brad marchard

My Theory

My theory on why the bruins haven’t been playing well, they really haven’t had a full team since the January 7th game against the Vancouver Canucks. As we all know Marchand was kicked out of that game for his hit on Salo. Brad Marchand was suspended for 5 games (Jan 10- Jets, Jan 12 Canadiens, Jan 14 Hurricanes, Jan 16 Panthers, and Jan 17 Lightning). Then not even 2 games later Nathan Horton was taken out of the game because of a consussion he suffered on January 22nd a game against the Flyers. Ever since then they haven’t had a full team. Since then we have had Peverley, Rask, Boychuk, Bergeron, Paille, Suave, Mcquaid, Ference and Pouliout injured. Not to mention, they have had so may changes bring players up and putting others in for the people that are out. Just my say on why the bruins are out. :) I hope this problem gets better. Let the hockey God’s be easier on us now, we have had our fair share of injuries. Pluss the B’s need to get their crap together.