brad nau

Time with Harry

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Ever since I can remember my parents told me that I reminded them of someone named Harry.  Harry W. Nau was my grandfather’s brother, lived and worked in Columbia, Pennsylvania and had a zest for life that he shared with everyone.  He married a woman named Rene who was equally as energized with life and had a laugh that  could be heard while my brothers and I played outside.

My great uncle Harry was a man before his time. Following the Great Depression he decided there was one luxury that he would never live without again.  Cold Beer.  He purchased two refrigerators.  One for his milk, butter and meats and the other for his local brew.  I like a beer or two but that wasn’t the likeness to my great uncle that folks were speaking about.  It was his love for life and the way he made others feel good that surrounded him.  That’s a nice way to be and a cool thing to say.

Ten years ago my parents gave me my great uncle’s pocket watch for my birthday.  It’s gold and in great shape but what I love about it is that his name is painted on the white face…in red and blue.

Harry W. Nau left us before I knew him.  But, in some ironic way…he had time for me.  With a  Waltham pocket watch that I wind everyday. Thanks Mom and Dad…and thank you Harry.