In fact, I still can’t get over 9x08: Rock and a Hard Place

Nancy Won: She’s the new addition for season 11 (let’s remember that Adam Glass left). Her very first episode will be 11x05: Thin Lizzie. She worked with Jeremy Carver in Being Human and with Robbie Thompson in Jericho, so hopefully, she’ll be a good writer. 

Every time I talk about the Supernatural writers, I say my favorites are Robbie Thompson, Andrew Dabb, and Robert Berens. Currently, they are the ones given more episodes to write, along with the dreadful duo Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming. In fact, when I write meta, it’s very easy for me to identify the continuity of themes in their episodes. I can notice when Robbie, for example, picks up something he left off in a previous episode from the same season or even from previous seasons. He does it with his own episodes, but he also does it with episodes written by Dabb and Berens. And Dabb and Berens do the same, too. I can talk about their episodes as if they were written by the same person because it’s very obvious the narrative has been discussed. They know where they’re going, what they’re doing, and why they’re doing whatever they’re doing.

Have you ever felt there’s a continuity error? Have you ever felt somebody is doing or saying something totally out of character and/or completely stupid? Have you felt that an episode negates the existence of what happened in the previous one, as if the characters have suddenly forgotten everything? That’s what generally happens when we have episodes written by Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder or Jenny Klein. Actually, even episodes written by Buckner and Ross-Leming feel this way although they’re always related to the myth arc. Robbie’s filler episodes can have a lot more depth! I’m not saying that Robbie, Dabb, and Berens are perfect all the time, but in terms of writing, their episodes have better quality.

Jeremy Carver just writes the season premiere and the season finale, but he’s the showrunner, so he’s the head in the writers’ room. It’s his job to make sure what he wants is what the audience sees. Of course, the other writers can help him get there by providing creative ideas and interesting sub-plots. Some people say TPTB don’t know what they’re doing, but I think these people are mistaken ‘cause I’ve been reading the text and subtext thoroughly during the Carver era, and I think there is a big picture. What changes is how we’re getting there. They take different routes every time something happens, every time they get one more season, for example.

When Robert Singer was an Executive Producer, I bet things were a little more complicated. The audience saw not only what Carver had in mind, but also what Singer wanted. Because of the previous seasons, I can perfectly see Robbie, Dabb, and Berens playing for the same team along with Carver. And who was obviously going to support what Singer said? His wife! Duh! As well as Jenny Klein. If you pay attention to previous seasons, you will notice that out of the few episodes Klein has written for the show, Robert Singer has directed many of them (and even helped her write one in season 7). That’s why I don’t doubt he could get her support in the writers’ room. The fact Singer stepped down is positive in terms of unity. He’s still there as a director and as an Executive Consultant, but his powers are not the same. Since Supernatural started, this is the first season when Singer’s influence is not going to be so big. His wife is still there, true! Jenny Klein is still there, also true! But Carver is the sole showrunner now, and if he needs help, he has Phil Sgriccia (who’s been there since season 1, too). Sgriccia is not a writer, he’s a director and an Executive Producer along with Jeremy. However, the little I know about him tells me he and Jeremy work together pretty well and have a similar vision.

Oops! This got longer than I intended. I just want to finish by saying that I don’t have any special information regarding what happens in the writers’ room. What I have said here is pure speculation. I might be 100% wrong, so don’t take this as word of god.


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