brad pitt dance


‘The girl who lives there used to be a charming,
lovely girl, but she’s lost faith in herself…
She’s a monster! Infectious human waste!‘

Fight club | 1999, David Fincher

Some of my favorite highlights of SHINee’s Chicago fanmeet:

• Jonghyun singing The Circle of Life
• Minho wanting to be in a movie with Brad Pitt
• Jinki holding the microphone out for the fans who were playing charades with SHINee
• Key’s confusion about where we were all getting out merchandise from
• SEEING LUCIFER PERFORMED LIVE (I cried so hard haha)
• Onho’s ‘fight’ and 'kiss’
• Key’s unending, beautiful sass
• Taemin’s cute little wave
• All the members teasing each other
• Jonghyun pretending to be a dinosaur while playing charades
• The super amazing 70 and 72 year old fans who played charades with SHINee and who I want to be best friends with haha
• Seeing the dances to Everybody, Sherlock, and View
• Seeing Hello and Reply (and getting super emotional about how far they’ve come haha)
• Jinki’s smile
• Taemin playing with the ball he had been given during charades and then promptly dropping it

There are SO many more things, but I really need sleep, so this is as good as it’s going to get for tonight haha. Goodnight, SHINee World!!