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Angst, so much Angst

So, I think @msridcully passed on a really bad  case of the Sad Mumps to be because all I could think of writing was this in my fic and I thought I’d share it with you, since you’re the reason my soul died a few times while writing it.  To provide some background, Brad and Ray are having a movie night of sorts, watching Band of Brothers and at @msridcully‘s suggestion, I decided to focus on The Breaking Point.  Brad and Ray aren’t having any discussions on the episode yet, this is just Brad’s sad, angsty thoughts.  I hope it hurts you to read it as much as it hurt me to write it! :)

     So that’s how it went that day.  A constant stream of banter and discussion, ending after insults were traded and vows to shut up were said, only to promptly be forgotten 5 minutes later.  Brad felt him get sucked into a time long gone, sympathizing with these men, their losses and struggles, and it made him realize how goddamn lucky he was.  Iraq was a series of eternal fuckups and command holding their dicks in their hands but everyone in Bravo came back home alive.  

     They might have been bruised, battered, and missing parts of themselves they hadn’t realized were there (innocence, sanity, faith, confidence, hope… all of it slowly dwindling away) but at least they’d done it all together.  He’d been so focused on fixing the next mess, he hadn’t stopped to think about what he would have done if any of his men had died right before him.  Glancing to his left, he wondered how he would have gone through life without Ray there bitching next to him and decided he’d be content that he wasn’t in that situation and move the fuck on.  

     These guys they were watching, they didn’t have that.  Malarkey, Winters, Liebgott, Toye, Guarnere, all the others, they’d watched friends die and marched on.  Everything life shot at them, they marched through it with their heads held high.  Watching the last few episodes, Brad and Ray both got quieter, each lost in their own thoughts.  For Brad, it was wondering if Bravo would have survived the situation Easy Company was in at Bastogne.  They had similar harsh conditions, incompetent officers, loyal and brave men, and isolation from any aid.  So close to each other, yet so far.  If their places were reversed, would all of them still be alive?  Would he live to sit here on this couch with Ray, warm and full of food, enjoying each other’s company while watching tv?  Would they have shown nearly half the courage and resilience if it was called for?  If these men saw the marines of Bravo and the war they had fought, what would they think of him and his men?  

     Shame, maybe, at what they’d done. Or understanding, knowing that they’d done their best in a horrible situation.  The paratroopers had fought in a war with a just cause, helping to protect the freedom of those who had been denied and defending their country.  The invasion of Iraq was a mockery of everything they had stood for.  Nevertheless, he decided to be optimistic and believe that his team had done their best in the shitty situation they were thrust into, handling it in a way Winters would approve of.  That was all that could be asked of anyone.  They were home now and the past was in the past.

     Still, watching The Breaking Point with Ray, they couldn’t help but bring themselves to comment and draw comparisons between the guys and Bravo.

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1."I really need you" Colbert and Fick 2. "Just stay with me" Speirs and Lipton 3. "You’re a terrible cook" Speirs and Roe 4. "Are you fucking insane!?" Winters and Lipton 5. "I need you, though." Wynn and Fick

okay lets do this!

1. “I really need you,” sounds like it should be something that will end up with a good time for Brad. What it actually ends up being is Nate Fick standing in the kitchen holding up four different back splash samples having a mild freak out. “Is subway tile too pertenious?”

“I’m divorcing you.” Brad insists.

“We aren’t married and you would never leave me, now tell me which one of these is the least likely to make your mother give me the stink eye at Seder this year,” Nate huffs and holds up the samples again.

“The red brick is terrible.” Brad offers after a second. 

“Okay, god, I’m glad you hate it too. Ray picked it out.”

2. “Just stay with me.” 

“I’m not trying to get caught on the edge of the map,” Speirs growled over his mic.

“We only complete the escort mission if we are both with in the zone at the same time.” Lip explains again as he watches Speirs’ beserker wander off the path and get caught on another root or tree in the map.

“I’m aware of this.” Speirs answers sounding more and more frustrated with the video game. 

“Alright, after this mission we can just have sex. Does that sound better?”

“Yes, god please.” Speirs practically moans. 

3.”You’re a terrible cook.”

“Drink some milk you big baby.” Gene pushes a glass towards Speirs completely unrepentant that he has just burned all of Ron’s tongue off. 

“This is inedible and you know it.” Ron argues. He keeps eating. He isn’t actually insane.

4. “Are you fucking insane?!”

“No…?” Winters answered looking around in confusion at Lip who was frothing at the mouth.

“Then get out of the water, already!” Lip shouts. He then mutters “It’s not the polar bear challenge. Damn ginger eskimo gonna die in the frozen lake like an idiot and then where will we be?”

5. “I need you, though.”

“Go on.”

“And I should not have tried to make a choice like this without you because I tend to get upset and then we end up kicked out of Home Depot again.” Nate continued.

“Now we have to go to Lowes.” Wynn reminded Nate. 

“I said I was sorry!” Nate was in fact not sorry.


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Thanks for your reply! I completely understand and agree with everything you said. Would you say it was a similar case to guys not wanting to date somebody who is flamboyant?

While white gay men choose not to date men of color due to learned racist behavior, similarly many gay men will not date femme or flamboyant men out of their own misogyny and internalized homophobia. While similar, both of these phenomena are caused by separate -isms and phobias. Both are detriments to the people in the gay male/masculine presenting community.

P.S. I vomit when gay men say “If I wanted to date a woman, I would.” in regards to not dating femme or flamboyant men cause like no you wouldn’t Brad! You’d still be looking for dick to shove in your ass! Its just dick as repressed as you!


The cast of ‘The Incredibles 2’ at D23 EXPO

I don’t recall giving Sophie earbuds……

So now they just magically have them?

I do think it’s kind of cool but Brad isn’t going to be very happy that his baby is out at night.  He’s very protective of her because she nearly died after being kidnapped as a teen.