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We are used to seeing them looking pristine on magazine covers and gracing the red carpet in their finery.

So fans might not immediately recognise the sight of Kate Winslet scrunching up her face, George Clooney pulling a silly expression in a pirate hat and Tom Hiddleston hiding behind his hands.

But British photographer Andy Gotts, who appears to be able to get even the most serious of A-listers to relax in front of the camera, has released untouched photos of 30 of our favourite celebrities goofing around.

In the series, a long-haired Brad Pitt, 53, can be seen pouting and sticking his tongue out in an army print cap, while photos of Clooney, 56, show the father-of-two giggling and going cross-eyed in the dress-up hat.

And snaps of Oscar-winning actress Miss Winslet, who we normally see portraying sombre roles on our screens, show the 41-year-old squirming, laughing with her hands over her mouth and looking as though she has just sucked a lemon.

Meanwhile, heart-throb Hiddleston, 36, chose to pull a number of poses with hands which see the actor having fun by peeping out behind them.

But although most of the celebrities managed to loosen up and poke fun at themselves in front of the camera, Kate Moss appeared unable to refrain from her trademark pout.

The 43-year-old model looks stunning as she poses in front of the camera, but does not let her personality shine through like her peers.

The Unseen Collection also features Penelope Cruz, Robert De Niro, Harrison Ford, Benedict Cumberbatch and Julia Roberts.

Each person’s montage shows a series of photographs taken in one sitting, all untouched but with the previously shown image’s frame highlighted and the others all being shown for the first time.

There are nine black and white photographs of each celebrity with red and yellow paint brushed sporadically across them.

Gotts, who was appointed an MBE in 2012, discovered his talent for getting celebrities to relax in front of the camera when he had the opportunity to photograph Stephen Fry when he was a student in 1990.

Fry, who usually seizes up in front of a camera, recommended the budding photographer to his friends after he was taken aback by his portraits.

Gotts likes to takes pictures of people in their own homes and does not have an assistant in the room so he can put his subjects at ease.

Source:The Daily Mail UK

I received the most amazing response to my “Time Lords are Transgender” video, and I thought it was important to make sure people understand how ridiculous this is.

The reason i find the doctor being transgender argument bullshit (for now) is because we’re not sure if the doctor willingly changed into a woman

From what the BBC and Chris Chibnall have said, the Doctor will henceforth identify with “she” and “her” pronouns, and will apparently be identifying as a woman.

Now, this is the Doctor’s choice within the canon. If the Doctor wants, they can identify as a man. But it seems like the creators have decided that the Doctor will choose to identify as a woman. 

Self identification is the defining factor in being transgender.

Transgender is defined as:
“a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex“

The Doctor’s personal identity will apparently no longer correspond with their birth sex, just as with Missy’s.

The reason most time lords were male is pretty simple… it may not have even crossed the writers minds if Time Lords could be woman considering they are called Time Lords.

This one is super fun, because it implies that this commenter has seen the original 60s run of Doctor Who, when they clearly haven’t.

In 1963, the first episode of Doctor Who aired, with the Doctor travelling with his GRANDDAUGHTER. Susan is from Gallifrey. The television canon of the show gives no reason to suggest that Susan was not a Time Lady, exactly the same as her grandfather. She travelled with the Doctor for most of the first two seasons of the show.

So from the first season on it was clear that men were not the only gender of his species.

You’re genearlizing all Time Lords off of a genocidal war criminal his race hates 

I used the Master as an example of how Time Lords fixate on gender, along with examples of the Doctor doing it, and tons of Time Lords on Gallifrey, so this person decided that the whole video was actually about the Master somehow.

Point is, the Master was raised on Gallifrey, and while fans are trying to suggest that the Doctor’s bullshit about Time Lords not caring about gender is truth, I’m pointing out that someone raised in a sexism-free environment probably wouldn’t have a concept of sexism to begin with. Sexism is cultural. 

Women having on average longer hair than men.That isn’t a gender stereotype, it’s a biological fact

I mean…

Women do not biologically have longer hair than men. Hair length is usually cultural, and artificial, as we tend to cut it based on cultural standards.

Many women in western societies have short hair these days. Many. Kristen Stewart, Rhianna, Miley Cyrus, Lupita Nyong'o, Ellen Degeneres. Tons and tons of celebrities have short hair. The Doctor’s companion Polly once cut her hair very short. Women in the real world often have short hair.

However, it is often assumed that a woman will have long hair, because there is a stereotype surrounding hair length. Vice versa, men are presumed to have short hair. Chris Hemsworth, Brad Pitt, Alexander Skarsgård. Many men have long hair.

Biology does not dictate hair length. The man with the longest hair in the world had hair 22 feet long. This was longer than the women with the longest hair in the world, which is 18 feet. 

I mean, I thought that this was basic knowledge of hair. I didn’t know that some people thought that men’s hair didn’t need to be cut and was just biologically very short. 

So when the Eleventh Doctor assumed he was a girl based on his hair length, it was based on a stereotype. This indicates that not only does the Doctor care about gender, but also may ascribe to stereotypes.