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I live for little moments like that…

Summary: You catch Tony singing.
Pairing: Tony Stark x Short!Reader
Warnings: Tony and reader are in a established relationship. Fluff. A big thanks to @supernatural-squadd, because the idea to this came from her shipping game. See the post here and go read her blog, because she’s awesome. Gif is from google.
Word counting: 200

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Yeah, I live for little moments like that…” Tony sang to himself, working on his project, and you raised your eyes from your computer, frowning.

“Are you singing Brad Paisley?” You couldn’t contain a smile.

Your long-term-boyfriend raised his face like he had just got caught (which was the case), but quickly covered his initial expression with other one.

“Who? Me?” He let go of his laptop. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You were, right?” You insisted, completely forgetting the chapter you were writing in order to tease him more. “Oh my God, you like it!”

“Hey, you play his CDs almost every day.” He pointed at you, also forgetting what he was doing. “It crawled its way inside my skin, it is not my fault.”

“Oh, babe.” You mocked, leaving your desk and pulling his chair back in order to sit on his lap. “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.”

Tony blushed again, and you kissed his lips softly. Quickly, Tony embraced your waist, pulling you closer.

“You know I love your singing.” You whispered, not disconnecting your lips.

You weren’t looking, but you just knew he had rolled his eyes.

“If you tell anyone…” He threatened pulling away.

“Don’t worry.” You smiled. “I won’t.”

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Are you still friends with Zylbrad after all of the ~drama~

Brad and I were never really that close tbh

But I tend to hold a firm belief that if two of my friends are fighting that I dont need to pick sides and I’m not going to be a part of their drama. I am still there for shen because she is my friend and I care about her. But I don’t hate Brad and we’re still acquaintances.


In a very special response to Cry saying that he’s been trying to contact Pewds but to no response, Pewds’ chat starts to spam with “CALL CRY”

A beautiful moment of fandom uprising, with some interesting responses from Pewds and Brad.

“Well, I don’t have his number and I don’t have my phone…“

Famous Sagittarius

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there is the "tall, blonde and gorgeous" mcdonald's fries poster on the bulding i walk by when i go to work and every time i see it my brain goes "brad. it's about brad. ray gave him t-shirt with this poster on it for his birthday. yeah that's just a fact."

I love this because it’s so Ray to snap a photo of the McDonalds ads and later print it out on a shirt and give it to Brad as a birthday present because “you’re my tall, blonde, gorgeous human being and I’ll eat you like I eat the fries and keep you in me forever.”

And it’s so nauseatingly romantic for Brad’s standard that he pushes Ray against the wall to shut him up with a dirty, dirty kiss.

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why does colin do a live show with brad? i just never thought that they had any chemistry together. or why do you think that colin doesn't do whose live anyway? i would think he would be a lot more funny and comfortable with ryan, greg, etc.

I don’t think Colin and Brad don’t have chemistry but to be fair I think you can see it better in the new eps or even in Improvaganza.

Anyway, I dunno, umm, I think I read somewhere that Brad asked Colin to do the show with him and Colin said yes? I’m almost certain I’ve read this in an interview a while ago.
Also, people still ask him how come he’s not touring with Ryan in interviews and what he usually says is that it’s hard to tour with Ryan cause he doesn’t fly.

The way I understand it, Ryan was content to only do a couple of shows each year back at mid 00s anyway and Colin probably wanted to do more? I mean, they used to do a Whose Line/Improv All Stars tour where it was most of the cast? But that was just a couple of shows per year. I guess Colin just wanted to work more and since Brad suggested it and he was available and stuff it kind of happened? 

I mean, I honestly dunno what to say. I know a lot of people would like to see Ryan and Colin touring in the same group and so would I but it is what it is. XD
I haven’t seen Colin & Brad live, I’ve only watched the DVD they’ve released but based on that and the things I’ve heard from people I know who’ve seen them live, their show is great. I’ve seen Whose Live several times though and loved that a lot. I guess everyone wants to see their faves in the same group, right? If I could take my pick I’d want Ryan, Colin and Greg in the same touring group but eh.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯