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Our Fit Club in Miami

(The Standard Miami, Outdoor Deck)

Summertime, certainly brings out the best in all of us. Who wouldn’t want to maximize their workout for a rocking summer body? The best news you’ve heard all day… The Standard Miami is offering a 2 month membership for first time members at nearly half price! The special Fit Club membership will include all of the benefits of a Standard Wellness Membership, including full access and 12 Health, Yoga or Fitness classes per month. Plus the special fit club members will receive 5 private one-on-one training sessions (Fitness, Pilates or Yoga.) What’s not to love about that?

To get you started, we caught up with three of our teachers to get some healthy tips.

(Viktoria Telek, Fitness Expert + Bootcamp Instructor)

Take your Workout Outside
There are so many physical activities you can do outside such as going on a hike, playing games with your kids. Also, biking, running, swimming, Kiteboarding, and boot camps are good ways to keep your body guessing and effectively burning more calories. Outdoor activities also are a great way to be active with your kids and get them motivated to exercise early on in their life.

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