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Honestly girls, you came out of nowhere and seem to be the only ones who aren't devastated by the news. Is there any chance you would know something we don't know about Sam and Cait?

NO. We just look at it differently. Different angle…We love Sam and Cait…together or separately…prefer together, obviously. We never believed MM and we don’t know Tony, except that he was gay a week ago AND Cait’s assistant. How that changed so fast…amuses us. So People said it. They also said Angelina wasn’t with Brad. So she has a ring. GREAT! She is engaged. Congrats Cait! BUT, her fiance walks behind her, holds her purse and sunglasses. She introduces him just as she introduces her other two assistants or friends, we don’t know. We have a brain. We kinda know Cait and how wonderful, sweet and good person she is…why would she treat the love of her life that way? And right on the day she was gonna break the news to the world??? Really? So she liked one tweet about that? Well, why not? Should of liked more…a ring, a interview and a guy…please…what is she hiding?? Oh! She’s private! Oh!!! So thats why she went to the GGs with an engagement ring, did an interview and took the guy? I could go on forever. Bottom line: they say she is engaged to Tony. We believe that they believe that. We will know for sure on the wedding day. And we’re ok with that too!


Baby Jack-Jack designs the new film’s logo in this first look at The Incredibles 2

Directed by Brad Bird, Incredibles 2 picks up immediately after the original, with Elastigirl Helen taking the lead and Mr. Incredible and the kids dealing with the discovery (or lack thereof) of Jack-Jack’s new powers. This Pixar film hits theaters on June 15, 2018.

- Courtney ( @harmonicacave )

That growth ray was a bad idea. Without a shrink ray made there was no way to get your best friend back to normal size. But what a stud. He towered over the beach residents at 100 feet. Those two story beach houses barely came to his knees. “Brad, bro! We shouldn’t have had that fried food before doing this man…” He picked you up as the other beach dwellers ran for shelter. You sat in the palm of his hand as he cupped you against his ass. There was no way he could see you anymore so you began to stroke your cock… this was really happening. The fart shot out like a windstorm… it was… theoretically. The smell assaulted your nose as you blew a load right into your shorts. “Fuck, it’s getting worse” he said as another fart blasted it’s way out of his gargantuan ass. Your whole body was shorter than his butt crack so you fit rather nicely against the seam of his pants. You inhaled as deep as you could for the rest of the evening. “Fuck man… that’s a lot of farts huh?” He said as you released your 10th load in your shorts. “Yeah buddy” you said. “I’ll work on that shrink ray tomorrow.”

“We’re sleeping on the beach tonight buddy… it’s the only place I’m gonna fit… haha I got the perfect warm place for you.” You screamed as he began to stuff you inside his trunks as he laid down for some shut eye. The gas was still rampant all night as you slept in his ocean soaked shorts all night… the damp ocean water soaked pants magnified the smell. It was glorious. How slowly would you be able to invent a shrink ray?