brad miersma


Back from a great couple days in the Joshua Tree Wilderness which was filled with climbing on rocks, sitting on rocks, and sleeping on rocks with some of my favorite people. Had the opportunity to document the time with some digital images, but was aslo able to play with this medium format camera, shooting color film on it for the first time. Pretty stoked on how they willl turn out so be on the lookout for some photos in the next week or so.  Cheers!



On our third day in the park we hiked Angels Landing, a fun little hike that overlooks the whole Zion Canyon. On our way up, we met a climber(James) who was about to repel down a climb called Moonlight Buttress, he asked if we’d follow him up the Western Rim trail a lil further to release his anchor. James lived in a van, and had just come down to Zion for the season to climb, after spending all winter in Jackson Hole. 

Anyway, We followed him for about 20 mintures pass the turnoff for Angel’s landing and came up to the climb. Waiting for us was a huge California Condor looking over the valley, and with its 8 foot wingspan, we were just waiting for it to toss us over the edge. As we were eating lunch,  admiring the beast, we watched another climber reach over the sandstone ledge, and summit a climb right next to us. Such a gnarly day.