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sportscar week … flying formation

the Alfa Romeo contingent at the 1968 Daytona 24 Hours

we see the works entered T33/2′s of Udo Schütz & Nino Vaccarella (20), Mario Casoni, Giampiero Biscaldi & Teodoro Zeccoli (22) & Mario Andretti & Lucien Bianchi (23) for the Prototype class, the works entered Giulia Sprint GTA of Leo Cella, Teodoro Zeccoli & Giampiero Biscaldi (24) for the Sedan under 2 litre class & the privately entered Myers Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA driven by Taylor Del Russo, Bob Pratt, Bruce Meyers & Brad Booker

not shown on the picture are works Giulia Sprint GTA of Enrico Pinto & Spartaco Dini & the 4th T33/2 of Nanni Galli & Ignazio Giunti- that never started the race due to an accident in testing 




“You can kiss my ass.”

“Hey, Tyson. You can kiss my ass, too.”


“Human Race” video directed by Mark Pellington!!!

gonna get a little weird, gonna get a little wild: dipper and mabel mix 2

1. gravity falls theme - brad breeck, 2. race against the sunset - lullatone, 3. ghost (viceroy remix) - mystery skulls, 4. star vs. the forces of evil theme, 5. counting stars - onerepublic, 6. looking up - paramore, 7. best day of my life - american authors, 8. candy constellation 8bit - photon dragoon, 9. hot air balloon - owl city, 10. 1pm - animal crossing, 11. made me realize (“thats” extended mix), 12. you know me - air traffic controller, 13. boats and birds - gregory and the hawk, 14.  あの夏へ (Ano Natsu e) / One Summer’s Day (Remix) - sal, 15. leaf tree song - animal crossing new leaf, 16. never meant to know - tally hall, 17. growing up - lullatone, 18. flower fields - kirby epic yarn, 19. みっちりねこマーチ - mitchirineko march, when can i see you again? -owl city

listen here - cover by kaykedrawsthings